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How to Live Abroad – Best Countries for Americans

Daisy Wilson

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When moving internationally, there are tons of questions that will pop into your mind. What is the easiest country to move to? How can I move abroad with no money? Probably around 10 million Americans had the same questions before moving overseas. And let’s be fair, figuring out how to live abroad is not an easy task, and you will have to consider many factors before taking this step.

Once you decide to relocate to another country, the dilemmas you will have to face will be overwhelming. Should you ship a car overseas or not? What documents do you need to travel overseas? Will you ship belongings by air or sea? And last but not least you will have to figure out which country to travel to. Depending on your needs and current situation, you can choose a place to travel to depending on many factors. Are you seeking great places to invest, or maybe you are searching for the best places to live with family? Either way, we created a list of the greatest countries for Americans to relocate to based on the various factors.

How to Live Abroad – Prepare for a Move Like a Pro

Researching about the country you plan to relocate to is just one of the steps you must take. For starters, you will need to buy an airplane ticket and to book an international moving company. And even when hiring movers, you will have to make some choices. For example, if you are relocating alone and on short notice, consider using international shipment by air. Because it is faster and better if you have fewer things.

On the other hand, if you plan to relocate the entire home and family, you will have to use international moving by sea service. It is a cheaper option and more things can be transported. Then you should seriously consider hiring the same international moving company for packing service. They will know how to protect your items for travel better. And you will not have to sweat about what to pack and how.

Find Expat Communities Before You Find Accommodation

Another thing to consider before relocating to any place is to try and connect with American expat communities from that country. They can give you great insights on how to find a job, to find a home, and which neighborhood to choose. This brings us to the next topic, and that is finding a home.

You can use online tools when searching for the right neighborhood like AreaVibes, where you can read other people’s reviews about a particular location. On the other hand, you can sign up to platforms such as Meetup and search for the expat communities in your city of choice.

choosing where to travel
Connect with other people and ask them all you want to know about the destination you are heading to

Making Money Overseas – Best Countries to Work as an American

To narrow down a search when it comes to working overseas – we will make a list depending on one factor, and that is how easy it is to get a work visa or permit in that destination. Some countries have a more liberal approach, while some have tight rules you must follow. But one thing is sure you can travel to most places around the world. The only difference will be how long will you wait to get a visa. For example, if you are between the ages of 18 and 30 and have $3000 in your bank account, you can get a work holiday visa in New Zealand for 12 months.

Live in Paradise That Welcomes American Expats

If we talk about the friendliest countries in the world for workers, we should seriously consider placing Panama on that list. With its program of Friendly Nations Visa (which includes the US and Canada), you can get a job there and apply for permanent residence as soon as your plane hits the ground. All you need is $5000 and a lawyer present when applying for a visa. Once you get a peppermint, you will have some other benefits like tax deduction and housing options.

Canada Has the Highest Standard in Both North and South America

Getting a temporary visa in Canada is relatively easy and cheap. Canada immigration program urges people with certain careers to relocate there. And what jobs are available depends on the year, but nurses, engineers, and clerks are always in need.

If you wish to relocate to Vancouver or some other city such as the capital Ottawa you should apply for a job in advance. And bear in mind that the costs of living in Ottawa will be similar to US large cities. On the other hand, Toronto’s costs of living will be neglected by high salaries and good job offers, if you are keen to settle there.

view of the city at night from the water
Toronto is even great for people who wish to retire

How Can I Live In Another Country for a Year? Work as Digital Nomad in Portugal And Netherlands

Living overseas can be pretty easy if you are a freelancer. But how to be a freelancer and earn money in another country? Easily, pick a place that allows you to freelance with a digital nomad visa.

For example, Estonia was the first state in Europe to introduce this type of visa, but other countries soon developed the trend as well. If you are looking for the best cities to live in Europe and get a job as a freelancer, try Lisbon in Portugal or Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Portugal is considered to be one of the best places to live overseas, digital nomad visa is cheap and easy to get. Life expenditures are pretty affordable, a couple could have a comfortable life with only $2,500 a month. If you relocate to Lisabon you will pay $1000 for a one-bedroom apartment in a city center. But if you relocate to some other coastal city you will pay less.

touristic castle
Affordable and beautiful, Portugal has it all

Countries in Asia to Start New Life – Work Remotely From Thailand or Vietnam

Malezia has become more and more popular amongst Americans. And it is no wonder why. After all, entire Asia has a bustling economy and most importantly great cities, beautiful beaches, and nature.

The costs of living are incredibly low for our standards. If you ask your employer and arrange to freelance remotely from home in Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia, you will be a rich person.

For example, if you relocate to Bangkok a one-bedroom apartment in a city center will be $570 and a meal in an inexpensive restaurant will be around $2 to $5. On top of that, if you need a cheap and fast internet connection, then Asia should be your choice. The downside is that keeping in touch with friends and family will be difficult due to different time zones and long flights.

temple next to a lake
Work as an English teacher in Thailand

Greatest European Countries to Move To

If you wish to have stress-free relocation across the world, then you should pick some EU nation to travel to. Getting visas in most countries for Americans is pretty easy, and best of all is that the way of life and standards are similar too.

For instance, Germany has an excellent education system. So if you plan to relocate with kids, you will be happy to hear that they will learn German for free until they are ready to attend school classes full time. Also when relocating to Europe, you should know that the health care system in most countries is excellent and most likely included in your taxes.

Why Is the UK So Popular?

According to some statistics, around 215,000 Americans are settled in the UK. And the expat communities are extremely strong here. The reason why the UK is holding third place among expat Americans is because they can stay in the country for six months only with their passport. Later on, they can apply for a visa. Also, breaking the language barrier will not be necessary here except if you are relocating to Scotland. Then you will have to get used to the accent.

When it comes to living costs in London, know that they are expensive but yet not as expensive as living in Hawaii’s capital. Even if you are relocating from the cheapest place in Hawai UK towns will still be more affordable.

carousel wheel on the pier
London is still cheaper than some US states

Costa Rica and Mexico Are Among the Most Popular Destinations

As you may already know, Mexico is leading in the number of US expats – around one million Americans immigrated to this neighboring nation. And this is no surprise. After all, you get to be relatively close to home and yet enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, amazing culture, and tasty food. All that for a relatively small amount of money. For example, a one-bedroom apartment in a city center will be around $600.

The vibe is the same in Costa Rica. The nation offers urban cities and beautiful paradise beaches just a couple of miles away from residential areas. And if you wonder how to live abroad cheaply, consider relocating here. The costs of living in San Jose are pretty affordable, and you can rent a one-bedroom apartment in a city center for $570 and buy a meal in cheap restaurants for $7.

purple sky above the dock
Close to a home you can live cheaper in beautiful nature

What About Expat Communities in South America?

More and more Americans are deciding to relocate to some exotic South America destination like Argentina or Uruguay. If you are a laid-back person and like to lead a relaxing life then Argentina is a place for you. And if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you will love all that this amazing place has to offer. From mountains to rivers, lakes, and oceans there is something from everyone. If you like wine, good food and socializing all the time, book your ticket now because long weekends last all week.

Uruguay Welcomes Newcomers Fast and Efficiently

Relocating to Uruguay will be easy paperwork-wise. You can get a temporary residence in just a couple of steps. With this permit, you can work and earn money without any problems. But you will have to learn to speak in Spanish (all paperwork is in Spanish).

If you relocate to Montevideo, you will be close to the beach and yet have all the commodities of an urban city. A one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $450. People are friendly and really welcoming to newcomers.

Finally, if you are still on the fence about where should you move, check this video to see where Americans are traveling.

YouTube video

So, Can You Move to Live In a Different Country?

Now that you know all about how to live and work abroad and which countries are best when moving overseas it is time to talk about what it takes for someone to decide to relocate. First, you have to accept that moving abroad is not easy to decide and let alone do it. But if you set the right goals for relocation, you’ll succeed. For example, if you plan to relocate for love and only for your partner, you will most likely end up resenting them. This is why it is important to know why you are taking this step. Are you relocating to the Bahamas only for a beautiful home on a beach. Great but don’t be surprised if you get tired of lying around on the beach all day doing nothing, in the end, your budget will disappear.

Overall, when all is said and done, you can be happy anywhere in the world, as long as you are sure that place is living up to your expectations.

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