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The Ultimate List of Moving Essentials – All the Supplies You’ll Need for Relocation

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Relocating to a new home in another country is thrilling and quite stressful at the same time, but there are different ways to make the whole transition smoother. That’s why you should have all of the moving essentials prepared and ready for use to make the situation less chaotic. Today we’re going through some of the most common necessities you’re going to have to have when relocating abroad.

Why It’s Essential To Prepare a Checklist for Relocation?

Many people overlook the importance of proper and detailed organization when relocating abroad. The relocation process requires tons of tasks, and it takes a good strategy to finish them all before the relocation day. You’re almost definitely going to have to prepare yourself a list of all the necessary items to have by your side.

We wrote a list of all the items that you might have to have during this challenging time to help you make the whole process a lot less dreadful. Once you prepare all of the items from the checklist, you will see that they will take a lot of stress off your plate throughout the relocation. No matter what your reasons for relocating are, a relocating list is a must. No doubt you will appreciate this list and thank us for preparing you so well.

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How to Prepare a Moving Essentials Checklist?

You might have to give yourself some time when relocating to another country to prepare the checklist with all of the moving necessities you’re going to need and to think about “what should you not bring when moving?” Here are some tips to help you with relocating efficiently.

Define What Moving Essentials You Need

When preparing your relocation essentials box, you should personalize it according to your needs—depending on whether you are relocating abroad alone with family. You can start with general necessities thinking about “what do people need when moving?” or “what goes in an essentials box when moving?”.

Be sure to start writing a list in advance to forget any of the essential items you might want to have during your overseas relocation.

A woman making a list of things to do
Everyone has different needs, so don't hesitate to write yours down

What Stuff Do You Need to Have for Packing?

Before we go over all the stuff you should pack, let’s see what you have to buy in order to prepare all of your packages. You should have the right packing supplies if you want to secure your packages in the right way.

Boxes and Containers

When buying boxes and relocation supplies, be sure you consider how much of them you plan on filling and what sizes. Plan how you’re going to pack everything, so you know the number of needed packages and containers closely enough.

If you feel like saving some money, you can always find the boxes for free. Most stores have them and will probably be trashed, so why not ask employees if you can take them. There’s also a chance your friends and family have some to share with you.

You Should Get Wrapping Materials

If you expect your belongings to arrive safe and sound at your requested location, you must not skip wrapping materials. They will be necessary with packing fragile items, so you prevent any of your valuable things from breaking.

There are different types of packaging paper you can find, but the most important thing is that it protects well all of your stuff. Bubble wrap keeps stuff very safe, but it is pricey and takes up a lot of space. Packaging paper, on the other hand, is cheaper, eco-friendly, and easier to find.

If you’re opting for a different type of wrapping or maybe a DIY wrapping material, you can use stuff you probably already have at your home. Those options could be newspapers or clothes, towels, pillowcases, and similar solutions made out of super-safe cotton. Since you’ll be getting overseas shipping anyways, this will save you a ton of storage space and money.

Prepare a Container With Essential Supplies

If you’re relocating for the first time, you probably don’t know that the first night you spend at your new home can be pretty stressful. You’ll probably be too tired to open boxes, but you’ll still have to use some of your stuff. Because you shouldn’t rip all the packages apart, you should prepare yourself a box with moving-out essentials.

Box with essentials for moving out should be one of the last boxes to prepare before relocation day. This package will be the first thing to open once you arrive at your new home, and you’ll be glad all of your necessities are in one place, ready for use once you relocate to a different country.

That box will be accommodating, especially when you’re relocating across the world, and you are hiring an overseas shipping company, as you will probably arrive before any of your belongings. Here are some things you should have in your moving necessities box:

Overnight Bag

This should include things you would usually prepare when going for a short trip. There you should pack essential hygiene things ( toothbrush & toothpaste, beauty products, shampoo, deodorant, and other toiletries), pajamas, some clothes, and whatever else you might have to have for your first few nights.

Electronic Devices

Electronics and stuff that comes with them, such as batteries and chargers, so you can keep in touch with friends or contact people you need in case of emergency. If you’re moving internationally, be sure you bring more things into your overnight bag.

Things Your Kids Might Need

These are also a must. Once you find the best place to live abroad with family and you’re relocating with kids, you have to prepare a bag for them. You can pack them in an overnight bag but be sure you include toys and games. You’re going to have to keep occupied when you’re in the middle of the relocation process.

Important Documents

Documents are some of the most important things to prepare with you since you don’t want to lose them as they are hard to replace. Suppose you’re moving abroad and having your boxes transported by an international moving company. You have to ensure that your documents are by your side and not shipped. Be sure you carefully check what documents you need to travel abroad.

Pet Food and Supplies

In case you’re relocating with pets, you have to be sure that you prepare things they should have as well. If you’re relocating with dogs, remember to bring them their food, dishes, leashes, toys, medication if needed, and other stuff. The same goes for relocating with a cat or any other pet you have.

Medical Kit

Medicine is very important, and you shouldn’t overlook it when preparing your medical emergency kit either. You never know when you will require it, and that’s why it should always be close to you. Be sure to include a supply of bandages and gauze, alcohol, and everyday supplements and medication.

These are just some of the most common things people like to have during relocation but forget to carry with them. However, everyone has their own specific needs, so be sure to prepare everything you and your family members have to have at all times, especially when traveling to live overseas. Since each person has something that they can’t live one day without, be sure to ask your household member what those things are.

Stuff You Should Consider Bringing to Your New Apartment

Even though you’re probably going to prepare all of your household stuff for shipping overseas, it’s the best idea to fill a few packages with some necessities and label them. This way, you won’t have to open everything at once, and you will have your move-in essentials with you the first few days of living abroad to help you out.

Kitchen Necessities

You will most likely want to cook something the first few days once you arrive at your home. Since you probably won’t be in the mood to unpack everything immediately, prepare yourself a package with things needed to prepare some simple meals for you and your family. Some of those things could be:

  • Few glasses,
  • Plate for each family member,
  • One pan and one pot,
  • Basic cutlery.

Be sure you prepare this stuff nicely, so you prevent things from breaking.

Cleaning Supplies for Your Home

Even if you’re relocating to a new clean apartment, you should most definitely bring cleaning supplies with you to be sure you sanitize everything before you start unpacking. You want to be sure you have a box with some basic cleaning stuff like:

  • Cleaning spray,
  • Paper towels and sponges,
  • Bathroom cleaning stuff,
  • A broom and a mop,
  • Laundry detergent.

When talking about hygiene, don’t forget your personal toiletries for refreshing after a long day of relocating overseas. Consider preparing and packing some usual bathroom supplies you always have lying in your home and which your family needs on a daily basis. This includes some towels, toilet paper, hand soap, and other similar things you might have to use.

A Basic Toolkit

Having an essential toolkit doesn’t sound as much of a necessity. However, it’s good to have a toolkit in some of the packages you’re going to open first. If some of your furniture is disassembled or breaks during the transportation process, you will be able to fix it right away.

Women choosing what to pack in which box
It's always best to decide which things you should unpack first and which later

Don’t Forget to Label Each Container

Because you’re going to have to separate the most necessary packages from the rest of them, you will have to label each one. When you’re moving overseas, you will most likely forget what you’ve placed in each package, so labeling is certainly a great idea.

If you’re not sure how to pack for relocating abroad, you can also contact an overseas relocation company that can offer you packing services and help you with the long and challenging process of preparing all your belongings.

Stuff you should prepare to use for labeling, like markers and stickers, you probably already have somewhere in your house. Labeling everything will lessen your relocating stress once you start unpacking everything. If you want some more advice on packing your stuff, take a look at the video below.

YouTube video

Adapt the List According to Your Needs

Your list of necessities for relocating should be all of the things you think you can’t go one day without. You can start with answering, “what are ten items in a relocation kit you can’t live without?” and figure out what more you could need. Whatever it is, keep in mind you should have it on hand when you arrive. That way, you’re settling down process will be easier and less stressful, and you’ll be ready to start making new friends in no time.

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