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Where to Find the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family

When looking for the best places to live abroad with family, what are the things you should take into consideration? Does the cost of living play a major role in your decision-making process? Perhaps you are looking for the most friendly country to relocate to or the safest one?

Whatever your reasons are, make sure you put them on a piece of paper, do your research, talk to some expats who are willing to share their stories, and find the perfect location to relocate to.

Things to Look for in the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family

More than a few of us think and dream about relocating abroad and living in some exotic foreign country. Fear of the unknown is what stops many from making a final decision to venture into the unknown.

If you’ve weighed all the pros and cons of international relocation and finally set your mind on it, create a list of all the important things and amenities your new home should have. Are you looking for a place that won’t leave you penniless at the end of every month? If so, search for locations that have a cost of living that is in reasonable proportion with the median household income.

Relocating with family can put forward healthcare and education as one of the top priorities — research schools and hospitals, as well as healthcare insurance.

Think about all the things, small and big, that you need to be content. With thorough research, you will find the right country and the city. When you do, don’t beat around the bush too much. If you want to relocate, pack up your bags, and do it.

airport departure time table
The main reasons for relocation in 2019 were work and love, but the search for a healthy environment to raise children is not far behind

Portugal Can Offer You a Relaxed Lifestyle

How does life at the beach sound? Or in a place with a pleasant Mediterranean climate? Relocating to Portugal will give your family a chance to enjoy a cozy, relaxed, and slow-paced lifestyle in one of the best places to live abroadLocals here are very welcoming and friendly, so you won’t feel like you don’t belong.

Portugal is the second cheapest country in the EU, right after Bulgaria. That being said, you can understand why it is a popular spot that attracts many immigrants.

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One of the Most Popular Places to Retire In

Did you know that Portugal is also a very popular place to retire to? With its low cost of living and high-quality healthcare, you can relocate here and share your carefree life with other retired expats. Have some wine, bask in the sun, and relax. You deserved it.

night lights on a bridge
Did you know that Portugal is one of the top spots for surfing?

South Korea Has a Unique Range of Opportunities for Expats

Does living in Asia seem appealing to you? By relocating to South Korea, you and your loved ones will get the chance to live in a thriving nation that attracts people from all over the globe.

Settling down here will put you in a diverse environment that provides unique educational, entertainment, and job opportunities.

Read Through Adds and Find Work Easily

South Korea has become an economic powerhouse during the last decades. If you relocate here, you can find work in the automotive, electronics, and high tech industries.

Expat workers with special talents and skills are always welcome here. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes, order packing services and head out to South Korea.

flag of South Korea
Did you know that microchips for iPhones are made by Samsung, which is from South Korea?

Respondents Said Taiwan Is the Place to Be

According to a survey that was conducted by InterNations, Taiwan is the best place for expats. This East Asian state was also put on the top of the list by respondents in 2016.

What makes Taiwan so great? Data from InterNations states that it offers a great quality of life and impressive work opportunities.

Start learning Mandarin as soon as possible, since this will be your only obstacle if you want to relocate to Taiwan. Breaking the language barrier will help you fit in and find work easier.

Find Work in the Blooming High Tech Industry

Do you want to work in Taiwan? If you do, know that the state relies on trade and the high tech industry.

Besides modern tech, Taiwan has other developed industries such as chemical, textile, plastic, and metallurgy. The export of petrochemicals is among important industry branches. Finding work will be a piece of cake if you know what you are looking for.

city lights at night
Did you know that 89% of expats in Taiwan are satisfied with their healthcare?

Moving to Canada From Here is Easiest

Do you want a change of scenery for you and your family, but don’t wish to move to the other side of the globe where no one speaks English? The answer might be Canada. It is just across the border, and as Americans, your family won’t feel lonely there. The country is home to an immigrant population that counts more than 7,500,000 people.

This friendly and welcoming nation can be your new home, so don’t think too much about it, pack up your bags and move to Canada – there’s a whole new world waiting for you.

There’s a Whole New World to Explore in Canada

Canada has 3.85 million square miles, which makes it the second-largest country by territory, right after Russia. That is a lot of land, right? And even though it is sporadically populated, this incredible nation has many different areas that you can explore.

Start your new adventure by moving to Toronto, an urban jungle, or pick a less populated location. Whatever you do, staying here will help you realize why Canadians are stereotypically considered friendly, polite, and welcoming and why the Great White North is often included in the lists of the friendliest countries in the world.

cloudy skies over Toronto
Canada and the US share the longest bi-national land border

Spain Offers a Great Intercultural Experience

Don’t be afraid that you, as an expat in Spain, would feel alone. This European country nurtures strong family ties, and according to InterNations data, it is a great place for kids to grow up. There are more than a few international schools that follow curriculums from other countries. You can also enroll your children in local educational institutions. Just make sure they’ve started learning Spanish before that.

Share a meal or a drink with the locals, and you will see why this is a spot that keeps attracting people.

Trending Country All Year Round

No matter when you decide to relocate to Spain, you will find that locals are friendly and welcoming all year round. With a Mediterranean climate, this is the perfect spot for all those who prefer summer days to cold winters. Ditch the winter clothes or leave them in storage, because staying in Spain means that you get to be in a place where the average temperature in January doesn’t go below 55F (13C).

flag of Spain
Learn Spanish – it is the second most widely spoken language.

Malaysia Attracts People Who Search for a Low Cost of Living

The Malaysian government established an initiative designed to attract a foreign workforce, and it has paid off. The nation has become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants.

What makes Malaysia so great besides the low cost of living? Here, foreigners can find work due to a labor shortage in some fields. If you are a highly skilled person looking to relocate overseas, Malaysia might give you exactly what you need. Throw in cheap transportation and reasonable utility bills, and you got yourself a new home.

sunrise in Kuala Lumpur
Only half of the people in Malaysia are Malay.

Finland Can Make You Happy

Statistics show that Finland is the happiest country in the world. The annual World Happiness Report ranks countries based on six essential factors – freedom, healthy life expectancy, generosity, income, social support, and trust.

If you are searching for the perfect place for your family to call home, Finland just might be it. How could you say no to the happiest place on the planet? Also, your savings won’t sustain a major hit if you decide to pursue higher education.

Learning Is Cheap in Finland

Did you know that there are educational institutions where you can get a bachelor’s or higher degree at very affordable prices?

The Finnish government sets the minimum amount that you will have to pay for tuition, and it is around 1,500 EUR ($1,600) a year for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Compared to the prices in the US, you can see how relocating and studying here can be great for your savings.

flag of Finland on a ship
Did you know that there are 187,888 lakes in Finland?

Austria Is One of the Safest Countries

Are you looking for one of the safest locations in the world to call your next home? If so, Austria might pop up on the top of your list. According to the Global Peace Index, it scored 1.274 for low weapon imports.
That’s not all. Austria is a great place to raise kids because it ranks high on the availability and affordability of education. Almost 77% of expats with kids agree that education is easily affordable.

A Stable Economy and Reasonable Working Hours

Immigrants who chose to settle down in Austria say that working hours are satisfying. In fact, seven out of ten expats are happy with their working hours.

What kind of employment are you looking for? Most in-demand professions in Austria are accountants, architects, software engineers, and nurses.

This is the 12th largest economy in the world, and it can provide you with many exciting career opportunities.

sunrise in the city
Did you know that 97% of immigrants rate the quality of the environment in Austria positively?

Live Your Life However You Want, Wherever You Wish

When all is said and done, all you have to do is stay true to yourself and your choices. Wherever you decide to go and put down some roots, make sure you and your family are happy.

There are more than a few countries in the world that welcome expat families and give them the chance to live a great life. Find the one that you will call yours.

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