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6 Questions to Answer Before Moving From New York to London

Anastasia Hill

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Are you considering moving from New York to London and wonder if that’s a smart idea? Despite being very different, these two metropolitan cities share many similarities, so it shouldn’t be that hard for Americans to adapt to the new environment – drinking tea is not obligatory, but using public transportation is very popular, same as in NYC.

Moving to London from New York shouldn’t be very complicated if you follow the right procedure. One of the most important things is to get a visa, find suitable accommodation and a reliable international moving company.

#1 Is It Possible for an American to Move to London?

The UK’s capital is without any doubt one of the best cities to live in Europe – it provides everything from business opportunities to beautiful housing, nicely organized public transport, and numerous gorgeous places to explore. 

The biggest downside is the cost of living, which is much higher than in other European countries, but if you compare it to NYC, you’ll notice that there is no big difference in this aspect – London is actually cheaper. As in NYC, housing is the most expensive in the overall cost of living calculation, so this is one of the things you should focus on when deciding whether to move or not. 

Obviously, it is not possible to relocate if you don’t have all the necessary documents, a job, and a home. So if you want to move efficiently, start preparing as soon as you set your mind to the move. And with our convenient relocation tips, you can move without experiencing relocation stress.

While We are At It – Is It Worth to Relocate to London?

Relocating abroad alone is challenging, especially since you are moving internationally and starting a life in a foreign country across the world. The question is – Is living in London better than New York, and is it worth relocating here? 

This is actually one of the most common international relocation routes and the main reason to move here is for a job. The metropolis offers numerous business opportunities, so many American citizens decide to move here and work on their careers. 

If you are relocating for a job, this can be an amazing chance to land a dream job in one of many international enterprises. Working for global giants like BP, HSBC, and British American Tobacco can be one of the benefits of the relocation

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#2 Is It Hard for an American to Move to the UK?

How do I permanently move to the UK from the USA? Can I live in the UK as a U.S. citizen? And other related questions might be on your mind while preparing for the departure to the United Kingdom. 

The answer is YES, it’s possible to permanently move to the UK, but you’ll have to prepare a lot of the necessary documents. For starters, one of the most important things to have is a visa. There are different types of visas you can get, but usually, people get a work or student one, depending on the cause of their move. If you’re relocating for studies, you can become an applicant for a student visa or apply for a work one if you have a job offer in the UK. 


How to Get a Visa? You Need One for International Moving From New York

Getting a visa is probably one of the most challenging parts of the process. In order to get it, you need to provide different documents and proof of financial stability – so the embassy knows that you can support yourself while you’re staying in their country. You can visit the official UK government website and check the list of documents you need to provide in order to apply for a visa. 

Another important thing to acknowledge is that your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after the visa expires. Can I move to the UK without a job – you also might wonder. And yes you can, but if you are not applying for a student visa, it can be more challenging for you to get any other type. However, as a US citizen, you can stay in the UK for six months without a visa, just as a traveler, but you can’t legally work there without one.

Schmidt International Relocations
As an American, you can stay in the UK for six months without a visa

#3 Is It Cheaper to Live In NYC or London?

One of the biggest worries for those who are planning on becoming Londoners is the cost of living. Luckily if you are relocating from NYC, you can benefit from the change. According to Numbeo statistics, consumer prices in Lonon, in general, are about 16% less than in NYC, which isn’t a small difference. 

You would definitely like real estate prices, specifically rent, where you can notice even bigger differences. Rent prices in London are about 30% cheaper than ones in NYC, which is another major advantage and a good reason for the move. 

On top of it all, it’s no secret that apartments in NYC are overpriced. So, relocating from the biggest city in America to one of the best places to live abroad will be good for your budget. Just remember that it is popular to share rent with a roommate, so finding one before you relocate is another thing to consider.

For more information on finding a home to rent in the UK’s capital check out the video below. 

YouTube video

Do US Citizens Living in the UK Pay US Taxes?

In case you are an American expat who plans to relocate to the UK, there is another important thing to acknowledge – you will need to file your US taxes. This rule applies to every US legal resident. This also applies to those who are no longer earning any US income. Your US tax filing requirements, unfortunately, don’t stop just because you don’t have any income in the US. 

This video might help you find useful tips about the cost of living in the UK’s capital and the expenses you can expect if you start living here.

YouTube video

#4 How Much Will Move From New York City to London Cost?

Once you start making your relocation to-do list and decide that the move is happening, you could start worrying about the cost of the whole process. Moving from London to New York and vice versa will probably cost almost the same, but there are many factors that can affect the final price

First of all, if you are relocating on a budget, you should declutter as much as possible and bring just the relocation essentials – the most necessary stuff. If you are renting a furnished apartment, there is no need to relocate all the furniture and heavy belongings. This can be cheaper than relocating all of your stuff from the previous home. 


Hiring Movers Is Another Important Step From Our Guide You Should Consider

One of the best tips anyone can give you is to hire professionals. The price for international service depends on the size of your move. Most professional companies will give you a free quote – an estimated price for the desired service. 

If something seems suspicious about the price (you believe it’s too cheap or too expensive), always make sure to compare prices from other companies because there is a chance that you will be a victim of a relocation scam. Legit professionals on the other hand can offer you efficient relocation and packing services in case you don’t know how to pack fragile items on your own or have any other relocation-related troubles.

Besides paying an international moving company, you need to take into consideration plane tickets and visa fees. In case you are relocating with a dog, you’ll need to make any additional payments, so this can add thousands of dollars to the overall price of your move. 

Schmidt International Relocations
Movers might not be free but they will make the relocation process fast and easy

#5 Is London Colder Than New York?

Another thing expats worry about is climate. Most imagine the biggest city in the UK as a foggy and rainy location, with colder and unpleasant weather that you won’t like, but this is actually not completely true. If you compare it to NYC, you’ll notice that the climate here is much milder.

Although NYC is much warmer during summer and colder during winter, the weather in the UK’s capital doesn’t change drastically. Average winter lowers temperatures go around 40°F, while summer highs go up to 70°F. 

You need to consider climate changes when moving abroad
You need to consider climate changes when moving abroad

#6 Which Has Better Transportation Options?

When you plan to move overseas and start living abroad, you must be curious about transportation options and how they are different from what you are used to. For example, is vehicle shipping necessary can be one of the common questions. Luckily, when relocating to the capital of the UK, you won’t experience a big culture shock, at least not when it comes to public transport which is extremely popular in both cities. 

Both of these places have an extensive underground train system which is one of the most popular and efficient transportation methods, especially for those who need to commute for work. Unfortunately, the Tube (the name transportation is known for), isn’t as well connected as the NYC Subway. When getting from point A to point B, you might need to switch to an overground train and continue with your route, especially if you are planning to go south of the river.

To get a better feel of the Tube check out the video below.

YouTube video

A Short Guite to Other Transportation Costs

When thinking about transportation, you need to consider the cost of fueling, parking, maintenance, and insurance for your vehicle, and if you plan to use public transport, you’ll have to get a monthly pass. NYC, for example, is one of the most expensive cities in the world when it comes to long-term parking fees. If you park your car around the city, you might as well prepare about $600 for the parking fees.

On the other hand, the capital of the UK is more expensive when paying for a taxi. That being said, NYC taxis are cheaper but less efficient. Sometimes using it will take you more time than walking because of the terrible traffic jams.

Public transportation is the best method for getting from point A to point B in a short time
Public transportation is the best method for getting from point A to point B in a short time

When Moving From New York to London, You Should Definitely Contact Professionals

Moving overseas is complicated enough with all the paperwork you need to gather and things to think through. So why bother with packing for relocation by yourself when you can simply contact professionals and let them do the hard work.

Trained and experienced international movers can offer you outstanding relocation services and ensure you move all of your belongings to the desired destination without any worries or complications. If you’re worried about the potential price of your move, you can always get a free quote and see if the pricing ratio suits your budget.

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