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How to Move to a New City if You’re on a Low Budget

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Relocation does require a certain amount of investment, and if you are not in a favorable financial position, you might feel discouraged when thinking about how to move to a new city. However, you shouldn’t give up. There are many ways to cut relocation expenses when moving to a new city, and you would be surprised how much money can be saved.

Is Moving to a New City a Good Idea? It Most Definitely Is, but You Have to Know How to Move to a New City on a Tight Budget

The benefits of moving internationally are numerous, and relocating to a different environment can change your life fundamentally. However, when moving abroad, you will need to have a relocation budget. Of course, it is best to relocate across the world knowing that you have a stable financial status, but it is also perfectly possible to relocate on a limited budget. You just have to apply these relocation tips, which will save you a lot of money.

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Excursions and Tours Are Costly, and the Internet Is Enough to Decide Where to Live

Where do I start a new life? In order to reach an answer, you will need to do a lot of research. Of course, it would be best to personally visit all potential locations before moving overseas, but that can prove to be costly. Therefore, you have to use the internet as the main source of information, and, nowadays, you can pretty much learn everything about a country and the town just by watching Youtube videos and reading blogs.

Another great common source of reliable information is the expat communities. These people will provide you with firsthand information about anything that interests you about the country and the relocation process. If you are relocating abroad for the first time, you will have many questions, such as how to live in another country or what are the most important documents when traveling abroad. No one will give better answers than people who have already gone through this experience.

Start Searching for an Affordable Apartment in the New City as Soon as the Decision to Move Is Made

There are many great places abroad to relocate to, but when you are relocating on a low budget, you have to invest extra time in searching for the most affordable housing option. The price of real estate and rent depends a lot on the neighborhood, especially if you are relocating to a big town. So, you will probably have to thoroughly do the research on the cost of living in each neighborhood ( is a great website that specializes in the cost of living statistics).

Having a Roommate Can Help a Lot When It Comes to Household Expenses

How much money should I save before moving to a new city? If you are relocating abroad alone, the two main things that will affect your budget are rent and utilities. If you see that you will struggle financially to cover these two expenses, it is not worth relocating. However, finding a roommate can alleviate the financial burden, and there will certainly be more housing options to choose from, knowing that the bills and rent will be split.

However, finding a roommate is not necessarily always the best option, especially if you have been asking yourself – “How do you move to a new city and start over?”. If you have desired to start living on your own, then it is better to start searching for a more modest apartment. One of the main reasons to relocate abroad is to start an independent life, and sometimes it is better to rent a small one-bedroom apartment than to sacrifice your independence for a bigger place.

Having a Stable Job Is Crucial When Relocating Abroad on a Low Budget

If you have decided to go live overseas because your company has offered you a position in their foreign office, then you have a good foundation on which you can make a plan on how to balance your finances. However, relocating without employment is absolutely feasible, and here are some frequently asked questions about this issue:

How do you start over in a new city with no job?

Know that you can live only for a limited period of your savings as that financial source will quickly become depleted. Therefore, it is necessary to actively search for work. Of course, the ideal situation is to find something that suits your interests and area of expertise. However, it may happen that no such positions are available at a certain moment.

In that case, the smartest thing to do is look for a bridge job. Many people are reluctant to do this, yet there is no shame in finding temporary work until the right opportunity arises. And, in a situation where the financial situation is not favorable, having any kind of employment is crucial.

Should I move first or find a job?

It is best to place “search for work” on top of your relocating to-do list if you are unemployed. Of course, depending on your savings, you can calculate the amount of time that can be afforded to search for the right occupation. However, knowing that you have secured employment before the journey will alleviate the relocation stress, and you will be able to tackle other important issues like breaking the language barrier and the infamous culture shock in a more relaxed manner.

How do I get a job before relocating?

The internet will again be the main source of all the necessary information. You can simply type “employment ads/offers in a particular town/country” and start browsing. A good idea is also to look for local newspapers written in the English language. If you are relocating to a big town, there are bound to be a number of English editions of newspapers, and there you will find numerous employment ads.

Finally, many people have found freelance jobs before relocating, and this is probably the easiest way to find temporary employment. All in all, you have to be active and contact each employer that offers a position that interests you.

Your Inventory List Should Only Consist of Items That You Truly Require

If you ask any reputable international moving company how to save on relocation costs, they will tell you to start downsizing for the move. You have to be realistic when deciding what to pack, as unnecessary items will only make the overall cost of relocation higher. What is more, having to pack more than it is needed will also lower the efficiency of relocation.

Unnecessary items can also be a source of additional income. If you have free space, you should definitely try to make a garage sale. Garage sales are one of the most popular ways to get rid of such items, especially if the weather is nice. However, it might happen that you simply don’t have luck with selling. In that case, you can donate everything.

Try to Save On Moving Materials and Tools as Much as You Can

First of all, we must point out the importance of expert packing services. Your stuff will have to cross a long distance, and it must be properly packed and secured for transportation, especially the fragile objects. Moreover, professional movers will bring all appropriate and necessary packing materials. Be that as it may, you can take the responsibility of packing on yourself, and here are some relocating hacks on how to save money on packing:

  • The most important materials when it comes to packing will be boxes. The usual cardboard boxes are necessary, but sometimes waterproof containers are also required. You don’t necessarily need to buy them. First of all, you can use all containers which you have in your home (original packaging, suitcases, duffel bags, and such,) and if additional containers are required, you can search for used ones in your local storage facilities.
  • When relocating bigger objects such as furniture and kitchen appliances, tools will be required, especially for heavy lifting. They can be found at any home supplies store, but you can also rent them from your local storage service.
  • Other important packing materials are protective layers such as packing paper, relocating blankets, and bubble wrap. However, you can replace these materials with basic household items like newspapers, towels, rags, and bed linen. When appropriately applied, these items will provide pretty much the same level of security as professional packing materials.

Nonetheless, you have to learn the appropriate way to pack every type of object. Again, the internet will be your main source of information, and you just have to type, for example, “how to pack plates.” It isn’t worth saving on expert packing services if, after the relocation, half of your fragile items are shattered.

How Can I Move With No Money? Assistance From Your Friends Can Save You a Lot of Cash

To begin with, it is not advisable to start packing alone, especially when it comes to relocating bigger objects. However, if you have decided to omit packing services, the best thing to do is call your friends and family for help. Not only will the whole process of packing be more efficient, but you will also be able to spend precious time with your loved ones and bid them a proper farewell

You Can Save a Lot of Money When Relocating During Off-Season

Without any doubt, the most convenient seasons for relocation are summer and spring. However, relocation prices tend to be higher during these seasons as well. Therefore, look to relocate during winter and autumn. Yes, there are certain disadvantages, and overall, the relocation process is less efficient. Still, it is worth going through potential minor difficulties if you are wondering, “How do I move to a new city with a low budget?”. Generally, the most cost-effective months to relocate are considered to be from late October to March.

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Relocation during winter months can be harder, but on the other hand, they are less expensive

If You Own Your Place, Try to Sell It Before Relocating

If you own the property you have been living in, it is wise to hire a real estate agent and put your house on the market. The key is to perform a thorough relocating-out cleaning after you have packed everything up. If your home is in good condition, the price might become higher than expected, and such a high source of income will certainly bring you a sense of security. Overall, summer is considered to be the best period for selling real estate, as people tend to relocate the most during the summer months. Here is a useful video on how to sell your home.

YouTube video

Gaining Foreign Friends, Adopting a Different Culture, Starting an Exciting Career – Relocating Is Definitely Worth the Trouble

Is moving to a new city hard? We have to be honest and tell you that relocating on a low budget may pose certain challenges. However, they can be overcome with proper planning and knowledge. Once you have settled in a different town, started a different chapter of your life, and felt the benefits of relocation, you will see that all trouble was not such a big deal after all.

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