Custom Crating

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Custom Crating

During most international relocations, there is a possibility that your things might get mishandled, and some of your things may get damaged. As rare as these cases are they still happen, Schmidt International Moving provide custom crating as one of our moving services. It does not matter whether you want to get a custom crate for your delicate possessions or some other items, we are here to help you. Also, you can make a custom crate if you decide to use either our international sea freight or international air freight.

We know that the safety of your things is a part of your relocation which worries you the most. Our experts at Schmidt International Moving are among the best when it comes to handling your things, and you can rest assured that your things will arrive in the same condition as they left.

We understand that all of your items are meant to be packed into these boxes, and there are some that just will not fit into a regular moving box. These are the ones you want to use custom crates for, and Schmidt International Moving offers a broad array of custom designed wood crates. We are just the companies that can help you choose your personalized crate or even construct it for you, whereas all of the things that you put into the crate will, of course, be covered by insurance. What you need to consider for this service are your valuables such as antiques, fancy china, or anything else that is valuable to you. You want to get additional security and let us deliver your items to you untouched.

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The crates have different loading capacities which means that even though it looks like a particular item can fit, that box or crate might not be the best choice to carry it. However, there is always a solution, and our professional movers have joined forces with some of the best specialists to develop the correct cushioning materials while considering many other important details as well. The design of these custom crates depends on the item you plan on transporting, and its weight and fragility are vital factors. Once the custom crate is produced, your item will withstand any ordeal.

Protect the items that are important to you and call Schmidt International Moving to plan out your crate design. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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