Coping With Relocation

Coping With Relocation

Coping With Nostalgia During the International Relocation

Dealing with the feeling of longing for one’s homeland and familiar comforts is a crucial aspect of the emotional journey when moving internationally. Coping with nostalgia can often be overwhelming. This guide provides insights and strategies to manage these emotions effectively, embracing the new while honoring the past.

Hannah Michaelson January 24, 2024
Coping With Relocation

Understanding Adjustment Insomnia – Causes, Symptoms, and Solutions

Adjustment insomnia often emerges in the wake of moving internationally, presenting unique challenges to sleep patterns. This specific form of sleep disturbance is triggered by the stress and unfamiliarity associated with relocating across borders. Our guide aims to explore insomnia symptoms, causes, and treatment, ensuring a smoother transition and healthier sleep habits.

Hannah Michaelson December 28, 2023
Coping With Relocation

Is Moving Traumatic? How to Cope With Relocation Stress

Relocating to a new place can be both exciting and overwhelming. For many, the process brings a mix of anticipation and anxiety as they leave behind familiar surroundings and step into the unknown. But is moving traumatic in the full sense of the word? Unpacking the emotional and psychological impact of relocation, this article offers insights and strategies to navigate the challenges of change and ease the stress associated with starting anew abroad.

Hannah Michaelson October 25, 2023
Coping With Relocation

Everything You Should Know About Moving to a Cold Climate

Moving to a cold climate can be scary for someone who isn’t used to freezing temperatures, snow, and other “wintery” things. When you don’t know how to handle these changes, it’s normal to feel some anxiety. You don’t need to worry too much about the bad things that could happen, because the change will be easier if you’re prepared for everything.

Julie Grace December 28, 2022
Coping With Relocation

Anxiety About Moving Out – What Is It and How to Deal With It

Moving internationally is a big step for anyone. It’s a time of change and uncertainty, which can be overwhelming for even the most level-headed person. For some people, the anxiety about moving out can be so severe that it prevents them from making the move altogether. So, what is this anxiety about moving out, and how can you deal with it?

Daisy Wilson November 22, 2022
Coping With Relocation

5 Benefits of Moving Internationally Every Expat Should Know

Whether you’re someone who’s moved a few times or never at all, relocating abroad is a big challenge. It elevates the relocation experience up a few notches and poses bigger challenges, but overall, many benefits of moving overseas are good for the long run. Check out the five reasons why you should move abroad soon.

Gemma Collins April 28, 2022
Coping With Relocation

What Is Culture Shock and How to Deal With It When Moving Abroad

Moving overseas implies a lot of changes. Cultural adjustment to new environments is another thing to overcome, and the truth is – some customs and traditions can surprise you. Here is how to cope with culture shock and adjust to new environments more easily.

Kate Holland October 12, 2021
Coping With Relocation

A Guide to Making Friends Abroad – What to Do to Endear Yourself to Locals

About 9 million US citizens are living overseas. If you are thinking about moving internationally, you are lucky – making friends abroad has never been easier. With the help of social media and other platforms, people are more connected than ever before.

Daisy Wilson October 6, 2021
Coping With Relocation

Tips That Can Help You Overcome Moving Stress When You Are Relocating Abroad

Keeping everything under control when organizing international moving will undeniably cause you a lot of moving stress. Believe it or not, relocation is recognized as one of the most stressful life events that could lead to severe anxiety and depression. However, there is a way to avoid all unnecessary worries and go through the whole process with a flow!

Jane Davis September 27, 2021
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