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How to Pack Fragile Items – Tips From Professional Movers

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Knowing how to pack fragile items for international moving is a must-have skill if you want to keep them whole. Here are the ultimate tips on how to pack fragile items for moving without risking your grandma’s china, ceramics, or crystal glassware to end up broken into pieces, or any other thing you find valuable.

Learning how to pack fragile items when relocating across the world is one of the last things you’ll want to deal with. And this is entirely reasonable when you have to decide upon the best places to live abroad with family, or pondering upon relocating to another country for love. However, if you want to keep all breakables whole, don’t skip to explore how do you package something that is fragile.

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items? Find Packing Materials You’ll Need to Protect Breakables from Damaging

The first step is to acquire the necessary materials for packaging fragile items. Before you do that the whole process of preparations for moving fragile items can not start. And to know how much protective material you need – make an inventory list. This will help you estimate what kind and how many packaging supplies you require.

Here are basic and best packing materials for fragile items to acquire and use before starting the boxing up process:

  • Cardboard or plastic boxes of medium or large-size,
  • Boxes with dividers,  
  • Papers, 
  • Bubble wrap, 
  • Padded divider sets, 
  • Foam for packaging, 
  • Foam peanuts,
  • Sturdy tape, 
  • Tape gun,
  • Labels for boxes.

How to Package Fragile Items for Shipping? Tip No. 1 – Don’t Skimp on Using Packing Materials!

Another rule on boxing up breakables safely is to use all the materials mentioned above generously. The point is to fill all the gaps in the box, and prevent stuff from moving during the transportation process. To find out how to do it properly, ensure to take a look at the video below, and learn all the tips and tricks for boxing up your breakables.

YouTube video

Tip #2: When Choosing Cardboard, Pick the Right Size and Don’t Overfill the Box When Boxing It Up

Choosing cardboard that is too big, or too small and trying to put too many things in it, can damage your possessions. For that reason, picking the right box size is one of the most important steps while trying to store your breakables.

The main focus should be not to overfill the boxes, and not leave them empty because this way your possessions will move during the transport. All breakables should be packed tightly. So ensure to fold each larger item in a few layers of bubbles and paper before putting it into cardboard and fill all the space using foam peanuts. This will reduce the jounce during the transportation process, making cardboard stable and almost impossible to damage.

Tip #3: Avoid Using Free Recycled Cardboard for Packing Breakables

Although using free packaging materials can benefit your budget in terms of lower costs. When it comes to breakables, consider avoiding them since that cardboard is more likely to get broken. Buying new cardboard that is strong enough to sustain the heavier packages’ weight will be a better option in this case.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Crucial Detail – Label All the Packages

When boxing up household things one of the most common things people forget to do is labeling the containers. This is crucial to do because it will be the most effective way to indicate to the movers what each cardboard contains. This will help them to place it in the right place in the truck. Moreover, labels will help you unpack faster all possessions once you get into a new home, providing you to decide on the unpacking priority easier.

box with fragile items labeled
Consider those tips when boxing up breakables to be sure everything is packed safely

How to Box Up and Wrap Glassware Sets for Moving Overseas

The first step when boxing up the glassware is to divide them into categories like champagne, wine, whiskey, crystal, or simple everyday glasses. Each category should be packed in a separate box, and labeled accordingly, to be able to easily decide what to unpack first.

Tip #5: When Packaging Glasses for Relocation Wrap Each Piece Separately

No matter if you’re relocating to Russia, or plan to move to Hawaii, if you decide to take the glassware with you, the packaging process when moving abroad will be the same. The first step is to create a clean area in the kitchen or the dining room where nothing will disturb the process. The next step is to put all needed materials next to the glassware, and the packaging can start!

Tip #6: How to Wrap Fragile Items Like Glasses?

When packing fragile items for moving, remember to fold and wrap each glass into the paper, and put it in the box with cells. This will be the best solution when wondering how do you wrap a fragile object.

Once you fold them all, remember to put tape on them to be entirely sure the protective supplies stay in place. This way all the pieces will be properly separated from each other, and the possibility to get in touch will be impossible. The thing not to forget is to fill free space in the cardboard, using foam peanuts, or crumpled paper. No matter the dividers will protect them, there shouldn’t be any empty space in the cardboard.

glass wrapped in bubble wrap
Being cautious and using packaging materials generously are the best tips for boxing up

How to Put Ceramics Things Like Mugs, Bowls, or Plates in Box Properly

As you could already have come to the conclusion, the kitchen will take the most time when boxing up breakables. Dishes like coffee mugs, tea sets, plates, or bowls will definitely require some time to be packed. The packaging technique stays the same – keep all the utensils separated and wrapped in paper or bubbles.

Tip #7: Pack Moving Essentials Box Which Will Contain Basic Dishes for the First of Couple of Days in a New Home

When boxing up the dishes, don’t forget to separate those pieces you’ll need in your new home for the first couple of days of living overseas. Put them in a relocating essentials box. Also, ensure to leave a few pieces to serve the household necessities until the relocation day.

When it comes to choosing boxes for those things, it is highly recommended to pick stronger ones – ideally plastic packages. Plastic boxes can sustain more weight than cardboard ones. However, don’t overfill them either, since someone will have to carry them and risk a spine injury!

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Tip #8: Fold Each Plate With Paper, and Make Small Plate Packages

The only solution to get your plates whole to the next home address is to fold each plate with paper, and then make small packages that will contain four plates. Then wrap them all using bubble wrap. Creating plate packages this way will give them additional stability and jouncing resistance during the transportation process. Another essential when boxing up the plates is to put them vertically, and again – don’t forget to fill all empty space with papers, or foam peanuts.

Tip #9: Packaging Bowls and Coffee Mugs Is Almost the Same Like Plates – Just Keep in Mind to Arrange them Cautiously

To obtain perfect conditions for boxing up bowls or coffee mugs whose shapes are pretty complex, ensure to fold them separately, and put them in medium-sized cardboard. If the bowls are of similar size, you can put them in each other, protecting them using bubble wrap. Padded dividers could come in handy here, especially if you want to provide extra protection for mugs that have sentimental value.

girl is wrapping plates using bubble wrap
No matter what kitchen item you're packing, just make sure to fold it separately in paper or bubbles

How Do You Pack Large Fragile Items? The Ultimate Tip Is – Always Have In Mind They’ll Be Placed in a Storage Unit

When it comes to boxing up large and valuable delicate things like sculptures, vases, lamps, mirrors, or other decorations the most important thing will be to get a special custom crating. The only way to get this package is to hire a relocation company specializing in moving overseas, and choosing some of their packing services.

Since those companies have all the necessary equipment to safely handle your possessions and store them in storage facilities, there won’t be anything to worry about. So, when asking for a quote, don’t forget to mention you have possessions that will require special handling, and ask for cost estimation.

sculpture packed in the box
When it comes to valuables, like sculptures, vases, or other decorative stuff, ensure to book professional packaging services

How to Facilitate the Boxing Up Process When Moving Internationally?

After you’ve made hundreds of small and big decisions – from what is the best place to live abroad, or what place seems like the friendliest country in the world, there are a couple of more practical details to set.

The essential ones are what documents you need to travel abroad, as well as what to package when relocating abroad. Once you get done with it, the very next step is to create a list of tasks to be done and devote yourself to fulfilling them.

Being Supported By Professional International Moving Company Is a Life-Saving Tip to Remember

Everyone who has ever tried to move abroad knows that the whole relocation process will go much easier if you decide to hire an international moving company. And this is especially true for those who plan to move abroad alone.

Finding a company that can provide you with a range of moving services by sea, which entails the possibility of shipping a car overseas to some of the best cities to live in Europe or another continent, is definitely something worth doing. With the professional assistance of international movers, the whole process will go faster, and you’ll be sure that all your possessions are handled safely.

professional mover packing the boxes
Having a professional mover to take care of the tiniest detail will accelerate the whole process significantly

Is Packing up Breakables Worth the Trouble?

If one of the reasons for relocating is the need for a fresh start, you might think that getting rid of all of your possessions is the way to go. This will include all the breakables as well. You might also be relieved that there won’t be long and tedious boxing up process.

However, keep in mind that everything you leave behind, you’ll eventually have to buy once settled in the new home. So, is it really worth the trouble bringing delicate belongings along the way? The simple answer is yes! No matter if you are relocating to Ottawa just across the border, or halfway across the world to Scotland, you’ll be much better off with your delicates. Remember, unpacking them will be less troublesome than going to huge stores and trying to replace everything you had in your home in the US.

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