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Toronto Cost of Living – Is It Expensive to Live in T-Dot

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If you want to begin a different life in another state, Toronto is a great choice. However, you don’t have to read the news, we bring all the essential information to you. Our guide brings you some facts about Toronto cost of living, including work wages, costs of accommodation, and utilities. Because if you’re thinking about moving internationally to T-Dot in 2021, it’s crucial to analyze how much money you need to make to ensure a comfortable life in this city.

What Is Considered a Good Salary in Toronto?

If you don’t have a job position waiting for you, we recommend you start looking for jobs in Canada as soon as possible. The average salary is $93,700 per year. Also, the average wage per hour is $48.70. A single person between the ages of 25 and 40 will have to earn between $46,000 and $55,000 to live a decent life in this city after subtracting taxes.

Taxes You’ll Face When Living in Toronto Canada

Canadian residents are taxed at levels of government as well as levels of provinces on their worldwide income. The people who are not residents pay taxes on the income from Canadian sources and the profits from Canadian taxable assets. Furthermore, additional payments will go to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance.

Don’t forget that in CA people pay federal and provincial taxes

How Expensive Rents Impacts the Toronto Cost of Living

Rents can be pricey if you’re looking for a home around downtown or pretty much anywhere. A significant amount of your salary will be spent monthly on rent, so we recommend searching for some cheaper housing options around Toronto neighborhoods. The average monthly rent is $2,300 for a one-bedroom apartment. On the flip side, for houses, the average selling price is $880,000. If you have a 15 percent down payment and mortgage insurance, $768,500 would be the total mortgage.

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Tenant Insurance Policy

Many landlords request this type of insurance, which goes around $30 a month, so it shouldn’t break your bank if you opt for it. Even though this is not obligatory when living in Toronto, since it is affordable, many individuals who rent choose to invest in insurance for tenants.  Look for some insurance companies in Ontario, and select the best solution for you.

You should invest in tenant insurance. It will pay off in the long run

How Much You’ll Spend on Basic Utilities Every Month?

Are basic utilities expensive when we consider the average cost of living in Toronto, Canada? Well, it all depends on the size of your new home. You shouldn’t calculate your Toronto Canada cost of living without considering utilities so keep that in mind. If electricity and other costs are added, the basic utilities can cost around $120 a month for a 914 square foot apartment.

Don’t forget to calculate how much you are going to spend on the basic utilities before moving abroad in 2021

Transportation Costs

The TTC is a public transport system that runs streetcars, subway systems, and buses, and the monthly pass for adults is $156.00. Taking a taxi will be significantly more expensive than public transportation. The starting price is from $4 to $7.00, from $0.60 to $2.30 per mile. The average price of gasoline per 1/4 gallon is $0.89. If you have a car, you should think about shipping a car overseas since it could be convenient to have a car in T-Dot.

Start looking for an international relocation company if you want to ship your car

The Healthcare as Another Essential Part of Cost of Living Toronto Canada

Via the federal and territorial programs of publicly funded health care, informally called Medicare, healthcare in Canada is provided. It is regulated by the regulations of the 1984 Canada Health Act, and it is universal. That means that Canadians have access to health services that ensure national health care insurance for everyone living in the country. If you want to know more about Canada’s Healthcare System, watch the video below.

The Prices of Food

When you start living overseas, one of the most important things is to get familiar with the prices of groceries. Check out the following table to see some of the prices:

Grocery Quantity Price (USD)
Beef Round 1 lb $5.80
A loaf of Bread 1 lb $2.03
Eggs 12 $2.66
Rice 1 lb $1.30
Milk 1 gallon $9.10
Oranges 1 lb $1.30
Tomato 1 lb $1.29
Lettuce (one head) $1.90

We Hope You’ll Be Enjoying Great Meals in Restaurants Around the City

With many top-ranked restaurants, Toronto has an exceptional food scene. The diverse population of the city ensures it has an infinite supply of multicultural restaurants with dishes from almost everywhere in the world. While meal costs may differ, the typical price per meal when you are dining out is around $20.

Food prices are somewhat reasonable

Is it Expensive to Live in Canada?

Is Toronto expensive to live in? It can seem quite expensive when we look at all the prices, but why is living in Toronto so expensive? Well, it is a metropolitan city with many young professionals who are constantly raising the bar. Besides the high quality of lifestyle, it is one of the world’s most diverse places since many expats are moving to Canada to live and study overseas.

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