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Belongings packed in boxes before moving abroad

Packing and unpacking services

International relocations can be split into several main parts and packing is one of them. It is definitely one of the least fun tasks that you have to do, and the worst thing about packing your entire household is that it is very tedious. Even though there are many ways to make packing fun, it will still take you plenty of time to complete everything, and you could have used that time for something else related to the move. Most people are afraid that they will pack their things poorly and these things might get damaged during your relocation.

To avoid all the trouble, you need to call Schmidt International Moving, and we are going to send expert packing teams. They will take care of both the packing and unpacking, and you can rest assured that your things will be safe once they are packed. As you are moving to your new home, allow professionals from Schmidt International Moving to take proper care of your things.

There are several reasons to hire a professional packing team, and the first one is that it saves time. With a little extra time on your schedule, you will be able to take care of your passport, or run one of the many other errands that you have to do or maybe even get some rest. It is crucial that you take at least one part of your day to forget about the international relocation process and think about something else even if it is only for an hour. It should be enough to recharge your batteries and continue.

Furthermore, you will know that your possessions are safe and when we pack everything, and ship it immediately or keep it in storage until its time for the move. Last but not least, our professional movers are going to provide moving supplies which include packing boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets and many other moving supplies that are necessary to complete the packing.

A man using duct tape to pack boxes for international moving

Packing boxes

We are a flexible moving company, and you can talk to our professional packers and ask them about things that have to be done a certain way. For example, you can always choose our full packing and unpacking services, but if you want some of your things to be packed separately, make sure to notify our packing teams about them. Our packing teams are willing to cooperate with you, and we will respect all of your wishes, but also advise you whether certain things should be done the way you want them done. Schmidt International Moving is awaiting a call from you if you need us to help you with your international relocation. We are always here to help, and you can call us to ask about any part of your move.

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