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Reasons to Move to Another Country – What People Say

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Moving internationally seems like a giant leap, but approximately nine million Americans took that leap in the last five years and haven’t looked back since. You can have one or numerous reasons to move, but they’re all acceptable if your desire to relocate is strong enough. The world is big and full of opportunities, and the common reasons people move reflect that fact.

The Reasons to Move Abroad are Different for Everyone

Most people who moved within the last five years list the same few arguments, but did you know the emigration numbers rose after the elections in 2016? For many, the reason to move isn’t rooted in the attraction of the destination but the dissatisfaction in their home turf. This is when anyone starts wondering what it might be like to move abroad.

Once you have a good enough reason, you should start looking for places to live abroad according to your needs. It can be as simple as finding the best place economically, but there’s the factor of food, climate, culture, and safety for some. If you go to China, where food is filled with flavors and spice, you’ll have to get used to eating strong but delicious foods every day. If you decide to move to Finland, expect to live in a perfect system where the winter temperatures drop to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can see how potentially every argument for relocating pulls an inevitable downside along, so before you do or try anything related to international relocation, ensure you can accept and live with the downsides as much as the upsides.

choosing your next destination
Weighing the pros and cons of living in a particular country is essential for your decision

#1 Reason People Move – A Change of Scenery and Routine

Many of us have wished to experience different scenery and pace for a little while at least once in our lifetimes. For some, this wish falls on the list of the most important reasons to move out and start over somewhere more inspiring.

Many folks start researching the best European country to live in or settle somewhere in Asia, perhaps without thoroughly preparing for it. It’s completely normal to want a change of scenery, but if you need a drastic transformation, do enough research on every place, city, and culture that interests you.

Relocating to another country for love is equally inspiring and challenging. If you intend to get married to your significant other in their homeland, bureaucracy might force you to leave your old life behind almost entirely. However, the switch you’ll experience while relaxing in the arms of the person you love will make you feel like the move was worth it, for sure.

There Could Be a Place With Better Energy Than Your Old Home

Some people don’t feel at home in their hometowns very often. They could be different from the rest of the residents or somehow feel (or be forced to feel) like they don’t belong there. In this scenario, it’s understandable some of us fantasize about the best European cities to live in and how they’ll treat us differently there. You can scour the Internet to find towns and areas that tolerate the lifestyle you want to lead – there’s something for everyone out there.

A girl standing on the balcony after moving overseas
It's okay to need different scenery, but you should be prepared for every kind of lifestyle

Being at Home In a New and Different Culture Motivates Many to Move Out

Relocating across the globe is slightly more demanding than relocating closer across the border. Both are feats that aren’t to be taken lightly, but when you decide to relocate across the globe, the first thing you’ll experience is culture shock. While this pace is exciting for some, it can be daunting for others; we all adapt to life differently. Despite searching for the friendliest countries in the world, they all have their culture and traditions that are more or less prominent in daily existence and require respect.

Moving to a Very Different Culture Can be Challenging

It may seem like a fun challenge to relocate to Bangkok or some other city in Southeast Asia where things are done differently, but it is challenging nonetheless. You’ll likely have to forget everything you learned about their culture from a long distance and immerse yourself fully into the experience. You’ll need to know some basics before going there but count on the fact that you’ll be learning new stuff for the first few months of your time there.

The main things to remember when relocating somewhere drastically different are:

  • Respect their religion – this is the most common thing folks tend to misunderstand. Many who move to a country with a different religion tend to mix that up with personal attitudes or their own beliefs. However, we must tell you in the gentlest way possible that nobody cares about your opinion of their religion. They live that way and expect you to respect their practices when you’re on their turf.
  • Find out what’s offensive to them – in many cultures, finger and hand gestures mean different things, and most of them have an offensive connotation. The same goes for the way you dress, speak to others on the street, how you eat and drink in public, and how you behave in social situations.
  • Don’t expect everyone to understand or speak English – despite English being the official language, many Asian and African countries don’t use or encounter it in daily life. Do yourself (and them) a favor and learn some local survival phrases at the beginning of your stay.
  • Don’t push your identity onto the locals – this doesn’t apply to everyone, but very often, folks start expressing themselves as they do at home in some places. It’s normal to feel democratic liberty in criticizing the system, government, economy, and your job, but in some areas, that’s taboo and considered highly offensive.
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You Can Move Abroad and Not Experience Huge Changes

According to statistics, 40% of those who moved abroad went to places the US shares borders with – Canada and Mexico. There’s nothing bad about looking up the costs of living in Vancouver or choosing the tropical life in a Mexican town, but this doesn’t pose the biggest possible challenge – and that’s a good thing.

American culture is intertwined with Mexican in numerous ways (California is the primary example for this,) so there may be things you’re already familiar with. Likewise, Canada is similar to the US in many ways, and you don’t have to learn a different language as a bonus. However, if you need a change of pace nonetheless, you’ll still have opportunities to see and do new things while also getting to know the ways of native residents and their history.

cultural masks
Whether going across the globe or closer across the border, you have to respect other nations and their cultures

Moving to a House In an Ideal Climate Is Among the Reasons Why People Move

Most folks fantasize about settling somewhere tropical and start considering relocating to the Bahamas. Buying a house with a nice ocean view is, for many, the reason for moving out of an apartment in a stuffy city. For some, the warm weather can be too much at times, and they prefer to move to a home that’s exposed to all four seasons or perhaps colder days. Climate affects our mood, how we treat our friends and family, and how well we do our job, so it’s essential to consider it a deciding factor when relocating and determining what to pack when relocating abroad.

Climate Can Often Dictate the Costs of Living

It may not be news that international moving costs can depend on the destination’s climate a lot. It’s not just the relocation cost that gets affected, but the real estate prices gravitate towards being expensive the more popular they are. This is natural since people typically want to settle in a new home somewhere warm and tropical, such as Costa Rica or Spain.

For example, a house near the beach or the sea is more in demand than one in the city center, no matter where you go; this is exclusive property. Additionally, if the weather is warm year-round, your electricity costs will be higher because of using the AC almost continuously. However, the same energy consumption can be considered in colder climates, so it’s up to you where you’ll relocate. Just ensure it fits your budget.

houses next to the ocean
Buying a house in a warmer country might cost you more in the long run

Some People Wish to Spend Their Retirement Days Abroad

The better things in our lifetime come when we earn our rest. What every adult in the world has in common one way or another is a job; while working is a privilege for some, for others, it’s a burden in the same way. It’s no wonder that folks who decide to retire abroad have a happier and overall better retirement; it’s a luxury they wish to appreciate for as long as possible.

The video below will give you some ideas on the cheapest countries to retire to, so you can see if one of them feels like the best place to live abroad with family and grow old in.

YouTube video

Young Adults Wish to Experience As Much As Possible

Retirees aren’t the only ones looking for new experiences. Many young adults prefer to move abroad for a job and seek purpose in traveling. If you can, ask your boss some essential questions about relocating; maybe remote work is an option (many jobs adapted to this way of working during the last year, so you never know,) and you can freely take a few months away to a foreign country and learn about the world.

More and more young adults don’t mind moving overseas alone and boast of solo traveling as a mind-blowing experience. Long-distance travel can be exhausting, but anyone traveling alone can easily make new friends. This way, they work on their confidence and charisma while learning about other cultures; additionally, those who travel alone usually settle and start a family abroad, so it’s an excellent opportunity for romance. If moving to Argentina or other Latin American countries sounds romantic, now’s the time to go for it.

enjoying your free time
Traveling abroad gives young adults space to grow and learn new things

The Stakes of Moving Abroad – Getting Necessary Documentation and Calculating Relocation Costs

The logistics of living overseas don’t just entail buying a house and start living in it. Some procedures have to be followed for each country you intend to move to. The cost of relocating extends beyond real estate, and there are documents required to travel abroad.

For every move abroad, you need:

  • A valid passport that won’t expire in the next six months of your stay,
  • A visa that covers the form of your stay (residential, work permit, temporary resident, visitor, are some of the categories)
  • Tax applications for the destination country (you better not skip this part because, in many places, you wouldn’t be allowed to perform basic actions like open a bank account or get a job without a tax applicant’s card)
  • Citizen ID (you and your family must apply for this)

These documents could cost you a lot if you don’t fill the applications correctly or skip a step. Bureaucracy still plays a significant role in relocation, and it usually represents hidden expenses. We romanticize travel and having a space to call our own in another nation so much that we forget how papers and costs make up around 80% of the relocation logistics. If you want to have a smooth move, search for places that don’t make you wait long to get a visa or other papers.

The Costs of an International Moving Company Are Worth It Because of How Much They’ll Do For You

If you got everything out of the way, including papers, it’s time to relocate. We could encourage you to attempt it alone, but international relocation isn’t the same as a country-wide move. While it may have been easy to relocate with your dog to the neighboring state, it’s a whole different scenario when it’s a foreign country. We don’t mean you should be relocating with cats instead – we suggest you do it with the help of overseas relocation services.

International movers can have your house ready to move quickly by packing everything for you; the family will be safe during the process, and you won’t have to pay for a babysitter or ask favors. You can also get your stuff ready and put it in storage while taking care of other family matters or paperwork for the move. And, if you want to drive while residing abroad, you don’t have to buy another car – give it to movers for overseas car shipping.

Two international movers carrying stuff for their customer moving overseas
Don't forget to contact movers to have a better and safer relocation experience

We Think Moving Abroad Is an Excellent and Inspiring Idea

Once you’ve worked out the reasons to move to a new city, in a different country at that, you’ll quickly figure out how to keep in touch with friends and meet locals, how to fit in, and what your favorite local delicacies are. The arguments for relocating abroad are numerous because, overall, the benefits are greater than the disadvantages. You’ll feel better in a different space where every day, another adventure awaits.

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