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The Ultimate List of Best Places to Live Abroad

Michael Vaughan

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You have decided to relocate to another country, but you still can’t seem to decide where exactly you’re going to go. Naturally, you’d like to move to one of the best places to live abroad, somewhere where you’ll be happier and have the chance to accomplish everything you’ve always wanted.

Every major decision in life brings quite a lot of questions. Choosing where to relocate is no exception. First, you’re wondering where is the best place to go overseas? Then you move on to consider specific aspects of relocation, too, such as What is the easiest country to move to? or Where is the cheapest and safest place to move to? And it goes on and on. Let’s answer these and other questions to help you narrow your choice down and eventually pick the place of your dreams that meets all your requirements.


One of the main things that attract expats to Thailand is affordability. The cost of living in Thailand is quite low, especially outside of Bangkok. Thailand has become widely known as one of the most popular destinations for freelancers and digital nomads, too.

And even if it wasn’t for the low cost of living, the beautiful weather and dreamy beaches are enough to attract anyone. The only issue might be the language as not many locals speak English that well, which is particularly important to keep in mind when negotiating the price for an apartment.

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If what you’re looking for is a high standard of living and an abundance of opportunities for work and professional development, then Switzerland might be just the perfect place for you. In case you’re moving with children, know that the school standards for expats are at a high level. English will probably be enough to communicate with everyone as it is widely spoken. When you get tired and want to unwind, know that you can go to plenty of spots to enjoy nature there: stunning mountains, charming lakes, and many other ravishing destinations.

small village
How do you like the idea of moving to a country that produces the most chocolate in the world? Switzerland might be just perfect for you


For those of you who are looking for a high quality of life in a warm climate and with easy access to the breathtaking coastline, Australia might be the right choice. The Land Down Under offers quite a lot and draws people from all around the world to move there. Not only are there plenty of job opportunities, but you can also count on high-quality healthcare and education, which is of particular importance if you’re moving with kids. When the time comes to ask for professional packing services, know that there shouldn’t be much stuff to pack – you should pack light when moving to Australia.

boats coming and going in Sydney
Would you like to join the 90% of Australians who reside on the coast?

New Zealand

New Zealand is looking for skilled workers ready to offer them excellent conditions to move for work there. Compared to some other countries, the average income might be somewhat lower, but the cost of living is low, too. You get to enjoy the wonderful climate, jaw-dropping landscapes, and many amazing sites to visit. Crime rates are quite low, so it’s safe there, and the healthcare system is of high quality.

small beach in New Zealand
New Zealand has more than 15,000 km of breathtaking coastline


When it comes to Canada, people who have moved there agree that the pros of moving there outweigh the cons by a wide margin. You are not that thrilled about the weather there? Or you’re worried about the high costs of living? Harsh winters and expensive housing might be an issue, but you should also remember that the job market in Canada is thriving, the healthcare system is of high quality, and education is excellent, too.

busy highway
Did you know that Canada is the most educated country in the world?


In addition to stunning beaches and warm weather, Portugal is a desirable destination due to the low cost of living and solid salaries, as well as friendly people and plenty of great cities to live in. However, it can be somewhat problematic to deal with the bureaucracy there, which is stressful for expats.

small sandy beach
Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, which makes it a country with a rich history to explore

What Skills You Need to Find a Job When Moving Abroad

Since many people decide to relocate with the aim of finding a better job, that raises the question of what it takes to actually land a job somewhere abroad. As it turns out, some of the most important skills to possess are the ability to adapt to the new work culture, work-life balance, as well as to overcome the language barrier. It’s much easier to find a job when you know the language spoken there. Now, let’s see which countries offer excellent job opportunities.

making plans for the move
Be sure to land a job before you start planning your move

Best Places to Move to for Work Around the World

For those of you who are job hunting, we bring a list of top recommended countries to consider to find the job of your dreams:

  • England
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands

How to Choose Among the Best Places to Live Abroad

In order to decide between international moving by air and international moving by sea, you first need to pick the right place for you. Then comes the question of how to make the right choice. Here are some of the things you should consider before you make the final decision.

making a decision where to move
Make a fully-informed decision before you head on to the other part of the world

Consider the Cost of Living

One of the first things you need to research about your potential destination is how much it’s going to cost you to live there. If you can’t afford to settle there, it’s better to look for another place where you can find a better-paid job and be able to lead a comfortable life there.

Is It a Long-Term Solution?

Before you start looking for boxes and moving supplies and get down to packing your bags, ask yourself whether you see your future in that chosen city. International relocation is a huge step, so you should take it when you’re sure you’ve found a long-term solution.

Visit Potential Destinations

If it’s possible, check out the city and country you’re considering before you make it your new home. Even just a week or two spent there will help you decide whether that’s the right place for you.

More Resources to Read about Trending Destinations

You still can’t seem to decide where to relocate, it’s time to read more about some of the best and cheapest places to live in. You might also want to get a sneak peek at a list of best countries to live as an expat. In case you’re not looking to relocate permanently but just for some time, consider some of the best countries to live abroad for a year.

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