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Who to Notify When Moving to Another Country

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Planning every step when you’re about to make a big leap in your life and move abroad to another country is more than just important. If you want to have a stress-free move, knowing who to notify when moving internationally is so crucial, so this task should be thoroughly planned and dealt with in advance. 

Whatever your reasons for the move are, know that being an expat isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you managed to find the best place to live abroad, don’t start regretting your decision to move because of the lack of organization. Instead, hire a professional international moving company to provide you with all the necessary services and help you move as smoothly as possible. This also means you’ll have more time to know who to notify of a change of address, too.

Why It’s Important to Know Who to Notify When Moving Internationally

Besides many tasks there are to be taken care of in the whole relocation process, many people forget to let everyone know about the move. And there are some important institutions that just must get notified, like the Post Office, IRS, bank, and credit card companies. Also, relocating overseas to most countries will surely require some travel documents.

So, besides thinking about how to prevent things from breaking by getting packing services from professional movers, be aware of some institutions and services that should be informed about you leaving the country.

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When Should You Change Your Address When Moving Overseas

When you move, who should you notify? Surely, for some of us, this is the last thing to think about when you have much nicer things in mind, like finding the friendliest countries in the world and figuring out how you’ll live in another country. However, if you don’t start on time, your move could become more stressful than it already is.

To avoid any unnecessary issues, start notifying everyone at least three weeks before the big day. Even if you might think there couldn’t be complications, think twice. When you’re organizing the move and dealing with numerous tasks, be prepared for some problems along the way.

Schmidt International Relocations
Adjust the mail and other things on time when planning to move internationally

Start With Notifying the Post Office About Your Home Change

Changing addresses is one of the first things you need to do when wondering how to move abroad. No one likes to get mail from previous residents, and you most definitely don’t want your mail to end up in unknown hands. So, the U.S. Post Office Services should be on top of your checklist.

The best thing is that you can change personal information on your driver’s license or motor vehicle registration too in just a few steps if you plan to ship a car overseas.

What Is the Best Way to Notify a Change of Address

Although all this could seem just too overwhelming for some people, know that notifying the USPS about the move every time you do it is something you can’t avoid. So, take your time to go to the nearest Post Office. Unfortunately, filling out the online form in this case (when you’re relocating internationally) isn’t possible.

This will leave you more free time to search for the best places to live abroad with family. And with all the research tasks, you still need to remain focused on the essential things that will ensure you have only the best experience. Especially because it’s possible, but it requires good organization and time management.

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Ensure all the new mail arrives at the right residence

Include the Employer and Landlord in Your Change of Address – Who to Notify Checklist

Relocating across the world will create many concerns and questions like who all needs to be notified when you move? But if you have a checklist of institutions and services, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to inform any of them.

So, besides picking one of the best countries to live in, ensure your employer and landlord know you’re leaving the country. And do it as soon as possible because you might have a contract that will require you to stay another month at the same address or pay more if you cancel your lease before it expires.

Reach Your Loved Ones and Share the Good News

One of the most stressful parts of the whole relocation is saying goodbye to your loved ones. Yes, you’ll inevitably find new friends abroad, but you still have to keep in touch with the old ones, so don’t make them feel excluded from all the adventure that’s upon you. Be considerate and gentle when announcing the big news.

Be Sensitive When Telling Family Members

No one likes long and sad goodbyes, right? To avoid that, you can try organizing a farewell party. It’s a great way to gather all your loved ones and spend some quality time together. Also, if you don’t like sad moments when everyone is crying (at a party), you can create invitations and notice that crying isn’t allowed. After all, this is still a celebration of your overseas move and a possibility for a fresh start.

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Share the exciting information with your loved ones

Let IRS Be Aware of Your New Residence

You should update tax agencies about your future residence and home. This is especially important if you are relocating for the first time, as it will significantly reduce the relocation stress you have to go through. So, both the state tax agency and federal revenue agency should be aware that you are leaving the country. However, don’t think you’ll need to wait in lines for hours just to share this piece of information.

On the IRS website, you’ll find quite a simple online form that will help you inform the government about your new home residence. However, when it comes to a state tax agency, it’s better to contact the state’s government support center or visit the specific website for more directions. This is a step you shouldn’t omit, especially if you want to work in another country and live abroad on your own.

Put Bank and Credit Card Companies on Your Who to Notify of Address Change Checklist

Before you start gathering all possible tips for learning a new language in order to break the language barrier, you still will have to deal with informing other financial institutions. So, put your bank and credit card companies on a notifying list. Contact them and check whether some loyalty programs would still be available in another country.

However, keep in mind that retail credit accounts, investment companies, and moneylenders should know you are changing your home residence. And take this task seriously since making a mistake and not letting them know could lead you to commit fraud by accident.

Don’t Forget to Notify Healthcare Institutions and Insurance Providers

When you begin to figure out how living overseas will be, stop for a moment and check whether all healthcare institutions and insurance providers are updated about the move. If you didn’t know before, the healthcare system isn’t the same overseas. In fact, it’s different in almost every country.

So, you need to update your healthcare insurance policy because you surely do not want to find out that your policy isn’t valid when it’s too late. If you are relocating for work, you can always check with your employer whether the company can cover the cost for you. Alternatively, there’s always international health insurance you can purchase.

When it comes to other insurance agencies that provide you with dental, car, and life insurance, be sure they are aware of the big move too. Contact each of them and check the next steps you need to take to be insured in a new country.

Deal With Social Security Administration When Relocating to Another Country

Knowing how to live abroad means you are aware of who gets notified when you change your address. The important institution is the Social Security Administration. You can mark this task as done in just a few minutes since there’s an available online form you’ll just have to fill out. Although you’ll be in a completely different country and won’t get the benefits from the government that SSA provides, you still should update them about the move.

Inform Veterinarians When Moving Abroad

If you are relocating with a cat, a dog, or other furry friends, you have to think about who to notify when you move. Many people forget about their veterinarian in the whole chaos, so make sure your pets are ready for the trip and have all their documents with you. Your furry friend will have to find another veterinarian once you arrive at your new home, and if they had some medical interventions, it’s better to have all the records with you.

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Update your pet's microchip after the move

Update All Utility Providers About the Change

After contacting so many institutions, you are probably already tired. However, if you want to move efficiently, you need to complete all tasks from your checklist. And that includes notifying and canceling all the utility providers, beginning with electricity and water providers, before it’s too late. Why pay for something that you aren’t even using. Here are the utilities you should update about the move:

  • Electricity and gas,
  • Water and sewer,
  • Internet and cable TV,
  • Trash,
  • Security systems.

Cancel Membership, Subscriptions, and Magazines

This step is probably the most overlooked one in the relocation process. And although the future resistance of your old place would appreciate free magazines every month, it’s better to take a bit of your time and cancel them (in case you can’t simply replace the current residence).

Take Care of Online Shopping Sites

Online shopping has become a part of everybody’s lives, now more than ever, with the COVID-19 outbreak. However, when you decide to move, you should replace the shipping address with the new one because it will be more than easy to forget and order something at your previous place. If you forget to do it and order something, you’ll pay for the item but won’t receive it. The video below will show you how to replace the address on the Amazon app in just a few simple steps.

YouTube video

Last But Not Least, Reach Trustworthy International Relocation Company

When you update and inform all institutions about your move, make an extra effort to check with the relocation company if everything is ready for the big day. Even though you, in theory, do not need to do it when you have reliable movers by your side, just to ensure everything is organized, give them a call at least one week before the move. That way, you can be relieved to continue dealing with other tasks knowing you are in good hands.

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