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What Are the Best Countries to Live In in 2021

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

With so many nations attracting expats, it’s difficult to determine which are the best countries to live in in the world. Everyone has different priorities and preferences, from costs of living to traffic quality. Here, you can discover the best places to settle abroad by looking at vital factors.

Switzerland Is Usually at the Top of the Best Countries to Live In

For a while now, Switzerland has been one of the best European countries to live in. Everything from incredible natural wonders and landscapes to fantastic employment opportunities guarantees to expats that, here, they can find everything they’re looking for.

The average Swiss salary is the highest in the world, and their housing standards are top-notch. You’ll hardly find an apartment that doesn’t have modern appliances or parking spaces. It’s one of the greatest places to relocate abroad with family because of the outdoor-oriented lifestyle and natural wonders that you can bike or hike through.

Speaking of family opportunities, the kids will have outstanding schools to go to, which will provide you with peace of mind when their education abroad is concerned. They can also be highly independent, which will likely be their favorite part of the move.

The Cost of Living In This Part of the World Could Be A Deal Breaker

Swiss landlords wouldn’t be that interested in hearing about your intention to relocate with a dog (or even with a cat, for that matter.) Many modern apartment complexes aren’t pet-friendly, and most have shared laundry facilities that tenants sign up to use (instead of going to do laundry when necessary.)

Because of the high standards of life, the costs tend to be steep, too. It’s impossible to maintain one of the world’s wealthiest countries without imposing high costs and strict rules. While you may see this in Switzerland, it shouldn’t deter you from relocating – you’d be living in comfort no matter what.

Switzerland is known for having few major safety issues, and kids can roam free without fear

Finland Is the Country With the Highest Happiness Index

If you consider the UN’s yearly World Happiness Report, the answer to the question “Which country is No 1 in the world?” has for the last five years been – Finland. Not only does it have the highest-ranked quality of wellbeing on the planet, but it has the highest life expectancy, too. You can expand your views on wellness and health by engaging in the nationwide activity of spending an hour or two in a sauna.

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, remains one of the greatest cities in Europe, and it’s the country’s most significant employer. The culture is egalitarian, which means that work opportunities are equal, and the employment process isn’t controlled by a strict hierarchy.

Their education system is superb – many global experts acknowledge the Finnish education system as the highest quality and most accessible. School and kindergarten teachers are among the most valued professions in Finland.

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The People May Come Across as Unfriendly

Moving overseas alone is challenging in itself, but in Finland, there could be more barriers than usual. People in the US may appreciate your ability to charm everyone in the room, but Finns will probably not care about that at all. For them, greetings on the street are reduced to a handshake or a nod, and they prefer to bond in restaurants and bars over food and drinks.

Finnish people may seem unfriendly, but when their ways are respected, they return the respect gladly. There may also be challenges with the language barrier, despite around 60% of the population being able to speak English more or less fluently. The Finnish language is peculiar and like no other on the planet, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to learn; if you try a bit, they’ll appreciate it even more.

Finland has a whopping number of saunas - 3.3 million saunas and 5.3 million residents

People in the United Kingdom Proudly Boast Their Healthcare

The most important relocation questions to ask employers are related to healthcare and health insurance. No one wants to be stranded in a foreign nation without medical coverage or the possibility of getting treatment. Luckily, Britain’s National Health Service, better known as the NHS, is one of the most valued and highly-rated healthcare systems in Europe. The NHS is public, and getting treated will cost you minimally to almost nothing at all.

When you move to the UK, there’s no need to worry about the language barrier; you might have problems understanding certain accents, though (especially if relocating to Scotland.) Since diversity is a big part of the UK’s culture and history, there will be many things to get used to – from the Indian chicken curry as one of the national dishes to locals in the streets speaking in Jamaican slang as part of their everyday communication.

Brexit Is Still Making an Impact on the Lifestyle

For five years now, Brexit has been the main topic of discussion in the UK. Essentially, the word Brexit is short for British Exit, and it symbolizes the general public’s vote for the UK to leave the European Union. Since the decision to leave the EU in 2016, the UK’s been struggling with making relationships work with other countries.

Despite Brexit, the job market is still open to expats, and if you have a work offer in the United Kingdom, there won’t be much trouble to go through. Follow the instructions of the British embassy in your area and provide all the documents they require. The video below can give insight into the requirements for relocating to the UK post-Brexit.

Australia is Anything but Average

While for many, the answer to the question “What is the best country in the world to live in?” wouldn’t exactly be Australia, their city of Melbourne was deemed as one of the greatest places to live abroad a few times in the past (precisely, every year from 2010 to 2017.) The minimum wage is relatively high, and housing is available for reasonable prices; the residents of the coastal cities are active and sporty, and life is pretty great for them.

Something that might be new if you decide to move abroad to Australia is “flipped” seasons. Better said, what’s considered winter in the US is the height of summer days in Australia. While bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne offer an array of activities to do year-round, smaller towns may not be so active, and you could have a hard time finding new ways to have fun.

Remoteness Takes Its True Meaning in the Land Down Under

Besides preparing documents needed to travel abroad, gather information about the place you wish to call home in the future, so there are no surprises. Moving internationally is never easy, and relocating to Australia (also known as Land Down Under) is especially challenging. Many expats enjoy discovering their new place of residence far and wide, but in Land Down Under, that can only turn out to be a massive pain.

You will have to adjust to a large time difference and the fact that there will be lots of planning required when you wish to take a simple trip from Sydney to Melbourne, for example. The drive between these two cities is ten hours long, and the plane ride is nearly two; if you don’t have the time to drive or the money for an intercity plane ticket, you’ll have to settle for having fun in one place only.

Bondi beach is one of the most famous beaches on the globe, and it's located in Sydney, Australia

Singapore Has Earned the Title of the Greatest Place in Southeast Asia Over the Years

When most of us think of Southeast Asia, we often imagine relocating to Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand as the most popular places to move to. However, living overseas in Asia, beyond the paradise-looking destinations, can still turn out great. Singapore is the nation that keeps improving its life standards and work opportunities, and it’s the promised land for expats from all over the globe.

Many businesspeople praise Singapore for its low tax rates, while expats love that they can easily make friends there. Those who have been making this nation their new home also praised:

  • Warm weather all year round,
  • Excellent public schools,
  • Readily available healthcare options,
  • Amazing food,
  • Easy-to-manage public transport,
  • Low crime rates.

Expensive Real Estate Could Deter You From Moving Abroad

Relocating across the globe means you want excellent quality housing, which is why rent options are the most commonly researched factors in any overseas adventure. Singapore is where you might get slightly disappointed. While the accommodation is mostly high-rise buildings and condos of top-notch quality, any real estate is premium there. Singapore is an island south of Malaysia, so land is limited, and life might cost you a bit.

You may also find that club nights are costly because of a ‘sin tax’ that the government implemented. This tax is on alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and gambling; nicer clubs in Singapore will still sell alcohol at premium prices if you have the money to spend on a night out. Cars get pretty expensive in Singapore, too, so consider shipping a car overseas and your expenses could get cut by at least a bit.

Singaporeans are extremely friendly, and their food is delicious

If You Wish to Be Close to Home But Still Have an Adventure, Canada Is an Amazing Choice

The closest foreign nation you could move to is Canada, known for a long time as one of the best countries in the world to live, as much as it’s known as one of the friendliest countries. Besides the apparent benefit of short relocation time and no language barrier, their cities are generally multicultural; the nation is open to immigration and welcomes expats continuously. The costs of living in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and other larger cities are similar, and it will be easy enough to keep in touch with friends.

Canada is popularly known for its safety. It’s considered one of the safest nations on the planet and very tolerant towards other nationalities. Their healthcare system is well-developed and offers excellent medical services. There aren’t many negatives when it comes to relocating to the land of maple leaves and hockey.

It Gets Cold, Really Cold

The biggest disadvantage when moving to Canada would be not knowing what to pack since their winters get extremely cold, and shoveling snow will seem like the only activity to do during the colder months. Native Canadians are used to this and don’t let it stop them from having fun – they have an array of sports and activities to enjoy in the freezing cold, too. This is why ice hockey is their national and most popular sport.

One part of Canada speaks French as the second official language

An International Moving Company Will Help You Move Wherever You Choose to Go

When you finally choose your destination, moving abroad will require some professional assistance. Whether you intend to move overseas for love or you’ve landed a sweet job overseas, it’s normal to get impatient about relocating somewhere new.

International moving services done by professional movers promise a stress-free process. They can do the hard parts with packing services, which will cover all the bulky items you intend to ship abroad. With a moving company, you can get car shipping and have the vehicle insured for peace of mind; as we mentioned, cars are expensive in Singapore, and there’s a lot of driving in Australia, so having your trusted four-wheeler will mean a lot.

If you change your mind about some stuff, put it in storage units the moving company will provide. Whatever you require, ask for it. The one thing we can’t tell you is where to settle, but we can promise that, wherever the decision takes you, it will surely be the right one.

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