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Tips That Can Help You Overcome Moving Stress When You Are Relocating Abroad

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Keeping everything under control when organizing international moving will undeniably cause you a lot of moving stress. Believe it or not, relocation is recognized as one of the most stressful life events that could lead to severe anxiety and depression. However, there is a way to avoid all unnecessary worries and go through the whole process with a flow!

Do You Know Why Is Moving so Stressful?

Why am I so stressed about moving? Changing a home, relocating across the world to a completely different environment and culture, and being miles away from your family and friends all sound like reasons to feel stressed out. When you add all the tasks related to organizing the move itself, the pressure becomes even greater. And as the pressure increases, there is a greater possibility for you to start procrastinating and falling behind with the tasks. All this can slow down the whole process, causing you even more stress.

Is Moving Stressful? What Indicates You Are Experiencing High Levels of Stress?

Although it is often neglected, stress is a real issue that causes some physical consequences. Tachycardia, headache, sleeping-related problems, breathing problems, lack of focus, or increased sweating are a few of the symptoms that indicate you are experiencing an anxiety attack.

How Do I Stop Moving Anxiety?

According to many surveys, relocation to a new state is so stressful that 43% of survey participants would like not to do it ever again. Still, better job opportunities, affordable housing options, and other benefits inspire thousands of people to move and live in another country.

Since there is no other option to gain what you want except relocating abroad, there is no other solution left but learning how to deal with those negative feelings and thoughts and overcome the whole experience more easily. Of course, if you feel like you need professional guidance, don’t hesitate to consult an experienced therapist to assist you in processing what happens.


depressed, worried woman
Feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks on your plate? Don't despair - there are multiple ways to overcome those challenges.

What Is the Most Stressful Part of Moving and How You Can Help Yourself to Stay Calm?

If we must determine the most stressful part of the relocation, then our vote would definitely go to the packing process. Packaging the whole household is everything but an easy task. With thousands of decisions to be made regarding what to pack when relocating abroad and what to get rid of, the process can be pretty emotional. Furthermore, it can take you a couple of months. This is why you have to organize every step of the move thoroughly.

Organize the Packing Process Way in Advance

Keeping each detail under control and dealing with some practical things will definitely help you feel less stressed. This means you have to be very organized and avoid any last-minute preparations. Creating a plan and a timeline is a must-do, as well as early preparations.

To organize everything seamlessly, make sure to start with preparations at least three months in advance. This will be enough time to develop a decision-making system that will give you a chance to pack only the things you need.

Decluttering Is a Constituent Part of Boxing Up the Household

There is no way you’ll be able to take everything when moving internationally. That’s why deciding on what you will do with the items you won’t need in the new home is of utmost importance. Here are some the ideas on how to get rid of the things:

  • Sell pieces of furniture and kitchen equipment with a house or apartment you’re leaving, and make an offer future tenants won’t be able to refuse,
  • Give away the stuff to your family or friends,
  • Sell the stuff in a garage sale or Facebook groups (you really don’t have to pack all fragile items you possess,)
  • Donate all pieces of furniture, clothes, shoes, electronics, or linen to local charities. Giving a second chance to already used pieces and
  • helping people in need will give you only wins,
  • Digitize all photos and other memorabilia for easier carrying.

The decluttering process can be pretty emotional since all people are pretty attached to their belongings. It can also take some time to finish with it. However, don’t let this feeling overwhelm you. Stay consistent, and make decisions based on the principle of use-value in the new living place. To learn how to declutter your closet more easily, make sure to take a look at the video below and find some inspiration to do it quickly and effectively on Marrie Kondo’s way!

YouTube video

Going Through Acquiring Visa Process and Getting a Residence Permit – Another Tiring Point When Moving Overseas

Another stressful event that usually marks international relocation is acquiring a visa and getting a legal residence status in the country you are relocating to. Even if the specific country requires some basic documentation, going through any process that implies paperwork is overwhelming by itself.

In order to move abroad lawfully, make sure to check the embassy website and schedule the meeting in the consulate, where you’ll get all the answers about the documents needed to travel abroad. If the reason for moving abroad is job-related, then it is most likely that your employer will send a guarantee letter that will accelerate the whole process. For that reason, having a list of relocation questions to ask the employer while agreeing on your move is of the utmost importance.

And what if you are relocating with family? Besides choosing the best place to live abroad with family, explore legal options for your loved ones to move with you because relocating across the world won’t be worth it without them!

Don’t forget about your pets! If you’ve decided to relocate with dogs, or maybe a cat, check what papers to acquire for them too!

visa aplication
Going through the visa process and dealing with paperwork is a tedious process that requires a lot of nerves! Get prepared!

Don’t Panic About Learning a New Language!

Even if you are about to relocate to Russia and are forced to learn Russian (which is entirely different from English,) mastering this language is absolutely possible. Learning a language is usually challenging, especially if you’re a beginner. However, this experience can be extremely inspiring if you have the right teacher to lead you through the process.

One of the best tips ever would be to start learning the language the moment you choose where you’ll be living abroad because you have to know at least the basics. So, instead of panicking, get the dictionary, a grammar book, and start working on it. Learning a language is gaining a new skill. And this will definitely help you adjust to the community easier than you could possibly imagine.

language dictionary
Learning a language will not only provide you with adjusting to the future community more easily, but it will also get you in mental shape for the relocation

How Do You Relieve Stress from Moving?

Finding a new job, telling the family and friends you are about to move overseas, scheduling the relocation, packing plans, finding a new place to live, acquiring a visa – all those tasks will undoubtedly exhaust you. No matter the reason to move – as the stress level rises, so will the pressure and anxiety. For that reason, finding a method to mitigate all the negative consequences of this overwhelming experience is of utmost importance. Here is what you can do about it!

Prepare Emotionally and Mentally for the Upcoming Change, and Don’t Hesitate to Consult the Therapist

Once you find yourself thousands of miles away from your family and friends, while the nostalgia and melancholy strike, you will certainly feel lonely. However, millions of people relocate and fight with the same repetitive and tiring worrying thoughts. The reason for this is improper mental and emotional preparation.

Failing to process what happens mentally and going automatically through such a major life event can easily lead you to depression. Consulting a therapist, in this case, is definitely the best decision you can make. This way, your emotional capacities will become stronger, and you will be able to deal with all the emotional challenges on your way.

Stay Active! Exercising Is one of the Best Techniques in Reducing the Tension

There are many techniques that can help you reduce your stress level. Being physically active is the proven one. Whether you choose to take dance classes, jogging, swim, or go to the gym, it will benefit your mental health.

Do Yoga and Meditate, or Relax in a Spa

If you’re fond of less intensive practices, then yoga combined with meditation is the right choice for you. Furthermore, it is medically proven that yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques alleviate anxiety. Those practices will calm and open your mind, and you will feel more relaxed even when your whole life is about to change.

Massages and various beauty, wellness, and spa treatments can also influence tension, so don’t forget about them either!

Spend Every Free Moment in Nature to Successfully Fight Stress of Moving

Being in touch with nature is another effective way to relieve tension. Spending a day at the picnic in the local park, taking a horticulture class at the botanical garden, or going for a long walk by the ocean coastline are only a few of the various activities inspired by nature that you can undertake. This will also be a great opportunity to connect closely with friends since you won’t see each other often. So, use this free time to enjoy every moment with them!

yoga in nature
Connect with nature, and reconnect with the self

Find a Prime International Moving Company to Relocate Your Home, and the Whole Experience Will Be a Child’s Play

To avoid any unexpected situation and be sure everything will go smoothly, the best solution is hiring a reliable relocation company specializing in international relocations. Not to mention that this is of the utmost importance in situations where you’re about to move abroad alone.

Finding a company that can cover all your needs with its international moving services, whether you want them to provide you with packing services, storage space, or you want to schedule overseas vehicle shipping, is the best way to have a stressless relocation experience. Be especially cautious if you’re going to ship a car overseas since the company should be licensed to do this.

Hiring Professional Movers Will Give You Even More Chances to Spend Quality Free Time

Moreover, it will provide you with even more free time to dedicate to yourself and your friends, so having such support by your side is a win-win situation! Still, before you agree on any quote, make sure to compare a few companies and choose the most reliable one. International relocations are so complex to organize, and mistakes are the last thing you need. Finding a professional company that can manage all your requirements is definitely worth it, so you can fully enjoy the new location.

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