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Our specialization in overseas moving has helped improve our business, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. No matter what you are going to need to move to another country, be it vehicle transportation, residential relocation, or just moving supplies to move your important personal belongings, know that we are the international shipping company that is here to help you. Our full door-to-door international moving services are crafted specifically to bring you the highest level of service.

International moving services

International moving services

We provide a service, and we keep that fact in mind as we continue to work in this line of business. As a customer, you are our first priority, and we strive to make every one of our international relocations as simple and problem free as we can.

Our policy is to hire only the best consultants and international household moving teams around. Each of our international shipping team members is a trained professional with years of experience helping people with their international move. This also applies to our drivers and packing teams, making sure that we provide nothing but the highest quality of service.

Since every relocation is unique, you get your very own international representative who will go over the entire overseas move. Your international representative will be at your service to help you with any and all questions, concerns, or comments that you might have at any time during your relocation from start to finish.

International Movers

International Movers

What other international moving companies will charge you extra for, we include into our standard pricing. We provide a guaranteed final price on our estimate with no hidden fees for every overseas relocation.

With Schmidt International Moving, you know exactly what you are getting, and for how much. When our competitors estimate prices, they tend to use vague methods that might not reflect the final total pricing, and can later be inflated with hidden fees. We avoid hidden prices at all costs, giving you the right amount the first time for your international move.

Customer services

Customer services

We aim to build a strong reputation as a professional international moving company by providing top-notch international shipping services. Our focus is giving you the most trouble-free and straightforward international moving process as possible. We invite you to read our reviews and see what our customers have to say about our moving services. We are confident in our reputation and what that means for our ability to bring you high-quality services. Keeping the lines of communication between our customers and us open is key. You will have questions, and we will be able to help you every time.

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