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What Is it Like to Work in Vancouver BC?

When moving internationally, one of the key factors is employment – you are either moving because of work, or you need to find a job to sustain yourself abroad. If your destination is British Columbia and you want to know what it’s like to work in Vancouver – we’ve got you covered with tips on […]
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10 Top Rated Fantastic Things to Do in Ottawa

Are you moving to Canada’s capital? This city is a perfect combination of history, culture, and outdoor recreation. We have assembled a list of top-rated things to do in Ottawa just for you! Be sure to check it out before you schedule your international moving company and relocate to this scenic place.
Red Square in Moscow

Things to Know Before Moving to Russia Long-Term

As a future expat, you probably already know that moving to Russia is a big deal. You are not only leaving your hometown, but you’re about to start over, quite literally, on the other side of the world. To make sure you’re well-prepared for moving overseas, we’ve decided to put together a few useful pieces […]
an image of a landscape in Scotland

7 Things to Know About Moving to Scotland

Relocating to a foreign country can be quite scary and complicated at first thought. You’ll have to meet new people, get familiar with their customs and traditions and even the smallest tasks such as going shopping or taking the bus can be challenging. If you’re moving to Scotland, we made a list of things to […]
Finland's flag waving in the wind.

9 Things to Know Before Moving to Finland

Finland, the Land of the Midnight Sun and magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is generally acclaimed as Europe’s happiest country. If you are moving to Finland, keep reading to find out how to prepare for your new adventure in one of Europe’s most popular expat destinations.

The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Cities Around the World

Are you considering moving to some of the best vegan cities around the world? Luckily, you’re not alone. Various animal-free diets already hold firm ground in Western countries, while the number of vegans and vegetarians is slowly increasing globally as well. Besides, according to recent surveys, nearly 40% of millennials identify as vegetarians worldwide.

Moving to Montreal – Essential Things You Need to Know

If you’re planning on moving to Montreal, know that you will be staying in Canada’s second-largest city, as well as a fourth-biggest hub in North America in terms of aerospace employment. With more than 248,000 students, it is also a great place to earn a degree. Diversity of opportunities and affordability are what make this […]