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5 Benefits of Moving Internationally Every Expat Should Know

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Whether you’re someone who’s moved a few times or never at all, relocating abroad is a big challenge. It elevates the relocation experience up a few notches and poses bigger challenges, but overall, many benefits of moving overseas are good for the long run. Check out the five reasons why you should move abroad soon.

These Benefits of Moving Out Into the World Can Change Your Life Significantly

There could be plenty of reasons to move and answers to questions like what are the advantages of moving. More than anything, they are all individual choices and decisions. Some folks have an issue with gathering the documents needed to travel abroad, while others find it just as exciting as the move itself.

It’s all about the motivation to go somewhere and be someone else for a while, which is what relocation can offer anyone. Those who’ve been able to create a life abroad all had similar impressions – you learn how to cooperate with others, different world views, and fresh life and business skills.

Most importantly, even if some of these people came back home after a while, it was hard for them to deny that they’ve gained something life-changing during their stay in another country. If you’re searching for these sorts of opportunities, then you’ll love what this article has to say.

#1 You Can Find Better Living Conditions and a More Suitable Lifestyle

An undeniable reason for relocating overseas is the search for better living. Suffering economically, having limited access to healthcare, and not seeing enough education opportunities are the main reasons why someone might seek residence in other countries.

Even those relocating to another country for love choose to go instead of stay because life may treat them more favorably out there, although they have a slightly stronger safety net by the grace of having a partner. Still, you don’t need a foreign partner to understand there may be living conditions more suitable for your preference. All you need is to figure out what to pack when relocating abroad.

Europe Is Home to Places With the Best Education Opportunities

Something many people look for when relocating abroad is better education opportunities for their children (or themselves if they’re university students.) For example, Finland’s continuously been praised for having the best school systems on the planet, and all other aspects of this country make it one of the best places to live abroad with family.

Denmark poses high taxes to its citizens, but healthcare is free for everyone who lives there. Education is cheap and sometimes even free for international students, so Copenhagen stands atop the list of the best cities to live in Europe. Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway also come high on these lists, and all have exceptional living standards in common.

Education and healthcare are accessible and even free in some European countries

#2 You’ll Have International Friends With Different World Views

If you’re not too keen on getting into some of the most notable schools but are exploring how to move overseas to expand your horizons and world views, we can promise you that won’t be a problem. It all depends on your mentality and how easily you make new friends.

Mexico, Bahrain, Ecuador, Serbia, Portugal, and Taiwan are just a few of the best places to live abroad for those who want to meet friends quickly. These countries have a collective spirit in common, and available jobs often offer teamwork at their core. As a foreign citizen, you’ll still have a unique air about you, but you won’t have a problem catching up over coffee with people.

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Moving Across the Globe Will Be a Cultural Shock, but a Valuable Experience

While you keep in contact with friends back at home, it’d also be good to meet friends abroad who can help you get over the initial culture shock. The greatest thing about living abroad is hearing and seeing how other folks worldwide live. If you’ve felt like knowing about the world more lately, you can start scheduling packing services to help you move out.

Cooperation is at the heart of many global nations, and experiencing that in person is the only way to learn more about them. The girl in the video below describes a few ways you could make friends abroad. They could motivate you to put yourself out there for new friendships.

YouTube video

#3 Learning a New Language Will Keep Your Brain Active and Encourage You to Seek Out Adventures

One of the coolest ways to keep your mind fresh and sharp is by learning a new language, and where better to work on that than in a foreign country? Not to say you’ll be an expert in Chinese or French from the start, but within the first year, you will have learned enough to break the language barrier.

And if you’re one of those folks who simply can’t memorize new words and concepts that easily, being exposed to a language daily will still break that barrier in your mind, even if you don’t end up speaking it fluently.

Plus, polyglots are highly valued and an increasing workforce in the world. That means you’ll be considered for more work opportunities and have the chance to apply to higher-paying jobs.

Many countries globally speak English fairly well and could understand you if you ever get stuck with their mother tongue. Still, learning a bit of their language while living among them will make people appreciate you more and see you’re willing to invest time and effort.

language dictionary
Keep your noggin' active by learning a new language - it could open many doors

#4 Your Professional Network Will Expand, and You’ll Open Up More Opportunities for Yourself

While your language learning advances, you’ll see more jobs open up. However, you don’t have to be native-level fluent before relocating overseas since many companies seek out English speakers.

Many countries offer visas for people who want to open their own business there; that’s a great way to learn how to live on your own and be your own boss. If you have a great business idea and plan laid out, there’s no reason why a foreign nation would refuse you; that way, your professional skills, and network will expand.

For example, opening a business within an EU country may give you a chance to work with people from that and other EU member countries; they have a mutual support system and could benefit whatever plans you have.

Even Your Current Company Could Send You Abroad as a Worthy Representative

Why is it good to move to a new place of your company’s choosing? While it can be somewhere you’re not that happy to go to, it’ll still be like you’re an MVP on loan, trying to help out the sister company with your superb business skills. You’ll have common ground with coworkers, but they’ll likely be locals or members of other, bigger expat communities.

You can also ask your employer about relocation if it interests you, and you know your workplace has international branches. Life is too short to be sitting in one chair in Boston when you could be sitting in another chair in Paris at the same time.

Those who willingly apply to go abroad for work may fare a bit better than those just sent away. There shouldn’t be too much of an explanation for why, either. Choosing to go instead of being forced to are two opposite mindsets, and the former always form more lasting connections.

woman holding a meeting with her coworkers
You can open your business in a foreign country as long as they deem your services valuable to the nation

#5 There’s a Fresh Perspective on Living and Its Wonders When You Move Internationally

So, relocating alone can be really complicated. Moving abroad alone can rank together with going through your aunt’s Facebook feed – near hellish. Still, you love your aunt no matter what, and you’ll love relocating across the world just the same.

To keep going with the metaphor, maybe that’s precisely what you need – to see the world from your aunt’s perspective, or anyone else’s really. Taking things for granted is a common sport nowadays, and many compete to be MVPs. If you want to learn how they think and view living across the pond or globe, then there’s no dilemma – relocating is the right move.

Some nations are only familiar to us through stereotypes. Our humane responsibility is to try and look past them; sure, some things may universally apply to a country, but they’re rarely so prominent that we must judge on that basis. Stepping into the world and out of your comfort zone will be the most rewarding experience.

Even Dealing With International Movers Will Be the First Step Toward a New Outlook

Even when you contact an international moving company and experience their relocation services, you’ll see what it’s like to be living overseas. These movers can change your outlook on the stress of moving overseas and see it almost as a positive thing.

Besides, movers are the answer to the question of how to move efficiently – they’re professionals, so your only responsibility is to follow their lead and plan out your time abroad. Here are other ways international movers can help:

  • You can use storage services if you first wish to experience your future place without the stress of unpacking first thing,
  • An international move won’t seem as expensive with a professional company as if you do it yourself,
  • You’ll be covered by insurance in case something gets damaged on its global journey – you’re not included, sadly, but try a life insurance policy,
  • In case you’re going to a country with driving as the primary transportation method, a relocation company can offer you car shipping services,
  • They can provide reassurance that you’ve made the right choice in going abroad.

If You Weigh the Pros and Cons of Moving Internationally, You Can Find a Country That Balances All of Them

As you might be relocating for the first time to distant lands, the nerves will stay with you for a while. That’s not to scare you, just to prepare you for what’s coming. It’s OK to feel whatever you feel – you may fall into a withdrawal crisis and try to book a flight home ASAP.

However, staying brave enough through that and still fully respecting the decision of relocating will be a much cooler choice in the long run. We all feel like aliens in some environments, even while sitting at home; it’s perfectly alright to feel out of place sometimes, but not constantly.

If the feeling persists and you can’t fit in after a lot of effort, there’s always a way back. The comfort of your place in the States will always be a safety net laid out to welcome you with open arms. Keep that in mind, and go about your day; living abroad will surely be a positive experience.

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