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5 Benefits of Moving in the Summer

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Is it good to move in the summer? Relocation is a wonderful experience no matter what season is in question. However, summertime is probably the most popular period for relocations for a number of reasons. We will state the main advantages and tips for moving in the summer heat, and it doesn’t matter whether you are moving overseas or interstate – they apply to both situations.

Is Summer the Best Time to Move? Moving in the Summer Heat Has Its Advantages

The process of moving abroad is difficult by itself. You will be faced with a long relocating to-do list regardless of what time of the year you choose to move. However, for many people who have gone through the experience of relocation, summertime has proven to be the period when relocations are the most efficient. Nonetheless, it is absolutely possible to relocate to another country during other seasons as well, and you should see what period suits you the best.

How Do You Move in the Summer? – Here Are Some Basic Moving Tips Given by Professional Movers if You Are New to Relocations

Before we start providing the reasons to move during summertime, it is important to learn some basic relocating tips that most people follow when moving internationally during hot months:

  • Book movers in advance – If you have decided to hire an international moving company and their packing services, book them at least a month or two before relocating overseas. The thing is, you will not be the only person in your area that is thinking about relocating during summertime. Moreover, June, July, and August especially tend to be the busiest months for reputable relocation companies, and you will see why later in the text.
  • Buy refreshments and use the air conditioning – How high the temperatures will be, of course, depends on your location. Nevertheless, bottled water is a relocating essential in this case, and you should get plenty of it. Also, try to cool down all your rooms where packing will take place, especially if you are relocating a piano, furniture, or other heavy home objects.
  • Don’t stay too much in the sun – Even if it is a last-minute relocation, you have to consider your wellbeing and rest in the shade whenever there is a need to do so. The danger of sunstroke is great, especially when you have to lift heavy stuff. But there is also the danger of getting sunburnt if you are fair-skinned. Therefore, don’t forget to apply sunscreen and wear a hat at all times.
  • Dress appropriately – If the weather is hot, you have to wear appropriate clothing and make your move as comfortable as possible on relocation day. This means being dressed as lightly as possible, but you shouldn’t neglect protective gear when there is a need for it.
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Longer Sunny Days Mean More Time for Packing and Other Relocation Tasks

Fine weather means a lot when relocating across the world. You will have a lot of things to pack when relocating abroad, and that requires hours of work. Knowing that a day will last long will enable you to start early and organize your packing easily, pack all fragile items slowly and carefully in order to prevent them from breaking, and generally do everything with more attention. This will greatly reduce your relocation stress and give you more free space to focus on other important things like sorting documents needed to travel abroad.

Fine Weather Means That You Will Be Able to Take Care of Transportation More Easily

Why do more people move in the summer? Simply put, the roads are safer during summertime. You won’t have to worry about snowy and icy roads, strong wind, or persistent rain. True, storms are frequent occurrences during summertime, but they usually don’t last long. The only relocating hack that has to be applied is to follow the weather forecast and see when the weather is ideal for your journey.

Also, knowing that your belongings will be transported during sunny and dry weather is important. If you intend to ship your car overseas, summertime is probably the period to hire auto transport services. Furthermore, all other household possessions will be much safer in this kind of weather. People who relocate during autumn, for example, often have to invest extra money for waterproof containers because of the incessant rain. Of course, there are certain objects that don’t withstand great heat, like electronics, and you will have to appropriately prepare them for transportation. But, in general, there won’t be much trouble transporting during summertime.

enjoying your free time
Schedules are more relaxed when the weather is sunny and warm

Children Don’t Go to School in Summertime

If you are relocating for the first time with children, it is important to know that children need special attention during relocation. Whether your kids attend primary or high school, both younger kids and teenagers experience high levels of anxiety. During summertime, children don’t go to school. Thus, you will be able to dedicate a lot more attention to them, but also, they will actively participate in the process of relocation, which is one of the best ways of overcoming relocation anxiety.

In General, Everyone Is More Relaxed in Summertime

Summertime is the period when most people take their days off work and go on vacations. Generally, all businesses have more relaxed schedules, which means more free space for other activities such as finding tips on proper packing, learning a new language in order to break the language barrier, or reading about the culture you are relocating to in order to more easily overcome the culture shock.

However, there is another important thing to consider. If you have decided not to hire international movers, you will need the help of your friends. During summertime, the likelihood that your friends will be free to assist you is much higher than during other seasons. Therefore, be sure to keep in touch with your friends. They will be needed, especially if you have to move furniture and other bulky household possessions.

You Will Easily Get Rid of All the Items That You Don’t Need During Summertime

One of the most important tips when relocating to another country is to downsize for the move. Relocating items you don’t use anymore is a huge relocating mistake that slows down the process and increases the overall cost of relocation. One of the best methods of discarding old and obsolete objects is organizing a garage sale, and summertime is the best season for such an activity.

First of all, you will safely be able to display all the items in the fine sunny weather. Secondly, during summertime, there will be a lot more people on the streets once the sun sets down a bit, so the chances of selling your stuff will be much higher. Garage sales are a great source of additional income that is always welcome when relocating abroad. However, if you don’t want to engage in such activities or they turn out to be unsuccessful, you can always donate all your stuff. Nonetheless, here is a useful video on how to organize a garage sale quickly.

YouTube video

Summertime Is the Best Season for Selling or Renting Real Estate

The real estate marketplace is probably the busiest during this period of the year, and this is great news for people who are looking to go live overseas. You will be able to browse through numerous ads and find an ideal place to rent or buy. Moreover, due to high competition, there will be a wide range of prices, so finding something affordable shouldn’t be a problem. Finally, don’t forget that this goes both ways. If you are planning to sell or rent your home, the chances of success are much higher in July than in February.

Appraisals Are Also More Thorough When the Weather Is Favorable

If you are planning to sell your place, a real estate agent will have to inspect both the interior and exterior of your house. However, during the winter months, some parts of the house could be covered in snow or inaccessible because of ice which means that the appraiser won’t be able to evaluate everything thoroughly. After all, no one likes to sit too long in the rain or cold weather, and appraisers tend to be hastier with their tasks which can potentially lower the value of your home.

Home for sale
It is much easier to sell a house on a fine sunny day

You Will Be Able to Notify All Institutions and Gather Documentation More Easily When the Weather Is Fine

When relocating abroad, there will be a lot of institutions and authorities to notify and a lot of paperwork to obtain. Although a lot can be done via the internet these days, you will still have to visit a lot of institutions in person. Doing that when it is snowing or raining can be irritating, to say the least. When the day is long, and the weather is fine, waiting in queues is not so annoying.

Relocation Is a Complex Procedure, and Here Are Some Additional Information and Tips That Can Help a Lot

Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you are facing the challenge of relocation for the first time. It is a difficult task, and any kind of help is valuable. Here are some questions to consider when relocating abroad.

Is it more expensive to move in the summer?

Relocating during the hottest part of the year is certainly more expensive than relocating during the winter or autumn. However, the advantages are well worth the extra investment, and depending on what services and belongings you are relocating, the price can even be lower.

What month is the best to move in? April, May, and late September

are generally considered to be the best months for relocations. The main reason is that the weather will most likely be favorable during these months, and yet, they will probably not be as busy as July or August, for example. People rarely take vacations during these months, and there are fewer relocations as a result.

What is the cheapest month to move? Winter is the cheapest

for relocations, regardless of what month you pick for relocation. However, the reason for this is obvious. During winter months, due to weather conditions, relocations are most inefficient, and accidents are most likely to happen. Therefore, carefully consider whether it is worth it to save money here.

What season is best for moving?

Without any doubt, spring and summer are the two best seasons for relocations. Summertime might even have the edge over spring since people have fewer work obligations during this period. However, both seasons provide good weather conditions, which is the most important thing if you want to relocate efficiently.

With or Without Professional Movers, Relocating During the Hottest Month Is Probably the Best Choice to Make

Favorable weather conditions mean a lot when relocating. They give you more time to organize everything properly, and we shouldn’t disregard the fact that nice weather can affect your mental state as well. Relocations can be stressful, and an overcast sky can make your experience even harder, especially if you are a person whose mood is affected by weather conditions.

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