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Moving Overseas? How to Excel in Relocating to a New Country

Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

Whatever your relocation reasons, planning a move to a new country can be both an exciting and challenging experience. However, if you want a smooth transition, all you need is our comprehensive guide for moving overseas. We can help you get on your way to mastering relocation – make sure you memorize these tips before you start organizing your move.

The key to excelling in relocating to a new country is being prepared. Before you move, it is important that you research the place you want to call home. This will help you be prepared for any cultural differences you may encounter and give you the same basic knowledge about laws and community. You should also calculate your budget, choose the best movers to help you with the move, and get your paperwork in order. Additionally, if you want to work in a foreign place, ensure you research the job market and apply for the positions you see fit.

When Moving Overseas Find a Great New Place to Call Home

Some reasons to move, such as those connected to your work, won’t allow you to choose your future country or city. However, if you have yet to decide where to move overseas, the options ahead of you are truly endless. Many areas in the world are great places to live, but your requirements and circumstances will determine which country and the international city are appropriate for you. Here are a few things to think about while choosing some of the best places to live abroad for yourself:

  • Do you wish to reside in a place where English is the dominant language, or are you willing to try breaking the language barrier?
  • What is your relocation budget?
  • Do you want to move to a nation with a culture similar to yours, or are you looking to experience a cultural shock and learn from it?
  • Will you have enough job opportunities in your field when you move to another country?
  • Is the country you want to relocate to safe?
  • Does a new country have different expat communities and a vast expat population?
  • Does it suit your preferable climate and way of life?

Living overseas can be an exciting adventure but also a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where you want to live. Do research before you move and find a place with everything you’re looking for in a new home. Once you’ve found the perfect place to call home, research the area and learn as much as you can about your new community. This will help you make the most of your overseas experience and adjust to your new country faster.

Check Out the Best Countries for Expats


Switzerland consistently ranks highly in global surveys on quality of life, and it’s not hard to see why. The country has excellent infrastructure, a high standard of living, exceptionally high salaries, amazing international schools, and a low crime rate. It’s also home to some of the world’s most beautiful mountain scenery, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. If you’re considering the best places to live in Europe, note that Switzerland can be an excellent choice.

New Zealand

Some people are attracted by the country’s natural beauty and perfect climate, while others are drawn by the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle. Many people also find that New Zealand offers a great work-life balance, with plenty of outdoor activities and adventure opportunities. Therefore, no matter what your reasons for relocating are, New Zealand is one of the best choices.


Spain has a lot to offer, whether you are looking for a permanent move or a temporary base. With its diverse landscape, rich history and culture, and friendly people, there is something for everyone in Spain. There are many reasons why people choose to move to Spain, like the weather, the relaxed lifestyle, and the chance to experience a different culture. However, for many expats, it is the combination of these factors that makes Spain such an appealing destination.


In Ireland, you can enjoy a high standard of living without spending a fortune. The country’s healthcare system is excellent, and its cities are clean and safe. Additionally, the Irish people are warm and welcoming, making it easy to settle into your new home. Ireland is also home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, with rich culture and history that make many expats from all around the world choose this place to move to.

Go Over Your Finances Before Moving Abroad

If you want to live abroad, one of the first concerns when planning a move will be budgeting. You must be realistic about your finances to avoid additional relocation stress. It’s important to have a clear understanding of your income and expenses before you make the decision to move. Otherwise, you could find yourself in over your head financially.

You should research the cost of living in your new country. Find out how much things like rent, food, and transportation will cost you in your new location, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to afford them. Try talking to expats who have already made a move and decide whether you’ll live on your own or get a roommate after the move.

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of shipping your belongings overseas and the trip itself. This can be a significant expense, so make sure you take it into account when you’re budgeting for your move. Additionally, try to give yourself some breathing room while looking for a job – save up between three and six months’ worth of money.

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Hire the Best International Moving Company to Help You Move

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make when relocating abroad is choosing the right international moving company. A good mover will be able to help you move efficiently by providing professionalism, punctuality, excellent packing services, guidance on customs regulations, and much more. They’ll also be able to give you an estimate of how much your move will cost right from the start, so you can budget accordingly.

When you’re ready to start looking for international moving services, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, get recommendations from people who have recently moved abroad. They’ll be able to give you first-hand insight into which companies provide the best service and which ones are prone to relocation scams. You should also do some research on your own, using resources like the Better Business Bureau website to look for customer reviews.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, be sure to get quotes from several different companies so you can compare prices. And finally, don’t forget to ask about any additional fees to avoid unexpected costs. By taking the time to choose the right international movers, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive safely and on time without having to spend a fortune.

Ensure That Professionals Can Also Ship Your Car

Relocating a car by driving all the way to a new country is not only unsafe but often impossible. Still, today, having a car is a necessity rather than a luxury, so many look for professional overseas vehicle shipping services to help them with this task. Getting your car shipped is the best way to ensure that it arrives safely and promptly, so make sure your company offers this service.

Professional shippers have the experience and expertise to get your car shipped quickly and efficiently. They’ll know all the ins and outs of the shipping process, so you can rest assured that your car is in good hands. Also, shipping companies have the necessary equipment to get your car safely to its destination, and they usually offer full insurance for your vehicle. In the event that something does happen to your car during shipping, you’ll be covered.

Find a Way to Bring Your Pet to a New Country

If you’re relocating with cats or plan to move with dogs, note that you’ll have to make arrangements for them as well. Relocating with pets has never been simple, but doing it overseas is trickier. First of all, you must research the nation’s pet import regulations. There’s a considerable chance that your pet needs to have specific immunizations before traveling to a foreign country. On top of it, keep in mind that some dog breeds, for example, are prohibited from importing into certain countries – make sure you know all about it before deciding where to live.

After you’ve complied with all pet import regulations and criteria, you’ll need to decide how you’re going to transport your furry friend. To do this, we advise consulting with a vet, looking into airline rules, and perhaps getting in touch with a pet relocation agency.

A dog lying on the carpet
Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to animal import

Don’t Forget to Gather the List of Documents Necessary for Moving Internationally

There are a lot of things to think about when you’re relocating abroad – even beyond the obvious considerations of finding a new place to live and getting settled into a new country. One of them is gathering essential paperwork for your move, such as:

  • A government-issued passport – the most important document required to prove your citizenship and identity;
  • A visa – this travel document enables a visitor to enter a country for a certain purpose and remain there for a predetermined time;
  • Work permit – in many different countries, in order to work, tourists and new citizens must first get a formal work permit. You should be able to get a work permit with the help of your new company;
  • Birth certificates – it’s important to have a birth certificate that lists your name, gender, birth date, birth city, and parents. If you’re not relocating abroad alone, note that all family members must have their certificates;
  • Driver’s license – a document that offers a second means of identity verification in addition to a passport;
  • A marriage certificate or proof of divorce – they are formal records of your marital status that can be used for tax purposes, to prove your relationship to your spouse, or to change your last name;
  • Social security number – throughout your journey, keep your social security card issued in the United States safe to avoid possible identity theft;
  • Health and vaccination history – in some cases, entering a country requires you to provide proof of your vaccination status, especially if you’re relocating during COVID-19;
  • Student records – you must take your children’s academic records with you if you are relocating with school-aged children. This will facilitate their move to a new school and guarantee that they can enroll in time. Additionally, school records are a must if you’re the one relocating for education.
A woman going through stacks of paper
A list of necessary documents will make your move smooth

Start Looking For Employment a Few Months in Advance

Finding employment when relocating abroad can be challenging – but not impossible. That is why it is important to start your job search on time. The sooner you start searching, the better your chances of landing a job.

First, you should research the job market in your new country. This will give you a better idea of what jobs are available and what skills are in demand. Second, try to get your foot in the door by volunteering or interning with a company or organization in your new country. This can be a great way to make connections and learn about the local job market.

Finally, be sure to brush up on your language skills before moving abroad. Many countries require fluency in their native language in order to work, so it is important to be able to communicate effectively in the official language of your new country.

If you’re looking for some valuable tips on how to get a job before you move to another country, check the following video:

YouTube video

Embrace the Change and Enjoy the New Adventure

Relocating across the world is always a big change. It’s a new adventure that comes with new challenges, and it can be both exciting and daunting. But it’s also an opportunity to learn about different cultures, make new friends abroad, and experience new things. As long as you stay open-minded and prepare for a transition as much as possible, you’ll be able to adjust to a new home, no matter where you decide it to be. Of course, so you can enjoy this adventure to the fullest, make sure you get help from the best international movers that can provide you with the ultimate relocation experience.

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