International moving by Sea

The most popular of our moving services is international moving by sea, because of a number of different reasons. If you want your items shipped safely, but you’re moving on a low moving budget, then this service is perfect for you. All of your belongings will be safely stored in containers, and transported on a ship. So, you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged during the relocation, the only downside would be that it may take some time until your items are shipped to the designated destination.

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Overseas Vehicle Shipping

If you’re moving to another country, you will surely want your vehicle transported as well. There’s no safer or more efficient way of doing it than hiring a professional moving company to do the job. Schmidt international moving can take care of the vehicle shipping for you. If you need help with the documentation, we can ship various kinds of vehicles, and you should feel free to contact us if you’ve got any questions about our vehicle shipping services.

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International Moving by Air

The other option when it comes to international relocation is the international moving by air. This service is much faster than moving by sea if you need your belongings shipped as soon as possible but is more expensive as well. Air freight is usually preferred when it comes to business relocation, say if you’re moving offices, or branching out in another country. Just keep in mind that moving by air is reserved for smaller shipment, while larger shipments are reserved for sea freight.

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Packing Services

Not only can Schmidt International Moving transport your belongings overseas, but we can also take care of the packing. We know that packing is usually the most time-consuming and the most tiring part of every move, so we can handle this for you as well. If you would like our packers to safely prepare your items for the international relocation, just say so. They are experienced with handling all kinds of belongings, from household and office items to expensive art pieces and antiques. Unless you want to do it yourself, in which case, we can help you out with the moving supplies and moving boxes.

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Custom Crating

Many people find themselves in need of storage services during a relocation. It often happens when a relocation doesn’t go as initially planned, say if your house is not ready for you to move in. You can count on Schmidt International Moving to keep your belongings safe in our secure storage facilities. If you are transporting any items which are fragile, of high sentimental value, or just expensive, and you’re worried about them getting damaged, we also offer custom crating. Our movers and packers will safely pack them in custom crates, and make sure they are transported separately, to ensure their safety.

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If you need any of our moving and storage services, please go ahead and ask for a free no obligation quote. It will be our pleasure to offer you with customized storage solutions that will fit exactly to your needs for such.

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