Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist for All Expats

The relocation is always stressful, and we all want to make it effortless and less painful. If you’re thinking about relocating overseas, you should create an ultimate American moving abroad checklist for this complex task. It’s essential to have a good plan and go step by step, so you don’t miss anything important, and the whole adventure of relocating across international borders will go smoothly.

Steven Rogers April 17, 2021
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Ultimate List of the Best Toronto Neighborhoods for US Expats

Choosing between Toronto neighborhoods is a bittersweet task – there are numerous areas that will catch your eye, but you still have to decide for one among the best neighborhoods in Toronto. Since many newcomers have the same problem, we wanted to help and to give you a quick insight into amazing Toronto districts.

Blake Shaw December 1, 2020
Moving Checklist

9 Things to Know Before Moving to Finland

Finland, the Land of the Midnight Sun and magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is generally acclaimed as Europe’s happiest country. If you are moving to Finland, keep reading to find out how to prepare for your new adventure in one of Europe’s most popular expat destinations.

Eva Johnson August 22, 2020
Moving Checklist

The Ultimate List of the Best Vegan Cities Around the World

Are you considering moving to some of the best vegan cities around the world? Luckily, you’re not alone. Various animal-free diets already hold firm ground in Western countries, while the number of vegans and vegetarians is slowly increasing globally as well. Besides, according to recent surveys, nearly 40% of millennials identify as vegetarians worldwide.

Blake Shaw May 16, 2020
Moving Checklist

Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Montreal

If you want to organize a trip or even move to Quebec’s most populous city, a guide to the best neighborhoods in Montreal, Canada, will help you find the one that most accurately corresponds with your image of a perfect place to live in.

Eva Johnson May 5, 2020
Moving Checklist

Moving to Vancouver – an Expat’s Guide for 2020

More and more Americans who decide to move out of the US and become expats are choosing Canada as their new home. The Great White North has more than a few places with excellent quality of life, nice weather, and a variety of job opportunities, but moving to Vancouver presents itself as a perfect option for many.

Blake Shaw April 15, 2020
Moving Checklist

Moving Abroad Alone – How to Survive and Thrive in a New Country

If anyone ever told you that moving could be hard, there is no scenario that supports this claim better than the one where you are moving abroad alone. Depending on where you want or need to move, you may be in for a huge cultural shock, and everyday life can be very far from what you are used to so far. And maybe the toughest part of it – you’ll be going through it on your own.

Blake Shaw April 13, 2020
Moving Checklist

Wondering What Is the Best European Country to Live In? We Have Some Suggestions

Have you been thinking about moving somewhere abroad and meeting different cultures, interesting people, and tasting unfamiliar food delicacies? Maybe you should take into consideration the Old Continent with its blend of rich history and modern, highly-developed economies. But first, you have to find the best European country to live in, and we’re here to help you out in your quest by offering our list of favorites.

Eva Johnson April 1, 2020
Moving Checklist

Breaking the Language Barrier – How to Do It and What Are the Benefits

The chances are you already speak the second most spoken language in the world  – English, but breaking the language barrier when it comes to any other tongue can take some time

Eva Johnson March 23, 2020
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