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5 Moving Hacks You Can Use When Relocating Abroad

Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

If you are about to move soon but haven’t started with relocation preparations yet, you must be wondering – how can I make moving easier? One of the best ways to do that is to learn a few moving hacks that will help you organize your time and pack efficiently. We can show you the essential moving tips and hacks you should know when moving abroad. Keep reading – you will be glad you did.

If this isn’t your first time relocating, you probably know that relocation stress is something you can hardly avoid when you are about to move overseas – or just a few streets, it doesn’t matter. Still, no one’s to say that we can’t fight the stress and the anxiety, and that’s where these smart tips come to the scene. They will transform the entire preparation process for the big day, and you will feel like relocating abroad is a simple and easy thing.

The Best Moving Hacks You Can Use to Make Your Upcoming Move a Stress-Free One

Although relocating to even the friendliest country in the world can feel strange or overwhelming (especially when relocating abroad alone,) we are sure you will love your new home once you get there – but to do that, you need to organize your move first. Living overseas will be a fun adventure, and you definitely won’t regret coming to any of the best places to live abroad.

So, before we get to explaining hacks to make moving easier, let us note one thing – if you are having a last-minute move, you might not have enough days to implement all of our advice. Of course, if you want an efficient move, it’s always better to start planning months in advance, but sometimes you have no choice, depending on your reasons to move. It could be for work, an adventure, or you might be planning to move for love.

Woman holding a laptop in her lap and a cup of coffee learning tricks for moving overseas
Learning tricks to help you move easier is essential for fighting relocation stress

#1 Find a Reputable International Moving Company

You must think about your budget when relocating. Months before the move, one of the most frequent thoughts on your mind will be “How can I move cheaply?” – going to live in another country isn’t the cheapest thing ever. One of the key expenses will be a relocation service you will book – and you will want to save money on that. You will be tempted to book a company that gives you the lowest quote. Still, that isn’t a great idea – it won’t help you as much as you think, and here’s why.

Relocation and packing services are the pillars of the entire move (including car shipping – you should let professionals ship your vehicle overseas). If you make a mistake with the company you book, you open yourself to a whole new world of problems. Not only can you end up with lousy service and lost or damaged items, but you can also end up a victim of a relocation scam. So, be careful when choosing movers – do a background check on the company, and read all the reviews you can find on them. It’s better to pay more but ensure that your movers are trustworthy and reputable.

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One of the Key Tips to Know – Book Your Movers Months in Advance

Whether you’re headed to one of the best cities to live in Europe, Asia, or Africa, it’s crucial to find movers at least 2-3 months before relocating to an apartment in a new country. It will give you peace of mind. Plus, all top-rated international relocation companies are always booked in advance, and if you wait till the last minute, you will end up with a not-so-professional team by your side – this is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Two movers carrying packages down the stars
Movers are the key to a successful move - you should have a great team by your side

#2 Be Organized – Writing a Relocation To-Do List Will Help You Stay on Top of Everything

It takes a lot of work to prepare to live abroad – you will have countless tasks to think of before the movers arrive at your doorstep on a relocation day. But how to ensure you don’t forget anything? One of the most underrated and efficient tricks to handle relocation tasks is to write them all down – a to-do list will be of great use, trust us. The perfect, lengthy checklist will keep you on top of everything, and you will be able to keep track of the work that’s left to do. Here’s a pro tip – have a separate list where you will write down all the documents needed to travel abroad, so you don’t forget anything.

You Will Also Need an Expenses Checklist for Moving Internationally

Lists are your best friends during this challenging period. Another helpful one you should write is a relocation expenses checklist. Spending can quickly get out of hand, and that’s precisely why you need this list. Write it all down, even the smallest spendings – it’s an excellent way to control your budget and ensure you don’t bankrupt yourself before you move across the world.

Glasses, flowers, a pen, and two papers on the wooden table
It's easy to be organized when you have detailed lists - no better way to handle things

#3 Always Declutter Before You Start to Pack Anything

Decluttering is one of the essential stages of preparations for any move, no matter how large the distance between your old and new home is. However, it is true that you can technically skip this step – but that will only complicate the move. Most of us own many items we don’t need or haven’t used in years. Why would you want to waste your energy and money on wrapping and shipping them? Now is the perfect moment to purge your house – only then can you proceed to wrap up all the things you actually want to keep in your home. So, you won’t spend days filling boxes. Plus, you will save some money on supplies.

What to Do With the Excess Belongings You Don’t Want to Move With You to Another House?

You’ve gone through every room in your home and separated stuff you’ll keep and those you have to get rid of. Now, the question is, what will you do with those things? Should you just throw them away? You can – but that should be your last resort. Instead, try to find a better way. Here are your options: sell, donate, recycle, give to friends or family. Organizing a garage sale is the most popular way to get rid of clutter, and as a bonus, it will bring in some much-needed cash. Check out the video below for the tips and learn how to plan a garage sale like a pro.

YouTube video

If You Can’t Get Rid of Everything, Simply Book Storage Services

Some people don’t know how to part ways with their belongings. That’s okay – although it would help you a lot, decluttering isn’t the only solution for the excess things in your home. So, what else can you do? Surely you wouldn’t like your place in another country to be overcrowded, right? Don’t worry – we have a solution for your boxes. All you have to do is get a free quote for storage services and temporarily store your items in a storage facility.

Packages on a dolly in the storage facility
Everything is easier if you get a storage unit for the stuff you don't want to move

#4 Research Packing Hacks for Moving to Make the Process Quick and Effortless

After decluttering, you will be ready to get all the boxes packed for shipping to another continent. Packing isn’t complicated – for the most part – but it can take a while, and you have to know what you’re doing if you don’t want to see your fragile items crushed when you open the box after the move – you have to learn how to prevent stuff from breaking.

Wrapping techniques and tricks will be especially important if you don’t have enough time to do this. So, how do you pack to move in a hurry? Start room by room – first, take care of the least used rooms in the house and go from there. Leave the kitchen and the bathroom for last. If you’re in a rush, don’t overthink this much – just fill box by box, and leave the sorting for after the move. The only important thing is that everything is safely tucked in the bubble wrap or paper in a box. Also, ensure you never leave empty space in the package.

Tricks You Can Use to Save on Packing Materials and Boxes

Saving on wrapping supplies will help with your budget, but it’s also good for the environment. You will require a lot of supplies for all your stuff – why not try to find free packages and save a bit on that? Here are other wise tricks you can implement into your wrapping experience that will save you space, money, and energy:

  • Fill your drawers and cover them with plastic wrap – now you’ve made an improvised package.
  • Leave clothes on the hangers and lay them in packages like that.
  • Fill suitcases with heavy belongings, like books, for example.
  • Instead of using bubble wrap, wrap your belongings in old clothing.
  • Towels can be used instead of bubble wrap as well.
  • Garbage bags can be an excellent protective layer for various belongings.

#5 Learn Some of These Brilliant Tricks to Fight Procrastination While Packing Boxes

Getting everything packed for relocating abroad is easy but very tedious – you will be tempted to give it all up and go for a coffee. Well, you can put this huge task off – but not forever. Eventually, you will have to get the work done. But how to focus on the task at hand and stop procrastinating? We have some advice that might help you:

  • Ask friends and family to come over and assist you – you will be done faster, plus you will have fun talking to your favorite people. It will be sort of a going-away party, which might help you if you’re worried about keeping in touch with friends after the move.
  • Put on some loud music – find a motivational playlist that will get you in the right mood to work. If you have a playlist for the gym or running, that would be perfect.
  • Promise yourself a reward for getting a task done – rewards are the perfect motivator and will definitely ensure you work faster. That’s just human psychology. You don’t even have to treat yourself to something sensational – it can be your favorite takeout or a cake, for example. Little treats go a long way.
  • Give yourself frequent breaks – everybody tends to work better if they know there’s a break coming up soon enough. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Set a goal – for every five packages (or three, whatever works for you,) you fill up and seal with tape, you get a 15-minute break.

With Helpful Tips and Great Relocation Company, Moving Overseas Will Be an Efficient and Pleasant Relocation

With all the advice mentioned above, your relocation preparations will be a walk in the park. We know that it can get stressful, but don’t worry – if you know all the right tricks, everything will be fine. You’ll be ready when the movers arrive, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself (and your belongings) in another country. That’s when the adventure begins – we’re sure you will love living abroad!

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