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Best Cities for Education for American Expats

Georgia Michaelson

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We can all agree that education is the most powerful tool a person can work with. That’s why it’s so important to invest in your future and make the right decision on where you will study. So take a look at our list of best cities for education if you are thinking about moving internationally.

If you’re a parent or a senior in high school, you’ve probably wondered at some point what US city has the greatest public schools according to rankings. Of course, the US has some great cities with the best schools, but have you ever tried expanding your search and thought of which city is No 1 in education in the world? If you’ve ever thought about moving abroad in order to study, here is our list of ranked cities with the best public schools. And what better reason to move other than expanding your knowledge and learning a new language?

How Do You Go About Relocating Internationally?

Moving overseas might seem like a really complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be if you contact the right international moving company. Besides reading the contract, hiring the right people you can count on is the right way to avoid relocation scams, and they happen a lot when it comes to international moving by sea, as well as international moving by air. In order to move efficiently, we would highly recommend getting packing services, so you don’t have to worry about how to pack when relocating abroad and whether or not your belongings will survive the long journey. You can rest assured they will be packed neatly and be safe during transport.

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Another relocation essential is making sure to contact a company that has a storage service in case your belongings get moved overseas before you do. You will also need to do extensive research on all the terms and laws of the country you were planning to live abroad in. You have to ensure you have all the documents needed to travel abroad. You have to get organized and prepare for your move. If you’re ready for this big transition and ready to live in another country, take a look at our pick for the cities with the best school systems.

The UK Is a World Leader When It Comes to Good Schools

If you were wondering which country has the prime education system in Europe, the UK would have to be at the top of our list. The UK school system takes the lead with its world-class universities, with four of them being among the world’s top 45. As an international cultural center, this is definitely one of the greatest places to live abroad for students. So you might want to consider relocating to the UK. It’s also the perfect place to kick off your career since UK degrees and diplomas are accepted and appreciated all over the world.

The multicultural diversity makes this one of the friendliest countries in the world, kindly welcoming everyone. Expat communities make it really easy to make friends abroad, and a lot of US students choose to move abroad to the UK since there will be the least amount of culture shock and no need to break the language barrier. There is not a single person that has never heard of the famous University of Cambridge or the University of Oxford, and having the chance to attend such prestigious schools is a rare opportunity. If you’re interested in seeing what a day in the life of a Cambridge law student looks like, watch this video.

YouTube video

London Has Some of the Best Universities In the World

London is considered to be the perfect city for international students. With tons of green spaces, endless opportunities for entertainment, endless books for reading, and excellent schools, London has everything a student could ask for. Besides being one of the greatest cities to live in Europe, according to rankings, London takes one of the first spots on every list of the greatest school systems in the world, and with good reason.

The only con to making this your new home is the high living expenses. But the great thing is that even if you’re relocating on a low budget, students get numerous discounts. Not only will you get a lower price for theater tickets, but for public transport, food, clothes, and other necessities as well. Besides the discounts, living as a student in London means you have unlimited opportunities to better yourself. If you love reading, you should know their libraries are world-renowned, and they constantly offer jobs and all kinds of internships, not to mention that moving to London gives you the opportunity to study at great universities.

London Big Ben
Consider relocating to London to study

Munich, Germany, Takes the Second Place

If you were planning on living overseas and gaining a quality education, all the while learning a new language, why not live in Germany? The first thought that pops up in your head with the mere mention of Germany is probably the quality of German luxury cars, such as Mercedes. So it shouldn’t shock you to hear that Munich is the home to the leading engineering courses in the world. So if this field is something you’re passionate about, this city is the place to be. They also take the lead in computer and natural science.

A German flag in front of a parliament building
Germany is one of the greatest countries for students

Munich Is One of the Cheapest Cities for Students

This destination has become a more and more popular choice with young people over the years. One of the main reasons for the rise of interest is the fact that higher education in Germany is almost completely free, and that policy exists even for international students. You wouldn’t have to go into debt and pay thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition fees. When it comes to their schools, Germans take it very seriously and strictly since they know that the smartest way to invest in the future is through educating younger people. That’s why they offer free study opportunities – all that students have to pay is a standard annual administration fee, which usually doesn’t exceed $300. Just imagine studying at the University of Munich, free of charge.

Melbourne, Australia, Has Some Great Opportunities for Young People

Australia is a country that offers not only a great view but a great chance for learning as well. The University of Melbourne is amongst the top 50 universities in the world. When it comes to biomedical engineering, there is no competition. Once you hear how fast their graduates find their dream jobs, you’ll immediately start packing your bags. Based on graduate employability, its rankings are pretty high – they’re eighth in the whole world. Besides these amazing opportunities, there are many more advantages to living in Melbourne as a student.

It's Really Safe and Welcoming

Most students who go to study abroad go completely alone, so it’s really important to find a place where you can feel safe and comfortable. Melbourn is amongst the ten safest cities in the world, with low crime rates and warm, welcoming people. Since there is no language barrier, you should quickly get accustomed to this place and feel like at home.

Countless Entertainment Opportunities

You will be relocating to study, of course, but everyone needs to take a break from reading every now and then. So, when you decide to close the books for the day, you should know that you will have no problem having fun. From its culture, theaters, and museums to nightlife and restaurants, it seems that new opportunities keep popping up every day. And we can guarantee you will have no problem finding a good coffee since their love of coffee has resulted in numerous cafes all over town.

Melbourne Is Easy to Get Around In and Close to Other Interesting Places

The city is big, but it has great public transportation that makes it easy to get around. Trains, taxis, and buses are always available, and you will have no problem with commuting once you get settled in. The proximity to beach towns is perfect for weekend getaways.

Seoul In South Korea Is a Great Option If You Want to Move to Asia

South Korea is known for its strict rules and policy on education and knowledge. When it comes to the school system, they’re a force to be reckoned with. They value knowledge above all else and offer amazing learning opportunities and conditions. If you want a picturesque learning environment and would like to travel and see Asia, learn a new language, and get to know a different culture, consider everything Seoul has to offer.

They Offer World Renowned Education for Free

Universities in Seoul and Busan in South Korea are some of the toughest ones to get into, and the competition is serious. These institutions are leading when it comes to engineering of any sort. Their schools are top-notch and offer amazing opportunities. And on top of all that, the government of South Korea finances your studies. You don’t have to worry about tuition fees, you can even get numerous scholarships and allowances, and they will even offer you free language classes. Their policy is that all they value and respect is knowledge, which directly reflects on their economy. All that you would have to do is study, they take care of the rest.

Buildings in South Korea
Move to Seoul and get to know another culture

Paris Is Not Just the City of Light

When we think of Paris, France, the first thought that comes to mind is the view of the Eiffel Tower, then croissants, wine, and high fashion. It would be a disgrace not to add excellent universities and school systems to that list. Studying in Paris seems like a dream come true, you get to experience the beauty of Paris while gaining world-class knowledge.

Students Always Fall In Love With Paris

With its rich history and culture, there is no one that would not be enticed by this gorgeous city. It has everything – endless possibilities and opportunities only such a vibrant place could offer, all the while providing the greatest possible learning opportunities. And once you’re done with your schoolwork for the day, you can take a walk down to the beautiful river Seine, admire the Paris architecture and museums, and view the artwork.

Paris is perfectly located for you to go traveling through Europe and visit different countries. It’s clear why students each year fight for an opportunity to live in Paris. The language is easy to learn, any field you’re interested in will undoubtedly be covered by amazing professors and lectures, and you have many world-renowned universities to choose from, such as:

  • Sorbonne University,
  • Ecole Polytechnique (ParisTech),
  • CentraleSupélec.

Do Thorough Research On the Best Cities for Education Before Deciding to Move

Your years spent as a student will be the most memorable ones of your life. That’s why it’s so important to make the right decision and find a place you will enjoy and fit in, all the while ensuring you have a bright future. Whether you choose to move to London, Paris, or even Barcelona, make sure to follow your dreams and study things you’re really interested in. That way, you will always do what you love. Once you decide on the perfect destination for you, call movers to help you move there safely and efficiently.

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