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All You Need to Know About Living in Hawaii – A 2021 Guide to Life in the Aloha State

Daisy Wilson

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If you are tired of urban and fast life, coming to Aloha State will probably be one of the best decisions you made. And yes, living in Hawaii is much more down-to-earth and slow. No wonder the state has the longest life expectancy in the USA.

Amazing nature, beautiful beaches, authentic food, and climate for everyone’s taste (there are ten climate zones), the Aloha State is probably one of the best places to live abroad with family, to retire, or to just come here to begin from scratch.

Is It Realistic to Move to Hawaii?

Relocating across the world is never an easy thing to do, but again it is not impossible either. If you are well organized and plan everything in detail, you will move to another country as many others do daily. And relocating to Aloha State will most likely be one of the finest decisions you ever made. So to answer your question, yes, it is realistic to relocate here. But if you are relocating just because of beautiful beaches and idealistic climate, you should prepare beforehand. You will have to figure out some other things like finding a house, a new job and if you are relocating with kids, a school for them, and other arrangements. But don’t worry, we got you covered with this guide, you will relocate in a blink of an eye.

How Can I Move to Aloha State – Preparations and Things to Consider

If your long-life dream was to live on some sunny island, then Aloha State is probably the perfect place. Not only will you live a laid-back life here, but you will have all the commodities of urban and modern lifestyles as well. And yes, living in another country is challenging, but it is not something you can overcome if this is something you truly desire. The first thing you have to do is to make your relocating abroad checklist, and here are some things your list must have:

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How to Ship Your Stuff to the Pacific

First, you will have to decide which international moving company you want to do your shipping overseas. Depending on the amount of stuff you are going to ship and your budget, you can choose international moving by sea, which is a cheaper option and lasts longer. Or international moving by air, which is faster and people usually take this option when they wish to relocate at the last minute.

It would be good to find an overseas shipping company that can do overseas vehicle shipping. This way, you can ship all your stuff at once and not worry about coordinating everything alone. And suppose you have difficulties packing everything yourself. In that case, you can hire Sunset International Moving for packing service.

Also, if you feel that adjusting to a new country will take longer and If you wish to relocate without your stuff, you can hire your company for a storage service. This way, you will have time to find a job or a home, and your stuff will be shipped to you once you settle in.

What to Do if You Are Relocating With Pets?

If you have a dog, cat, or any other animal, you wish to relocate. You should know that relocating with pets to Aloha State is a little complicated. Did you know that the Aloha archipelago is the only one without rabies? So you can figure they are pretty strict when it comes to your pets’ shots. Also, there is so much protected wildlife there, that some animals are prohibited from entering the country. Like snakes, it is prohibited by law to own a snake here, and yes, there are no snakes here. Before moving internationally, you should gather all the information and prepare your pet’s documents. You can find out more on the state’s  Department of Agriculture website.

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What’s It Like Living in Hawaii – Reasons to Move There

When moving overseas, knowing the good stuff and the bed is crucial when taking this step. And yes, even the Paradise of the Pacific, as people like to call it, has its ups and downs, but if you are aware of its flaws in advance, you can be better prepared to overcome them. And if your reason to relocate here is amazing nature, the best beaches, and sunny weather, then you are on the right path.

Every place on earth has its pros and cons, the same as Hawaii, and it is only up to you to measure what will botter you and whatnot. Let’s look at the pros:

  • Beauty, beauty everywhere you look– From the most beautiful beaches in the world to mountains, tropical forest to volcanos, Crossroads of the Pacific have scenery for everyone’s taste. In fact, there is an occupation here for finding the most unique sights for the movie industry.
  • Weather is ideal all year round– The Paradise of the Pacific, how people commonly call it, has ten sub climates. So if you love dry weather, you can choose to rent a place on the leeward side of the big aisle. If you love colder weather, you should go higher when buying a home, and for the ones who love sunny warm climates, then find an apartment near the coast.
  • Roads are good, and crime levels are low – The Paradise of the Pacific has relatively low crime rates because being on an isle makes the possibility for perpetrators to hide from the police is pretty tricky. Also, commuting from point A to point B will be easy. They have an excellent public transportation system and roads that are easily accessible to everyone no matter in which part they are.
  • Hawaiian culture is loving, warm, and fun– Once you relocate to Aloha State, you will soon embrace their custom and laid-back culture. And although they are not so welcoming to newcomers, if you set your roots here and you make an effort to implement their customs, they will welcome you with open arms. The government worked so hard to make this archipelago to be truly a melting pot of cultures and traditions. You will enjoy diversity in ethnicities, food, and music here.

Cons of relocating to Paradise of the Pacific:

  • It is expensive– Paradise of the Pacific is famous for its high cost of living. After taxes, an average net salary is around $3,730, and the tax rate is high here( 11 percent). Utilities are among the highest, around $270, and a trip to a grocery store to buy a gallon of milk and bread can cost you around $10. And if you wonder, How much money do you need to live comfortably in Hawaii? Some calculations are around $120,000.
  • Water is not available everywhere – Some state’s parts don’t have a water delivery system, so you might have to make your own water collectors.
  • There are active volcanoes– When buying a house, take lava flows into consideration. The Kailua-Kona area has the most problems with this issue, and you might have to get used to being with some water restrictions here.
From mountains to sandy beaches, Paradise of the Pacific can work for everyone.

Should You Rent or a Buy New House

When it comes to housing options, Paradise of the Pacific is not that affordable. If you wish to rent a home in Honolulu, you will have to pay around $1,920 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center and $1,580 for the same apartment outside the city center. The median home value in Honolulu is  $800,000, and the price can be even higher depending on the city you choose to call home. For example, if you move to Kona, you will be located on a Big Isle and isolated from the main isle. For this reason, finding a job here can be difficult. So you should be careful and do good research before deciding where to settle, and your relocation stress will be minimal if you plan everything in detail.

Even if housing options are high, everything is worth it for this view.

Oahu Is Not Only Island

You probably know that Crossroads of the Pacific is made of many islands, and although Oahu isle is the most famous, there are 137 islands in the Aloha chain. But it is mostly famous for its eight main islands: Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau, and Kahoolawe. And even if some of these islands are not developed as Oahu, maybe housing options will be more aligned with your budget.

Finding an Island and the City to You Will Love Will Not Be a Problem

If living off the grid in Hawaii is one of your wishes, you can find isolated islands wherever you want here. For example, Kaunakakai is ideal for those who want to be off the grid, life expenditures are cheaper here, and if you work remotely or are self-employed, it is the greatest place to settle. When living overseas, finding the right location and cheapest places to live in Paradise of the Pacific is crucial.

  • Kaui has good housing options– The median home value is $570,700, and the median rent is $1,300.And best cities to set roots in are Waimea, Kekaha, Princeville, and Wailua. It is a great place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Maui– Here, the housing options can compare to the Oahu. The median home value is $633,500. It is the second-largest and third most populated island. It is a popular tourist island, and the best cities here are Wailea, Wailuku, and Makawao.
  • Molokai-If you wish to experience a truly Hawaiian lifestyle. It is the fifth-largest island with strong native roots here. The Big Island
  • Mililani Town– Located on Oahu, it is the biggest residential area and probably the greatest area to set roots.

Check out this video for more information about where to relocate here:

You Will Really Feel a Culture Shock Here

First, culture shock will be their laid-back way of living. If you get used to a modern, urban and fast lifestyle, a relaxed lifestyle will probably shock you. From casual clothes to relaxing on a beach in the middle of the day, their way of life will benefit your health, if anything else. The other thing you will have to struggle with is keeping in touch with your friends and family. Since you are on a tropical island, air tickets are expensive, and your friends and family visiting might be more challenging than you think. So you will have to make new friends fast, and what would be a better way to do so than with breaking the language barrier. Just keep in mind that the Hawaiian language has only 13 letters but is a fun and unique language, and the locals will appreciate your effort and interest in their culture.

Appreciation for diverse food will be another cultural shock. Some of the most unique fusions of cuisines are made here. And no Hawaiian pizza with pineapple does not originate from here. But you might develop some taste for meat made in a type of underground own (Kālua).

The land is rich and excellent for farming. You will find an abundance of vegetables and fruit that even make the best vegan cities envy them.

Even if it’s considered to have one of the best climates in the world with an ideal 77 F all year round, you will have to get used to bad weather as well. Yes, literally rain can fall any minute depending on where you relocate. And if you wonder, What are the dangers of living in Hawaii? Weather will be one of them. Storms, hurricanes, and floods are just the tip of the iceberg. Invasions of cockroaches and crocodiles in your home are also possible, as with all tropical places.

Surfing is something you will have to work on too.

Falling in Love in Paradise of the Pacific Will Be Easy

This island will be one of the most beautiful and unique places to call home. You will instantly fall in love with this amazing place. And like many, you are probably wondering, Is it expensive to live in Hawaii? The answer will be yes on the one hand, but on the other, you will pay more to enjoy natural wonders many people can only dream of visiting. Make sure to embrace all the benefits you will get once you come here, and your adjustment will be much easier and stressless. And for the most efficient relocation service, contact Sunset International Shipping Company to get more information about your moving abroad plans so you can start your preparations on time.

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