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Moving to a New City Alone – 5 Best Cities for Singles

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Moving to a new city alone is a challenging process. There are certain steps that each individual has to take in order to successfully move to another place. However, before moving to a city alone, one has to pick the right location. In this article, you will find out everything about the best places for singles. We will share with you where you can move as well as tips for relocating to another metropolis.

Deciding where to move can be hard without proper research. So, before gathering all the documents needed for traveling abroad and writing down a relocation to-do list, read about all the best places for living abroad as a single person. Beautiful and exciting cities in Europe and Asia can be a perfect place to start your life overseas. So if you’re ready to stop worrying and ask yourself – is it scary moving to a new city alone, read our list of the ideal destinations for singles.

#1 Pick Madrid if You Are Looking for Sunny Weather and Affordable Living Costs

The capital of Spain is a perfect place for singles. Madrid offers fascinating culture, warm weather, a fantastic food scene, wonderful wine, and welcoming people. It won’t be difficult to learn Spanish and break the language barrier since the locals are eager to socialize with foreigners and teach them everything about their way of life and culture. There is an abundance of classes you can take where you will meet friendly individuals, such as language, cooking, yoga, and art classes. Wherever you go, you will have people asking youQuieres tomar algo? This translates to – Are you up for a drink or a snack? Therefore, making friends abroad will be effortless in Spain.

Also, if you’re concerned about safety when moving abroad, you won’t have to worry about that in Madrid. The streets of this metropolis are safer than almost any location in the US. You will be free to walk anywhere alone at any time of the day. What is more, it might come as a surprise that the sidewalks of the downtown area are crowded and lively at midnight almost every night.

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Spain’s Healthcare System Makes the Relocation Worth It

Ahead of any relocation, people tend to doubt and second-guess their decision. In this situation, it would be best to keep the benefits of the move to a particular country at the forefront of your mind. So, in case you decide to relocate to Madrid, you should know everything about Spain’s top-quality healthcare system.

Not only is the quality of treatment in Spain on the highest level, but Spaniards have a public healthcare system that is free for everyone. They have implemented a ”single-payer” system where individuals get free access to healthcare by paying for their social security. Their way of life and high-quality healthcare proved beneficial since their average life expectancy is 84 years. Anyone residing and working in Spain can have access to free public healthcare. As an expat, it’s important to consult with an immigration attorney who will be able to help find out if you are eligible for a health card.

A doctor smiling with crossed arms
Having access to excellent healthcare will make it easier to live alone in a foreign country

#2  Do You Want a Taste of an Urban Lifestyle and Natural Beauty? It Would Be Best to Relocate to Oslo, Norway

If you’re someone who wants to live in another country where you can pursue a successful career but also explore forests on the weekend, Oslo is the ideal place for you. It doesn’t take a long time for expats to find employment. When choosing Oslo, moving to a new city alone without a job isn’t an issue. Still, learning the language will increase the chances of getting a well-paid job. Foreigners can quickly find placements in tourism, teaching English, and the oil and gas industry. Individuals who see themselves living here usually have to register with the police and obtain a residence permit.

Even though the unemployment rate is low and income is high in Norway, this is not the only perk of relocating to Oslo. The vast wilderness and Oslofjord attract adventurers from all over the world. People who are interested in outdoor activities, taking long walks in the forest by themselves, and hiking, should consider relocating across the world to this unique destination.

There might be a question on your mind such as – how do you cope with loneliness when moving to a new city? But fear not, in Oslo, you will have an opportunity to go on numerous scenic road trips, lake tours, and river walks. What a great way to meet other outdoor enthusiasts like yourself!

No Matter How Old You Are, the Historic City Center Has Something for Everyone

Are you wondering – how do I start a new life alone in a new city? Well, the first step is to explore what the destination has to offer. In Oslo’s center, one will find numerous top-tier restaurants, such as a fine-dining restaurant Maaemo which has three Michelin stars. There are also historical sights, concert venues, and bars. The main street located around Karl Johans gate is usually crowded with people.

Some of the oldest buildings with fascinating architecture are located in the Kvadraturen, an area between Karl Johans gate, Jernbanetorget, Egertorget, and Akershus Fortress. Kvadraturen is, in fact, very popular with expats because of the numerous art galleries and museums that are located right here. Apart from that, a few shopping centers can be found like Steen and Byporten. Don’t miss out on the Harbour Promenade, the Oslofjord, and the Oslo’s Opera House. You might be asking – how long does it take to adjust to a new city alone? With all the exciting places that one can visit and friends, one can meet, surely adjusting won’t take long in Oslo.

House in Oslo and Norwegian flag
Not only can you climb the career ladder in Oslo, but you can also enjoy fun outdoor activities

#3 If You Are Moving to a New City Alone and Searching for a Place With Numerous Expats – Prague Is a Good Option

Living alone can sometimes make one feel lonely and homesick. However, moving overseas by yourself shouldn’t keep you awake late at night if you decide to settle down in Prague, Czech Republic. Over the last couple of years, thousands of expats have relocated to Prague since it is one of the best European cities to live in. It is estimated that 166,000 foreigners reside right here.

It is quite impossible to get bored or lonely in Prague since this is an expat hub where you can find anyone from all over the globe to share your tough times with. Whether you want to attend English-speaking churches, join expat sports teams, or become a member of expat art clubs, film and chat clubs, or women expat clubs, it is all available in the Czech capital. Living on your own in a foreign country wouldn’t be challenging when you have an entire community by your side.

Make Prague Your Long-Term Home Because of the Low Living Costs

The Czech Republic is considered to be one of the best European countries to live in based on the fact that expenses are lower compared to other European countries. In Prague, the first thing foreigners notice is that food costs way less than in other Western cities. Going out and trying delicious Czech traditional food and drinking their exquisite craft beer won’t drain your budget at all.

What is more, housing is inexpensive, too. According to the Numbeo website,  one can find a one-bedroom apartment downtown for 850 dollars, whereas rent for apartments further away from the downtown usually costs 660 dollars. This makes Prague one of the ideal places to relocate to if you’re relocating on a tight budget.

Watch this video to find out more about the costs of housing, groceries, entertainment, and transportation in Prague.

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#4 Choose Tokyo If You Don’t Want to Lead A Mundane Lifestyle – There’s Always Something to Do in Tokyo

No one can deny that there is an abundance of opportunities in the vibrant and exciting metropolis of Tokyo. So, there are numerous reasons to move to Tokyo, the first being that you won’t experience a dull moment when residing in Japan’s capital. There is something for everyone, and the options are endlessly diverse. There are countless museums, parks, shops, and attractions. Some of the best museums are the Tokyo National Museum, Edo-Tokyo Museum, and Ghibli Museum. You will have to make time to visit restaurants like Narisawa and Den as well as fun cafes and go shopping in Ginza Six for modern and fashionable clothing. There are also numerous international events and music tours that residents of Tokyo can enjoy.

You’ll Be Residing in the Safest Metropolis in the World

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Safe Cities Index (SCI), Tokyo is the safest metropolis in the world, with a score of 92 and it has the lowest crime rates. Many consider Japan the best country to live in just because of its high safety rating.

Owning any kind of weapon is strictly regulated. Everyone can walk freely wherever they want to, regardless of the time of day or night. People simply feel comfortable walking around Tokyo alone. It is great to hear that street harassment and catcalling are not common in this metropolis. There is a very low chance that anyone will experience violence or theft in Tokyo. Perhaps the only unpleasant situation that occurs sometimes is encountering a few rude individuals on the subway, and that is all. So, in case you are wondering should you live alone when moving to a new city, since Tokyo is the safest destination, renting out an apartment just for yourself shouldn’t be a problem.

People crossing the street in Tokyo
Searching for an exciting and safe metropolis? Then, you should move to Tokyo

#5 Many Young Professionals Decide to Move to Austin, Texas, and Here Is the Reason Why

Is moving to a new state alone a good idea? Well, young adults have chosen to move alone to Austin, Texas, for all of the benefits. They have chosen a place with a strong economy, great entertainment, vibrant nightlife, and warm weather. Austin can offer all of that and more. Many renowned festivals and significant musical performances are organized here. What is more, Austin’s 6th Street is known for its bars and restaurants where there is always something exciting happening.

Among other perks of residing in Austin is that there is no state income tax, and young adults who have just graduated from college will be attracted by the growing tech industry. It also stands out as the most liberal part of the state of Texas. An interesting fact about singles in this town is that more than 90% of young adults use dating apps and websites than the other cities in the US. So, in case life abroad isn’t for you, perhaps relocating to another state would be a better option.

Tips for Relocating Alone – Here Are Important Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Do

You should know some important relocation tips before venturing out on your own. Whether you’ll be moving internationally or cross-country, you should learn how to properly organize the move. So, for those asking themselves – how do you move to a new city by yourself, we have the answers. Here are our tips for moving to a new city alone.

Make a Relocation Checklist

Every successful move starts with a list of things that have to be done. It will allow you to keep track of all the tasks that have been completed and others that still need to be done. We recommend typing the checklist on your computer or smartphone. In this way, it should be easier to modify the list whenever you want to so you don’t make any relocation mistakes.

Hire a Reputable Relocation Company

People usually ask – is it hard to move to a new city alone? With the help of a trustworthy relocation company, it should be smooth and effortless. Hiring cross-country movers or international movers should be easy if you know how to do it correctly. The search for the most trustworthy company starts with thorough research. Begin by going on the internet and reading all testimonials, comments, and reviews of a long-distance moving company or an international moving company you are most interested in. Ask for recommendations from trusted coworkers, friends, and family members before deciding to invest in international moving services. Only after realizing that the company is legitimate can you contact them.

Contact the Movers and Request an In-Home Estimate

Every international or cross-country moving company should offer a free in-home estimate. This is a great way to find out how much money you’ll have to spend on your relocation. The movers will arrive at your home and review all the belongings you plan to pack and transport to another location. Also, if you are not satisfied with the price they offer you, there is still time to find other international or long-distance movers who can offer relocation and packing services, too.

Before You Pack, Declutter!

Some items should not be transported to the next home. Not only will your relocation be more stressful, but creating clutter as soon as you arrive at your home must be avoided. So, ensure that you spend some time evaluating what items can be discarded and what should be transported abroad. Pay attention to old magazines, books, antique pieces, equipment no one uses anymore, and old furniture. A lot of this can be sold or donated. Relocating efficiently means transporting only those items you cannot live without.

Are You Ready to Make Your Decision?

Deciding where you want to live is simple if you know what your priorities are. Some individuals love to reside in a safe metropolis where they would have numerous places to go out and have fun, while others want to spend less on living expenses and meet many expats. Each destination has something one might like. So, before you choose your ultimate location, ensure to follow our tips on how to move to a new city alone since knowing how to execute a move is of utmost importance. Take your pick and begin preparing.

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