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9 Things to Know Before Moving to Finland

Finland, the Land of the Midnight Sun and magnificent Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, is generally acclaimed as Europe’s happiest country. If you are moving to Finland, keep reading to find out how to prepare for your new adventure in one of Europe’s most popular expat destinations.

First, be sure to know your facts. Finland, or Suomi in Finnish, is a bridge between West and East. However, its proximity to Russia’s Arctic climate makes the weather quite distinct. The capital city is Helsinki, and it’s the most popular destination for expats. The Port of Helsinki is among the busiest passenger ports in Europe. Finnish and Swedish are two official languages. Even though many people speak fluent English, you’ll have a better experience of life in general if you learn the local language. As a member of the European Union, Finland’s official currency is Euro (€).

1.  Is Finland a Good Place to Live?

If you are looking for the best European country to live in regarding the living standards, you should move to Suomi. The healthcare system has been widely praised, people are feeling safe, every public service is there for its citizens, and income gaps are almost invisible. Regarding healthcare, be sure to check if you have the fitting travel and health insurance that will cover your medical expenses.

If you were wondering is it expensive to live in Finland, know that the answer is yes. Median monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment here is around $772, while in the US is approximately $746. The difference is not that big, but know that with good work, you’ll be able to save some money every month. Suomi is one of the best places to live abroad, so be sure to contact international moving services and decide to make a new home in this beautiful country.

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2.   Moving to Finland With a Family

This is also one of the best places to live abroad with family. Apart from the low crime rates, the Finnish education system is excellent and praised worldwide. Teachers are highly valued, and tuition is free. Helsinki is among the best cities to live in Europe regarding the school quality, but the rest of the country doesn’t lack the finest education either. If you decide to move somewhere else in the country, note that getting around will be easier with your car. Therefore, be sure to hire overseas vehicle shipping if this is your case.

kids in school
If you are moving with a family, you can rest assured that your kids are getting the finest education.

3.  Paperwork Checklist for Non-EU Citizens

Before you relocate, make sure to have all documents needed to travel abroad. But is it difficult to immigrate to Finland? Like with any other place, the bureaucracy will be the most complicated part of your relocation. However, don’t let that scare you. Depending on your reasons to move, there will be different visa options. You can refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and check in detail what you need to apply for one. If you are moving with cats or dogs, be sure to check what paperwork is required. Apart from the proof of the vaccinations and pet’s passport, you should also consider other rules and regulations.

4.   Non-EU Citizens Are Required to Obtain a Residence Permit

If you plan to stay here for more than 90 days, you must obtain a residence permit. Immigrating to Suomi is impossible without this permit, so be sure to obtain it before you move. There are a couple of specific requirements, and you can read about it on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

5.   You Must Acquire a Personal Identity Code

Anyone living here is required to have a personal identification code. You can apply to get one together with your residence permit request. If you are moving temporarily, you can apply for this code at your local office when you arrive. If you change the address or move to a different city, you must inform the registered office.

visa aplication
If you want to make this place your home, you must obtain all necessary documentation

6.  Finding Work in Finland

If you are relocating without work, you can register at the TE Employment Service to help you find employment. Apart from that, you can also search for a job online or in the newspapers. On the other hand, if you are expanding your business here, you can hire corporate moving services to help you move your office.

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Things to Know When Moving to Finland

Living overseas can be the most transformative and exciting experience a person can have. That being said, some experiences you will have to collect yourself. However, here are some essential things you should be aware of before relocating.

7.   Finland’s Climate: Summer Is Warm and Mild

Suomi is widely known for its cold climate. However, the weather is pretty diverse and can vary throughout the year. The country’s warmer month is July, and the temperature can range from 65°F to 74°F. The warmest temperature can be found in the south-west region, especially on islands located in the Baltic Sea.

8.   Finns Like to Spend Time in Nature

If you are a nature lover, you’ll be thrilled to move here. No matter the season, there’s plenty of space for outdoor activities. According to the World Health Organisation, Finland’s air is the cleanest in the world. If you are moving abroad alone and are searching for solitude, this country could be your answer. Finns like to spend a lot of time outside, and it can be noticed that most of them are hiking alone. They are very private and are immensely connected to nature. The so-called “Everyman’s Rights” refers to everyone’s right to enjoy the outdoors regardless of who occupies or owns the area.

9.   Learning Finnish Will Help You Integrate Easily Into the Community

You will survive speaking only English here. Finns are known for their fluent English, and if you go to the supermarket or visit a doctor, you won’t need a knowledge of the local language. However, like in any other place in the world, you will better understand the culture and its people if you decide to learn Finnish. There are language courses at the TE Employment Service you can attend.

learning languages
Among the first steps of starting a life here is learning the local language.

Move to the Happiest Country in the World

And that’s a wrap on things to know before relocating to this amazing place. Hopefully, this article will come in handy when you start preparing for your move. According to the UN’s Happiness Report in 2019, Suomi was ranked first as the happiest place in the world. If anything, this is the crucial reason to move here, and when you do, make sure to hire the best storage and packing services there are. We are confident you won’t regret the decision to start a new life in the best place Europe can offer.

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