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Boxes & moving supplies

Most moving services tend to be a very stressful and difficult period, so knowing where you can find high-quality moving supplies really makes a big difference. We at Schmidt International Moving can provide you with high-quality moving supplies such as moving boxes that come in various shapes and sizes which will help make your moving process a lot easier. We also provide many other moving supplies such as moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap and many other moving supplies that will help you to move to your new home.

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We can even provide specialized moving boxes that are very useful when you are moving such as our, kitchen boxes and kits, wardrobe moving boxes, picture moving boxes, tv moving boxes and many more. We also provide moving kits that have everything that you need to pack almost any one of your household items. You can even customize your own moving kits to suit your needs for your relocation.

Remember that your heavier things should not be packed into the bigger moving boxes as they can’t take the additional weight. Instead, use smaller moving boxes and be sure not to overpack. While packing your whole household seems to be a difficult task, it becomes easier when you break down the work and pack one room at a time. If you start packing early, you will be able to pack a few moving boxes every day before the relocation process begins.

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