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Making Friends in a New City – How to Do It When You Move Abroad

Daisy Wilson

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Moving and making friends in a new city can be daunting. Whether you’re moving for work, school, or just a change of scenery, it can be tough to meet new people and make friends in a new city. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ease the transition and help you make friends in your new city.

Moving to a new city alone can be both exciting and scary. On one hand, you have the opportunity to start fresh and create a whole new life for yourself. But on the other, you’re leaving everything and everyone you know behind. One of the most difficult aspects of relocating to a new city is making friends. Here are a few tips to help you make friends in your new city.

Making Friends in a New City – If You Can Connect With Friends of Your Friend

It’s nearly impossible to relocate overseas and immediately know how to meet friends in a new city. So it’s time to ask your old friends for help till you acquire some effective friend-making techniques. See whether your present friends have any connections in the country you recently relocated to. You can post on social media that you are planning to relocate to that country and city and ask if anyone knows anybody there. You never know who may respond and help you connect with those people. You should be able to pick up a few contacts with a little luck. And when you do, be sure to get in touch with them and schedule a drink.

You Can Reach Out Even Before the Move

If any friend contacts you saying they can connect you with people in the country you are planning to move to, it would be good to reach out to these folks before you relocate. Not only that they can help you with preparation, like getting all the proper travel documents and finding an international moving company. They can even help you find a place to live before you relocate or even get you a new job. You never know who has what kind of connections.

Also, go online and find an expat community in the country you are relocating to. Connecting with folks who have already been in the same situation as you can help you a lot. You can pick up some tips on how to learn a new language and, most importantly, how to make friends in a new city. They can give you some advice on where you can go out and meet people this way.

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How to Meet New People in a New City – Use Technology to Meet New People

Making new acquaintances in a new city is never simple. It requires a lot of work, preparation, and bravery. As a result, at first, you could be searching for effective strategies for quickly connecting with others who share your interests. Thankfully, there are lots of apps for mobile devices that can assist you in doing that. One such app is Meetup. It is like Tinder, only for friends. It operates in thousands of places and should enable you to locate and, ideally, make friends with locals who share your interests.

Man holding the phone with apps
It has never been easier to connect with other people

Make Friends in a New City by Bonding With Coworkers

If you are moving internationally for a job that requires going to the office, then – great. Not only that you will get a chance to explore the city much better, but you will meet new people on the job. You may need to break the language barrier faster and get out of your comfort zone. One of the best methods to meet people in a new city is to be more approachable and social at work. Consider the fact that you already engage with your coworkers every day and that you apparently have something in common with them. The time is right to attempt and get to know them better right now.

Hopefully, the company you work for will also host extracurricular activities like happy hours and sporting events. Why not meet together for drinks after work or to watch the game with some of your coworkers in addition to eating lunch with them?

group of people sitting inside a room
Bonding with coworkers is the best way to get new friends

Be a Good Neighbor and Throw a Housewarming Party

One of the benefits of living alone is that you will be able to throw a housewarming party. And yes, even if you relocate to some of the best countries to live in, going to a housewarming party of a complete stranger that just moved into a building may be a cultural shock for them. And don’t be surprised if little people show up. But you never know, people may surprise you and come. Set up a relaxed gathering in your home and invite your neighbors to a casual hanging out. Since you never know where you’ll meet your next close friend, this is your actual chance to learn more about your neighbors.

And even if nobody shows up, you will send a message that you are friendly and that you want to meet your neighbors. Also, try to be kind and friendly, be available if someone needs your aid, and always give your neighbors credit for any support you get.

It doesn’t have to be difficult at all to make friends in a new city; friendships can develop naturally if you’re approachable, courteous, and appreciative of the locals. People will want to be around you more and more if you show them that you genuinely care about them and are optimistic.

You Can Get a Dog and Meet Other Pet Owners

If you are relocating with a dog, then great – you are one step closer to making friends in a new city. If you don’t have a dog, think about getting one. Not only that you will feel less lonely at home with your furry friend beside you, but you will have the opportunity to meet other dog owners.

After the stressful move, it makes sense that you might not want to spend a lot of time and effort making new friends in the new city. Nevertheless, whether you realize it or not, becoming settled in a new place is precisely the period when you’ll require friends the most. Think about using the Meet My Dog app to help your beloved pet make new pals as well! Get that dog from a shelter and do something good for the neighborhood.

Get a Bike and Meet Others That Cycle Around the City

Once you book your movers for moving services and all your stuff arrives, take out your bike and start exploring your new surroundings. If you don’t have a bike, now is the time to consider purchasing one, especially if you are relocating to some European countries, where riding a bike to work is completely normal and common. Purchasing a bicycle and riding it whenever you have the chance is one option if you’re worried about how to make acquaintances after moving overseas. In reality, having a bicycle can be really advantageous, especially if you’ve relocated to a city that has a high Bike Score and is bicycle-friendly. Take a look at this video with the best bike tours you can find in Europe.

YouTube video

Sign Up for Some Classes

Moving abroad doesn’t mean you need to stop with your hobbies. Even if you relocate across the world, there is a huge chance you will find the same hobbies there. If your hobby is solitary, where you collect stamps or comic books, there is a big chance that someone in this town is also interested in the same things. You can search online and see if these people have monthly meet-ups to exchange views on their collections.

If you were attending some classes in your old town, like dancing or painting, you can try and find these classes in your new town as well. Not only that you will keep on doing what you like, but you will get a chance to meet new people. And since you are in the same class, the chances are you have similar tastes in life.

On the other hand, if you haven’t had any hobbies before, now is the time to consider some. Art classes are the best option you can choose. The majority of people in art classes have a larger need to express themselves and are more receptive to forming new friendships. Thus, many experts encourage newcomers to cities to remain with those classes. The options are virtually endless and include things like ikebana, improv, creative writing, photography, painting, and craft classes. Martial arts are also common solution in such circumstances, but those who have recently moved to a new city favor taking dancing classes.

Other Things You Can Do to Meet New Folks

As you can see, making friends abroad is not easy, and you will have to leave your comfort zone and make some effort. And yes, we understand that making friends in old age can be a challenging and exhausting experience, but living in a new country will simply be intolerable if you don’t connect with someone. Here are some other things you can try out if nothing above sounds good enough.

Sign Up for Language Class

Not only that you will learn a new language much better, but you will get to meet people who are also expat like you. Who knows, maybe someone from your state is also living there, and you make a connection.

Sign Up for a Gym or Yoga

Going to the gym or yoga classes is not only good for your mental and physical health, but you will get to meet people from your neighborhood. Be brave and engage in conversation – in time, you will make new friends.

Hang Out in a Bar

It may seem like an awkward thing to do in a foreign country, but don’t worry, people like having fun all over the world. And if you like good times and music, make sure you go out at least once a week. You will most likely make connections the first night out and find new pals to hang out with.

Sign Up to Volunteer

No matter if you relocate to Argentina or Bangkok, there will be non-profit organizations there where you can sign up to do some charity work. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet new like-minded people and, who knows, maybe even make friends along the way.

Let Professionals Handle Your Move While You Are Making Friends

If you’re moving internationally, don’t worry! It may seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of ways to make friends in your new city. Start by connecting with friends of your friends, use technology to meet new people, and attend events and activities that interest you. With a little effort, you’ll be making friends in no time.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you need to worry about when relocating abroad. But there are things you can do to ease off the stress, and hiring movers is one of those things. They will do everything from packing service to car shipping, leaving you enough time to deal with other important things, like contacting new people in the country you are trying to move to.

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