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A Music Lover’s Guide to Moving to the United Kingdom – 9 Best Festivals and Venues

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Moving to the United Kingdom for a better life is fantastic. But, going there for that plus the parties? That’s brilliant. The UK is home to some of the most famous party centrals, and here, we’ll present some of them. Prepare your visa and strength; you’re about to dance in England’s hottest venues.

You may feel inspired to move to the UK after visiting some popular nightclubs or festivals; we wouldn’t blame you for that. These venues and festivals are some of the best reasons to move to this island country and call it home for as long as your dancing shoes last.

Moving to the United Kingdom From the US? Here’s What You’ll Need Before You Leave

Moving to the United Kingdom from the USA isn’t too complicated. Americans and Brits speak the same language, so adaptation can be pretty easy. However, there’s a lot you must do before making this transition.

The first order of business should be getting visas. The UK’s visa requirements are somewhat complicated, so you must carefully investigate the permits and types of visas before asking, “how do I move to the UK permanently?” and living there.

Besides visas, you should consider hiring international relocation services to help you prepare for this big step and provide a packing service, some relocation insurance, and even car shipping.

How Hard Is It for an American to Move to England? International Moving Can’t Be Done Without a Visa

Investigating your visa requirements will give you the answer to how long can Americans stay in the UK. Most people find work before traveling abroad to settle in a new home, and we suggest you do the same. The British embassy in the US can give you information about the documents needed for traveling abroad, as they’re also in charge of approving visas for visitors and other migration needs.

You’ll need to settle in the UK to party safely and efficiently; that means finding work and securing health insurance. You won’t regret it whichever city you choose, but just know that London is the most expensive in the entire UK. People complain more about its rent and living expenses than ever before, so consider if a visa to LDN is the right choice, especially if you’re moving abroad alone.

How Much Money Do I Need to Move to the United Kingdom? It’s Best to Search for an International Moving Company to Help You

One of the most common relocation tips that work for anyone traveling overseas is to contact an international relocation company. It’ll be next to impossible to do this all by yourself. If you have the option to pack your furniture, why not take the opportunity? You’ll save a lot of money, and having your old stuff in a new home might help you settle in faster.

Of course, we know you worry about relocation scams, which might make you wary of booking international companies to work with you and your family. To avoid fraud, here’s a list of steps you can take and ensure you move safely, together with free storage services:

  • Ask multiple relocation companies for free quotes,
  • Don’t fall for the lowest bid, but try to decide on the best company for you by comparing similar prices and services,
  • Read the reviews on the companies and their previous work,
  • Verify their USDOT number on the FMCSA website,
  • Look up your company of choice on the Better Business Bureau website,
  • Don’t give any pre-payments or large cash deposits,
  • There should be no extra fees – your move is based on your household inventory list,
  • Listen to your gut – if something feels off, it probably is.
A woman going through stacks of paper
There are a lot of documents you need to collect when moving to UK

So, You Want to Make It to the UK and Party Til Dawn? Check Out These Festivals and Venues

You’re in luck – the UK is one of the best countries to live in regarding partying. Their booming nightlife has attracted many folks that have been moving internationally over the years, and it’s still one of the best reasons for relocating across the world.

Whether you opt for London, Bristol, Manchester, or anywhere else in the UK, you’ll find relocating there work out for the best. Going through that visa process will be worth it once you start living in a country booming with music and entertainment venues.

Bristol Is the Current Party Central In the UK, and Lakota and Motion Clubs Are Proof

It may be strange to start this guide with Bristol, but the past few years have made this small Southwestern English city the party mecca. It’s considered a student town because of its many colleges, but more and more people move there for the nightlife; if you want a youthful and energetic environment, Bristol is where you need to settle.

Once you get comfortable here, you can relieve the relocation stress by visiting one of the most popular Bristol clubs, Motion. It has two rooms, one is Motion’s venue, and the other is called The Marble Factory, and these two venues can admit up to 4,000 people simultaneously. However, Motion is the main party place of the two and has two levels.

Besides being a huge venue, it’s simply the beating heart of Bristol’s nightlife. This club has gathered underground and commercial music fans for years and has been a haven for global partygoers. They had a unique role during the pandemic, creating safe and responsible club nights for fans, thus preserving their health and well-being.

The more recent popular venue in Bristol has been Lakota. This may not mean much to you now, but this venue is so good that it managed to bring a famous drum n bass DJ out of retirement after 20 years. They have a club and a garden venue, adaptable for live performances and DJ sets.

Ask any Bristolian, and they’ll recommend either Motion or Lakota for a night out, or perhaps both for one weekend.

Check out the atmosphere in Motion during the DJ’s live performance.

YouTube video

London Is the Capital of the Country and the Parties

Some relocation mistakes people make when relocating to the English capital is trying hard to fit in. Sure, LDN is one of the best places for living abroad, even though living there could prove expensive for most people.

But you don’t have to go all out to mingle with the locals. Instead, just go to London’s biggest clubs – Fabric, Printworks, XOYO, FOLD, Corsica Studios, or the Colour Factory. You’ll quickly make friends that will be like family, adapt if you live on your own, and find your cup of tea (get it? Because it’s England).

To get a better vibe of the London night scene, check out the video below.

YouTube video

Find Your Rave Family In One of the Most Popular Clubs in the UK, Fabric

It would be hard to mention London’s nightlife and not talk about its staple nightclub – Fabric (though its name is styled as fabric). Despite its longevity, it’s still one of the UK’s most popular and coveted clubs. DJs that get booked to play in one of Fabric’s rooms express gratitude and honor to this day, and nothing can top that in this city.

Fabric has been around for 22 years, and they stay relevant by constantly introducing innovations. For example, the club’s founders recently banned photos and videos inside the venue to bring back the old ways of enjoying nightlife and music. Sometimes they open a weekend with 24-hour long parties, with emphasis on physical and mental health awareness.

You can stop by Fabric anytime and see what all the fuss is about.

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Printworks and XOYO Host Global Talents and Supports the Local Scene

Printworks is the club that will justify your move overseas for a love of partying. We don’t always have to have our acts together; sometimes, a night out with friends and good music is all a person needs. When you look up Printworks, you’ll first see flashing lights, several floors in the main venue, and killer lineups; there’s a live and an electronic stage.

If you wish to revel in the design and visual art of the main room, you can stay there, among what can only be described as thousands of people. However, if you prefer something darker and bass-heavy, their new room, Inkwell, brings what you desire in multiples.

XOYO, also in London, is for those who aren’t so keen on the underground scene but prefer to get their groove on with more commercial music genres like house, techno, and disco. It’s one of the most famous venues in London and home to some of the first inclusivity and diversity parties. It has two rooms so you can go back and forth for a more entertaining experience.

The video below is one of the most famous performances by a globally known DJ duo, Bicep. It’s in Printworks, and if you’re not interested in the club at the moment, you will be after watching this performance.

YouTube video

Manchester Is the Northern Party Capital You Never Knew You Needed

If your last-minute relocation takes you up north to Manchester, don’t fret. This is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, but pretty different from London. The Mancunian mentality is much more domestic, homely, and friendly, which is apparent from their parties. You may experience a slight culture shock from the locals’ English accent, but you’ll get used to it quickly.

For a good decade, Manchester’s music scene has been evolving into a perfect blend of jazz, hip hop, drum n bass, and rock, and sometimes you can experience all these genres in one festival or venue.

If you find yourself in Manny in June, you should definitely head to the Parklife Festival in Heaton Park. This festival represents the musical blend and spirit of the city, and it’s one of its most-loved manifestations. Its biggest headliners have been Frank Ocean, The 1975, and Two Door Cinema Club.

Check out a video of Manchester Parklife 2022.

YouTube video

The Hidden Club Put Manchester on the Global Party Scene

A venue that’s a genuine pride and joy of Manchester is the Hidden nightclub. It spiraled the city upwards and onto the global party map. Here, you can party in multiple rooms at once – there’s The Den, also known as The Basement Room, Blue Room, Courtyard, and Hangar Space.

As an award-winning music and art venue, Hidden also insists on having a top-notch sound system, which is why their rooms are all equipped with the Void Acoustics sound system; music will have never sounded better than here. You’ll see the benefits of relocating to Manchester as soon as you step into one of Hidden’s rooms.

Let Notting Hill Carnival In London Put A Spring In Your Step

The UK isn’t just the best European country for club nights. They also have incredible festivals. One of London’s most popular summer festivals is the Notting Hill Carnival, in the heart of, you guessed it, Notting Hill. This carnival is a celebration of Caribbean culture held every August bank holiday, over a Sunday and Monday.

There’s everything, from Afro-Caribbean music and food to dancers dressed in colorful uniforms that reveal more than they cover. If you move to LDN in August, and you’re also relocating for the first time, Notting Hill Carnival might at first confuse you, but then it’ll make you happy you chose living overseas.

Notting Hill Carnival has family friendly and heavy bass programs, so you can stay from day til night.

This Guide Wouldn’t Be Complete Without the One and Only Glastonbury Festival

People in raves are generally quite friendly, and if you’ve ever been to a festival, you’ll get the best and friendliest of the bunch. Festivals, for Brits, are a place to let loose, enjoy your surroundings and have fun. Music is the extra benefit of being there; these are the easiest places to make friends abroad, and the festival of Glastonbury might be the best.

Glastonbury is held for five days every June and gathers millions of people from all over the globe. If you plan to be a part of this family, you must follow some instructions on what to pack. They don’t have to be your relocation essentials; they’re more like Glasto essentials.

Here’s a guide on what you need to pack if you plan on camping at the Glastonbury festival:

  • Your festival ticket,
  • A valid ID,
  • Necessary medication,
  • A tent,
  • A reusable water bottle,
  • Sleeping bag and a sleeping mat,
  • Rubber boots (known as wellies in the UK),
  • Sturdy shoes,
  • Toilet paper,
  • Toiletries,
  • A waterproof coat,
  • Sunscreen,
  • Enough clothes for five days,
  • Money (paper or in the form of MasterCard or Visa cards).
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No Matter the Cost, You Can Get the Insurance That Your Party Is Safe

The great part about the venues that organize all-night parties and raves is that more and more of them have increased their awareness of drug abuse, mental health issues, and violent behavior. Most venues in the country have increased safety measurements and patdowns at entry.

There have been many problems with these aspects so far, and at one point, people wondered is the UK a good place to move to. However, the clubs and organizations have done their part in providing insurance for safe partying. Now, you can live in another country safely, without worrying about relocating to a big city where you don’t know anyone.

Expensive or free, the venue of your choice will likely have adequate safety measures and promote mental health awareness and caution regarding drug use. Because the UK is a party place, they understand parties are places for fun, not terrible experiences.

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