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How to Make Moving Day Preparation a Bit More Exciting

Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Relocation is exciting, but moving day preparation? Not so much. The tasks to do, numbers to dial, and stuff to pack can take a while to complete if you work or raise a family. Even procrastination is an obstacle, but not if you make relocation preparation fun. Here’s how to do that without feeling like a failure.

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Relocation will be easy with a few tips and tricks

When Should You Start Preparing for a Move? Start a Plan a Few Weeks Before Relocation

Many technical questions come to mind when packing and relocating, such as “Do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for movers?” or “Did I actually manage to cancel my Internet and cable?” When we prepare to do all this, we can easily forget the reasons for relocating.

The overwhelming number of tips and tasks flying our way can throw us off of what matters, and that’s the ‘why’ of this whole process. When you finish all the serious stuff, like gathering the proper documents for traveling abroad, giving notice at work, and renting a place at your destination, the time to have some fun arrives.

You must wonder – relocating and fun, together? How? It’s easy; stay true to yourself and make things more entertaining by not forgetting that your life will soon be even better than it already is.

Is There a Checklist for Moving? You Can Create a List of Tasks Based on Relocation Tips

Sure, there’s something called a relocation checklist, and yes, it’s a boring thing to create but an essential one. In fact, a relocation to-do list is so important that without it, you can easily forget some things and lose sight of the most convenient relocation tips.

When you find great advice for relocation, you can include it in the checklist as tips for doing a specific task efficiently and quickly. For example, your mission is to contact and hire a reliable international moving company. Our advice is to verify their legitimacy first and ask multiple companies for free quotes before choosing.

If you include this, you’ll see how smoothly the process will go. The woman in the video below gives some quick advice to fit on a relocation list, which may inspire you to do the same.

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You Can Turn Moving Day Preparation Into Something Exciting by Doing It Your Way

This is mainly directed at anyone who’s relocating for the first time. Making the process more exciting is a way of coping with the mundane ways of each task. Also, no one said it must be boring and done uniformly. You can think outside the box and achieve the same results as someone doing it all by the book.

Tasks that fall under relocation preparation (in some chronological order) are:

  • Deciding where to live,
  • Looking into the visa requirements and permits,
  • Determining a budget,
  • Looking for a place to live,
  • Hiring international moving services,
  • Canceling utilities,
  • Changing your address,
  • Gathering packing supplies,
  • Decluttering your household inventory,
  • Telling people you’re relocating,
  • Packing an essentials bag,
  • Welcoming the relocation crew to your house,
  • Cleaning after emptying the place.

Watch Movies Where Characters Move Abroad and Create a Game Plan Based on Your Favorite Story

If you’ve ever wondered what the best European country to live in is, you could try to get an answer from various sources. Perhaps you can do a fun online quiz like “which European country should you move to ASAP” or create a list of priorities to look for in a place and then tick those boxes as you search.

Something else that could be an interesting method is watching movies where the main protagonist moves overseas. One of the most famous films of this kind was “Eat, Pray, Love.” It inspired thousands of people to travel to a new country and find themselves in those travels; it might do the same for you.

If you want some tips for learning a new language, try watching “Lost in Translation” or even “The Bourne Identity,” where the main character, Jason Bourne, speaks French, Russian, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Dutch. Picture yourself as a multilingual, physically fit, and genius double agent, and relocation will suddenly seem more fun and exciting.

Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in this. Leave the constraints of adult, serious life behind. You can do it with friends who don’t mind playing games or make-believe for fun and letting go of stress.

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When You Start Decluttering Your Home, Play a Game of “Will I Use It Again?”

When relocating, one of the big questions is: “What should you not pack when moving?” Some people don’t ask themselves this question and make a huge relocation mistake. Sure, the company you hire will provide storage services, and you can store your items there for as long as necessary, but it can’t last forever. You’ll need to decide what to do with them, which will most likely be throwing them away.

So, when you start deciding what to keep and what to throw away, play a game with those items. If you pack to move alone, ask a friend for help, and if you’re going with a family or partner, play it with them. Take 5-10 minutes to use the items you’re reconsidering.

For example, if there’s a very old t-shirt you like but haven’t worn in ages, try it on or create an outfit with it. If you like how it looks (or if it still fits,) then maybe it deserves a second chance; if there’s anything, literally even the smallest thing, bothering you about it, throw it out.

You can do the same with home decor items like an old statue from a neighbor or something you got for a bargain at a yard sale. Put it where you usually keep your decorations and see if it fits the vibe. The challenge is to find a purpose for the stuff you’re having second thoughts about.

Whatever You Don’t Pack for Relocation, Try to Sell It At a Fun Garage Sale

A person moving abroad alone should consider harder than anyone how tough it is to prepare multiple boxes of items and how silly it is to bring it all. A quick solution to turn your move into a fun adventure is to organize a garage sale.

You’ll consciously get rid of all unnecessary things, make some pocket money for the road, and have fun. Put on some music and cheer shoppers up by preparing refreshments, like a cooler filled with soda or water and some snacks.

A couple making an inventory of stuff they have before moving abroad
Organize a garage sale and have fun making extra money for the move

Compete With Friends to See Who Can Gather the Most Packing Supplies in Weird Places

While you try to figure out how to keep in touch with friends, why not spend time with them before you move out, too? They can help you prepare for the process by doing some of the relocation list tasks with you and cheering you up and on for the upcoming period.

When you gather them in one place, organize a quick game of who can conjure up more creative and quality boxes, packing paper, and other materials. The reward can be them opting out of packing items or whatever you agree on (it can also be a nice dinner treat).

Play a Challenge With an Adult Family Member, and the Loser Must Cancel Utilities

There’s also the tiny issue of figuring out who to notify about your move. We don’t mean family or friends, but more like utility providers and the local post office. Whether you move to another country or state, you need to cancel utilities and change your address before the move. It can cause many issues in the long run and cost you a lot of money.

Play a game with your partner, and the loser must be the one to call utility providers to cancel. We all know those phone calls can last a while, so the challenge must be suitable and challenging enough for everyone participating.

For example, the person who learns more phrases in the destination language wins (which is an excellent boost for breaking the language barrier later on). Or, the winner is the one who packs more stuff the fastest. You can even compete in home cleaning and whatever else you can think of.

What Is the First Thing to Do on a Moving Day? Wake Up Early and Play Some Loud Dance Music

Rejoice! Soon, you’ll be moving overseas for love and finally be together with your partner. Before the move happens, though, you need to be sure you have everything ready to go, and when you do, the moment to move will come. A new adventure with the one you love awaits, so there’s no shame in celebrating that in the way you want.

You should wake up early on relocation day, turn on some feel-good music, call your partner, and dance to keep the spirits up. This won’t just turn relocation into a fun event, but it’ll keep the stress and nerves away.

If you’re thinking, “Well, how do I know I have everything ready? What if I miss something from all the dancing?” OK, you won’t exactly recreate all of Footloose in your home at this period; you’ll just cheer yourself up, and hopefully the movers, enough to stay happy and relaxed.

And also, if you create a solid, foolproof relocation to-do list, you won’t forget anything; that’s a guarantee. That’s why this step is essential.

What to Expect on Moving Day? It’s Best to Let Movers Do Their Thing Wherever Possible

As mentioned, relocating to a big city or learning to move efficiently isn’t possible without relocation experts. When they arrive at your home, it’s best to let them do their thing. They’ll load and unload all your stuff and provide professional packaging services.

It’s good to help them in any way you can, but overall, letting them finish up where necessary is the easiest way to wrap up the move as early as possible. If you also opt for a car shipping service, you can prepare it for loading while the crew packs other stuff around the house. You can still do a lot while they’re there, but when they ask you to step aside, do that, too.

Prepare Food and Drinks for Movers and Everyone Else Involved

Relocation experts are always professional and efficient. Before they arrive, ask them about the relocation essentials, such as should you empty drawers when moving, should you protect your floors and other relocation hacks. You can get all these tedious and technical stuff out of the way to create room for some fun atmosphere.

You’re going away to a distant place to start a new, exciting, fun life. So, when movers arrive at your home, let them know this move is a happy occasion. The music you crank up when you get out of bed can continue while they’re still there.

You can also create a friendly and appreciative atmosphere by preparing water, soda, and snacks (or even a full meal, whatever your style is). This is a nice way to show appreciation and keep everyone’s spirits up; it’s also a fantastic hack for hot summer or cold winter days.

Two international movers carrying stuff for their customer moving overseas
The relocation crew in your house will appreciate the refreshments you prepared

Moving Internationally Won’t Be Easy, But You Can Make It Fun

Now that you’ve found the best country to live in and are eager to see the benefits of relocating there, you need to turn this tedious relocation process into something fun. If you can see the good side of everything and not give in to panic and stress, it’ll all be smoother.

Of course, doing so is easier said than done, but we believe in you. If you’re looking for ways to get in touch with your inner child, play around, and create new memories with the people you love, this advice on making relocation preparations more exciting will sure help with that.

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