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The Complete Guide to How to Move Overseas

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

“Can you just move to another country?” This question stays planted in people’s minds until they start looking for answers. In some places, you can settle quickly, while the process is long and difficult in others. Read about essential things to remember when you start learning how to move overseas.

How to Move Overseas Efficiently and Quickly

Relocating across the globe can be a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Going through stretched-out processes to obtain a work permit or a family visitation visa is never pleasant. There’s a lot of stress that something might go wrong, which is why there may not be the perfect solution on how to relocate overseas without worry.

Everything will go smoothly if you have more than enough money saved up. It’s great if there’s cash to come in handy if stuff goes wrong. That’s even better than having a very tight budget that doesn’t allow for mistakes or accidents to happen (and they often do.) So, the first part of efficiently relocating is, of course, having enough funds.

How Much Does It Cost to Relocate Overseas?

When they want to learn how to move abroad, the main thing people ask is, of course, how much money they should acquire for that adventure. That answer depends a lot on the destination since relocating to Argentina, Mexico, or Panama won’t cost the same as relocating further away, to China, South Korea, or Singapore.

Depending on where you want to go your budget will change

The First Step Is Researching

Since the Internet is vast and full of information on anything imaginable, you can research your destination and find the requirements for immigrating. When it comes to expenses, comparing costs in your destination city and hometown is relatively easy with a website like Check out international real-estate websites or contact realtors who could help you out.

woman making a call
Researching and getting in touch with locals are your greatest weapons in the attempt to move internationally

Check Each Country’s Documentation Requirements

Moving internationally requires a lot of preparation and research. There are very easy places to move to with only the essential documents needed to go abroad, such as Thailand. However, other countries tend to go deep even to consider allowing you to stay there, which is the case with relocating to Russia.

For immigration to Russia, people have to go through one of the most arduous processes they’ve likely ever experienced. Their complete list of requirements for immigrating goes like this:

  • Submit officially translated and notarized documents, from birth certificates down to the very quotes on the U.S. passport,
  • Each department participating in the process of immigration needs a copy of translated documents,
  • Proof of a clean criminal record in the home country,
  • Evidence of having secured accommodation in Russia,
  • Complete blood work and physical verification of no trace of blood-transmittable diseases or needle punctures,
  • A passed psychological test,
  • Proof of having income and enough funds to live in Russia,
  • And finally, a filled-out immigration application (that no one tends to help with.)

Nevertheless, Russia is not the only nation with extremely complicated immigration checkups. If you’re determined to relocate abroad and prepared to go through any necessary process, then we can say – good luck and do the research.

What Is the Easiest Country to Move to?

Sometimes the best places to settle abroad aren’t what you’d expect. Unofficially, the easiest nation to move to is Thailand. Relocating to Bangkok and Chiang Mai has been popular among digital nomads, instructors, and teachers for the last ten years. If you wish to teach Thai kids and businesspeople English or train tourists in water sports, you can do so easily.

Getting Visa and Work Permit in Thailand

To get a work permit for any type of career, you’ll have to secure a job first. That means the Thai employer who chooses to hire you will have to submit financial documents to support it. Then, you can apply for a non-immigrant type B permit for a fee and extend it each year of your stay. Thailand provides the best working and living conditions because of their Elite Easy Access visa. It’s a multiple-entry five-year visa, and while it’s renewable, it’s a one-time payment only. This visa also provides access to different tiers, and some of them offer free admission to golf and spa locations and shopping discounts.

woman stressed out
Harsh application processes and expensive paperwork easily discourage people from applying for immigration visas

Have a Solid Plan Before Moving Abroad

From getting documents to considering what to pack, every part of relocating should be thought out and planned meticulously for the job-related relocation. That way, everything will be efficient and smooth, there won’t be holdups on the borders, and you’ll have a job secured for a fresh start.

We get the excitement of living in a new home in a different part of the world. Whether it’s relocating to the Bahamas or Germany, the feeling’s the same. There’s enough time to feel anxious about the move afterward, which is why we recommend keeping a cool head and relieving stress every step of the way.

A great way to stay level-headed is to create a relocation plan and checklist. On the list, there should be document acquisition, bank visits for income statements, plane tickets, accommodation contracts, and essential documents (like birth certificates and passports.)

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Can I Move Overseas Without a Job?

Living internationally isn’t as easy as it seems; many countries accept expats based on how well or much they can boost the nation’s workforce. If you intend to be a freelancer, check each country’s laws and regulations on the freelance workforce. Otherwise, if you simply move without any employment prospects or consideration, it’ll be challenging to stay in one place for longer than a month.

Even the friendliest countries in the world will still be demanding in this aspect. As we mentioned, you can pay fifteen grand for a five-year visa in Thailand and get shopping discounts, but that application still has to be supported by an employer. If you wish to relocate without a job, schools are a great option, followed by marriage, intent to set up a business in a different country, or asylum.

Schools Accept Expat Applications All the Time

Paris has been considered one of the best cities to live in Europe for a while now. It’s romantic, and any French-loving enthusiast can apply to study in one of France’s numerous universities. France is thought to be the best nation to study abroad.

Even if you wish to relocate with your kids, many European countries will turn out to be great places to live abroad with family because education is praised in many of them. You might be interested in Finland or Norway, two Scandinavian countries with the highest quality education, wellbeing, and life expectancy.

The video below is by a person who decided to move to France for a teaching position and how they managed to do it on a tight budget.

YouTube video

Working Is the Easiest Way to Move Overseas

Generally speaking, the easiest way to move across the world is to get employed. If the company you’re working for is international (as in having many offices globally,) it’s the perfect excuse to ask your employers some questions about relocating to an international headquarters.

How to Prove the Necessity of Foreign Employees?

Immigration is possible in this case if other HQ’s need foreign employees and see a benefit in having someone from your area working and living there. It’s possible to make your case and convince them to select you, but it depends on the migration policies there. In some cases, it’s pretty difficult to prove the necessity for foreign employees when the company is working well.

Life in other nations doesn’t promise you won’t have to go to an office or do your job anymore. Moreover, they won’t even let you settle if there’s no promise you’ll somehow contribute to the nation’s wellbeing. However, if you secure a job, there won’t be much stopping you.

If You Wish to Help, Consider Moving for Volunteering Opportunities

You could get stuck choosing the best European country to live in or how to immigrate to Asia without spending hard-earned money. Still, there are sometimes opportunities to combine cheap with beneficial, and that’s volunteering.

Many Asian and South American nations offer volunteering programs for anyone willing to help. While there’s no payment (which is the point of volunteering,) many program organizers provide free accommodation and meals as compensation for voluntary services. Volunteering options often lead to employment, too, so if you’re unsure where to begin the journey, research how to give to a community in need and get a fix of world culture.

three volunteers
Volunteering will make you feel like you're contributing

Most Young People Pursue Higher Education Internationally

Moving abroad alone is attractive if you intend to pursue higher education. Dorms are filled with domestic and international students alike, and there’s no way you won’t be able to bond and make friends with at least one person in a similar position.

The downsides to relocating for education are the potential expenses. You may get into a great school and thoroughly plan out life before relocating to Scotland, France, or Australia, but if you need to move into a dorm – expect to pay a hefty sum to get the best accommodation possible.

Education Can Be a Temporary Option, or It Could Provide a New Home

Every move to a different part of the globe costs money; that’s inevitable. There are hacks for getting every opportunity cheaper than usual, but there’s still some investment to be made. It’s the same way with relocating itself – you can’t get relocation services without paying for them first.

Why are we saying this? It’s important to us that you understand the stakes of relocating across the globe. Education opportunities are available yearly and everywhere. If you’re a young individual who’d like to pursue a master’s degree or specialized education, many places would likely be glad to have you. It will be easy to keep in touch with friends while making new ones, too.

group of students
Relocating for education is a way to live life on your terms and determine the future

Relocating for Love – It’s Worth the Trouble

Finally, one more surefire way to have your cake and eat it, as they say, is to move for love. Yearly, around 14% of women and 11% of men move to another destination globally because it’s the living place of their loved ones.

Anyone who dares to start a new life somewhere unknown because of their partner is brave, no matter what. There may be initial loneliness and stress, which is normal when you’re in a new place. The good news is that a large number of those who moved to be with someone they love haven’t regretted their decisions (even if the relationship ended.)

What if the Relationship Doesn’t Work?

Who knows, even if things don’t work out, there could still be opportunities to stick around and independently adapt to life as an expat. Finally, if things don’t work out, there’s always the chance of coming back to your hometown to heal the wounds before you continue living. If you’re planning it and having second thoughts, we support the decision to go ahead and make great strides.

couple eating ice-cream
Relocating for love can be scary, but it will help you discover your limits and possibilities as an individual

Going to a New Home Isn’t Complete Without the Help Of an International Moving Company

When you decide where to move, the question becomes how to do it. To accomplish a move without hiccups, hire movers that specialize in relocating internationally. Professionals can assist the move with packing services according to the list of items you want to bring; that means there’s no worry of getting overcharged or getting a bill with a ton of hidden fees.

If you intend to ship a car internationally, add it to the list of things to give movers – they do car shipping, too. Finally, you can make it less stressful if you choose to add items to storage units. This could be of great assistance if you require time to settle the scores in the US before taking off to the dream destination.

While it’s unnerving, stick to the decision to move out and don’t waiver. It’ll be easier to change your mind and stay put, unchanged, than to take a leap of faith and start living the way you’ve always wanted. There’s professional help for every technical aspect, but your determination is the primary motivation here.

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