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Things to Know Before Moving to Another Country for Love

Michael Vaughan

Moving through the Bay Area, Michael works as a freelance writer in the moving and transportation industry.

Are you thinking about moving to another country for love? About one in four people are ready to relocate to be together with their romantic partner, according to some surveys. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to do that, keep in mind that the outcome of a “romantic relocation” can’t be compared with relocating for a job or a shorter commute. Matters of the heart are tricky and sensitive, and no one can guarantee that the “happily ever after” will happen.

Happiness is a state of one’s mind. Loving someone and expecting that passion will last forever is just unrealistic. That’s why you should know what to expect if you’re planning to relocate overseas for romance to avoid exaggerated expectations and eventual disappointment. We can help you to get a more precise picture of what this crucial step can represent for you.

Does Moving to Another Country for Love Pay Off?

Depending on your goals and lifestyle, the decision to go abroad for love may or may not be right for you. Of course, emotions can make people somewhat irrational, and they tend to look at things through rose-colored glasses. Everyday life is much more than kisses and hugging, and it requires dealing with tedious but obligatory things, such as paying bills, cooking meals, or washing laundry. There’s not much romance there, you’ll agree. But, the day-to-day routine consists of various activities that actually make up your life, especially if you share it with “someone special.”

Being skeptical about matters of the heart could have positive as well as negative sides. There are no rules to how you should behave, what you should do, and how much compensation you will receive if something goes wrong – relationships aren’t that simple. In fact, you may be wondering if relocating for a significant other ever works out?

According to some surveys, relocating for romance does the trick, and here are the key takeaways:

  • One in four people say they’ve already moved for their partner
  • Three of four people who moved for a romantic partner are still together or were together for more than a year after the relocation
  • Two out of three people say they don’t regret that decision
  • Moving overseas for a relationship is a painful process – about 30% of participants said that
couple on the beach
Relocation is worth all the trouble when you are finally with your loved one

As Many As 73% of Couples Lasted More Than a Year

If you need any encouragement to turn a new leaf in your day-to-day routine, you should know that a high percentage of those who relocated for their significant other are still with them. This also includes 73% of surveyed couples who said they had stayed together for more than a year after the relocation.

2 in 3 Are Happy They Moved for Love

More people have had a positive experience after this kind of relocation than those who wouldn’t recommend it. Although it’s a significant change, people tend to look at it as a chance to fulfill their dreams. Actually, only 15% regret their decision to move for a romantic partner, 65% say they’re happy with the decision even after some time, while others feel neutral.

couple making a love sign
Despite your doubts, you should know that people who relocate for romance are, actually, happier

Breaking Your Old Habits

Going abroad means doing the right thing for the right reason. However, don’t expect everything to be perfect somewhere far away from your home, since leaving means saying goodbye to your family, friends, your school or job, and all those tiny and sweet tidbits that are part of your lifestyle.

Homesickness and Leaving the Old Life

The international moving will distance you from your family, but living farther isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be a good indicator of your independence and resourcefulness. If you’ve ever wondered what it would look like if you were on your own, without any help from the dearest ones, this is how you can find out.

friends around the fire
Being away from your family is one of the tougher parts of living overseas

Relocation Offers Lots of Opportunities

An international move is a chance to see some of the best places to live abroad and deal with difficulties, challenges, as well as inspiring situations. If you’re a shy person, you may become more spontaneous and relaxed among unfamiliar people. Being in constant contact with foreigners can help you finally determine if this is for you and if you could live somewhere else besides your hometown.

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Look at Your Relocation as a Wonderful Vacation

Regardless of whether your romance works out eventually, moving internationally means getting to know some of the best cities to live in Europe for example, as well as seeing and exploring unknown cultures. Enjoying sand beaches along the sea, or strolling down the streets of European capitals is exciting by itself.

Moving Abroad Is a Chance to Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted

Perhaps you can see yourself somewhere far away from home doing something you’ve wished since childhood but have never had the chance or support needed to do it. However, if you’ve just graduated from college and need a job, relocation can be a great way to find one. Whatever your intentions are after the move, you can never guess what can happen by a twist of fate.

This Is an Opportunity to Make New Friendships

The world is your oyster, so why not take all of its opportunities. Making new friendships is always a positive thing, and good friends are a treasure. After all, if your romance happens to fail, there’s one positive side to your relocation – you’ve made friends for good.

couple kissing
Foreign places brim with amenities you shouldn’t miss

How Long Should You Wait Until You Move?

Unfortunately, there’s no fairy lady who comes and tells you what the right timing is for living together. If you listen to your gut, in most cases, you won’t go wrong. Yet, struggling with your expectations, wishes, and fears can be tiring. That’s why you should pay attention to some of the following signs that could be a useful guide on what to do next:

  • Be sure that you’re not relocating just because of your partner, but because of yourself, too
  • If you’ve already spent weekends with your partner, it could be a sign of a happy future
  • It’s good to try out living together and splitting all the expenses and chores
  • You shouldn’t feel pressured to move by anyone, including yourself
couple in love
Your partner shouldn't be the reason you moved, you are

If Things Don’t Work Out, Have a Backup Plan

Who knows what tomorrow can bring? That should be your mantra in a relationship to prevent any possible unpredictable situations. You should always think about what you would do if the romance didn’t work out. If it’s possible, your plan should be ready even before you move, so you’ll never be in the position of being caught unaware by the sudden end of your relationship.

Would Your Partner Relocate for You?

Although you and your significant other have certainly worked out all the details related to your future, you should be sure that your partner would be willing to give up jobs, friends, or their lifestyle if the roles were reversed. If you feel like they wouldn’t do the same for you, you may end up feeling bitter and frustrated.

The Financial Situation Is Important

Talking about your financial plans as a couple should be mandatory. If one of you doesn’t have a job or any income, paying rent and purchasing food could become a nightmare. However, your partner should be in a good financial position and willing to support both of you while you’re looking for a job during the initial period.

man holding money
A bad financial situation while living together could be cause for a breakup

Consider Your Feelings

Relocating to a new environment for a significant other is a huge commitment. Without serious forethought and enough devotion to overcome all obstacles, things can go awry. According to therapists, when you feel insecure or lost, it’s crucial to listen to your intuition – it always sends you the right signals.

Questions and Signs You Shouldn’t Neglect When Moving to Another Country for Love

Relocating to a new city or state, let alone a different country will greatly affect your emotional, personal, and professional goals. Put aside your emotions and major reasons for relocation and think about the following signs which could be a red flag:

  • You’re convinced this step will solve your current relationship problems
  • You asked your partner to move in together, but you never got a positive response
  • Unspoken expectations can make everything more complicated
  • If you’ve never dreamed about living in another city before, you probably won’t like it now either
  • A feeling that going abroad means sacrificing a lot could be a sign that you should give up the relocation
woman sitting on a window sill
If you’re not happy about moving, look for the reasons behind your sadness

Relocating for Romance is a Matter of Personal Choice

It’s needless to say that your life is only yours and you shouldn’t listen to anyone else but yourself. All romances are exceptional and unique in the beginning. If you’re feeling ready to merge your wishes and plans with the other person’s aspirations, then you should do it. Just keep in mind that building your habits and routine requires adjustment and acceptance. If you’re not sure what you could do in a foreign country, or if you don’t prefer changes and uncertainties, then you should carefully weigh all the pros and cons. But take your time, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Affections are a significant mainstay when it comes to building a life together, but you should focus on your other plans, too. If you’re looking for happiness, it is a combination of all factors that impact your personal growth. That’s exactly what moving to another country for love should be.

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