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Your Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Montreal

If you want to organize a trip or even move to Quebec’s most populous city, a guide to the best neighborhoods in Montreal, Canada, will help you find the one that most accurately corresponds with your image of a perfect place to live in.

Before we move on to our list of the most desirable communities, let’s go over a few facts about this incredible metropolis. Also known as “La Metropole,” this is Canada’s second-most populous city and the most populous one in the Francophone province of Quebec. Its name comes from Mount Royal, the hill in the heart of the city. In 2017, the population counted 1.78 million, with French as the official language, spoken at home by half of the population. The rest of the residents use English (around 22%) and other languages (18%) at home.

Its Majesty, Plateau Mont-Royal

If you consider yourself an artist or aspire to become one, Plateau Mont-Royal might be the perfect place for you in Quebec, if not in entire Canada. Besides being considered as a large neighborhood in general, it also has the most significant number of artists per capita in Canada.

Streets of Plateau Mont-Royal are filled with bars, restaurants, and shops. Therefore, it has a reputation for being a very vibrant, energetic, and friendly neighborhood. Another beautiful thing about Plateau is Park Lafontaine.

During the summer, the park is a favorite spot for those who love lakeside walks and picnics. On the other hand, when winter knocks at the door, Park Lafontaine becomes a gathering point for skating enthusiasts.

Getting to Downtown Will Be a Piece of Cake

Due to its favorable location northeast of Downtown, Plateau is one of Montreal’s most desirable places for settling inDowntown is such a short trip away that you can reach it on foot or, of course, by using the bus or metro.

Due to the increased popularity of the neighborhood, the rents are also rising at a steep rate. Despite this, Plateau is still considered affordable, especially if you live with someone and share costs.

park in Montreal
Park Lafontaine is the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal

Old Montreal – the Historical Heart of the Town

Did you know that Old Port, today the historic district of Old Town, once was the site of the original city of Montreal? Nowadays, it attracts tourists from all over the world, as well as young professionals looking for a job and a charming place to stay in. Renting is quite expensive here, which makes it not so affordable for families with kids.

When Old Meets New

With its historical background, Old Montreal is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Year by year, pedestrianized streets with lavish buildings, including the Basilica of Notre-Dame, attract scores of people from all over the world.

Tourists are typically mesmerized by horse-drawn carriages, historical buildings, modern shops, bars, hotels, and restaurants all in one place. Even some hotels, since they are located in Old Town, point out that they are millennial-friendly.

Even if you plan to move here permanently rather than visiting as a tourist for a couple of weeks, the old charm of this district will definitely leave quite an impression on you.

street signs
Tourists love Old Town.

The Multilingual Mile End

Let’s start with a question – Who doesn’t like Denny Crane? If you are not familiar with who Mr. Crane is, we suggest you watch the show called Boston Legal. In the show, one of the leading characters is one and only Denny Crane.

To stop potential confusion, we are mentioning Denny because the actor who played him, Mr. William Shatner, spent his formative years in Mile End. Some will consider it a big plus for the neighborhood. Jokes aside, let’s see what this artsy district can offer to prospective newcomers.

Things That Secured Mile End a Spot on the List of the Best Neighborhoods in Montreal, Canada

If you are wondering which neighborhood is a representative of multiculturality, the answer is – Mile End. In the area that is stylish yet casual, you can hear several languages, including English and Hebrew. It is also a home of a few distinct communities, such as the Hasidic community.

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A Degustation of Bagels Is Highly Suggested

Mile End is famous for its tasty bagels. People from different neighborhoods come to enjoy a delicious pastry. Countless restaurants and bars are also favorite among those who live in the area.

street vendors
Good food, especially bagels, is what attracts people to come to Mile End.

A Quick Guide to Downtown

If you want to experience an energetic and constantly evolving place, Downtown is where you should be. It is home to many festivals and exciting nightlife that attracts tourists and locals alike. Long story short – all Montreal’s hustle and bustle are happening here.

When in Downtown…

If you want a touch of classic North America, you will find it here. It is a business core of the city, but also a heaven for those who love shopping. Other than that, it offers a bit of everything, including museums, such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

For a stunning view, you should go to the top of Place Ville Marie’s observation deck and feast your eyes.

Downtown is also famous for its festival scene, especially the Jazzfest and Just for Laughs. The core of all shows and festivals is Quartier des SpectaclesWhen it comes to sports, to watch a hockey game, you should visit Centre Bell.

art exibit
Don’t miss the chance to visit the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

The Village – a Diversity Hub

If you fancy a retro lifestyle, mark the Village as a neighborhood you should consider.  As in a lot of other communities, the area has its unique nightlife spots as well as restaurants and bars. If you want to truly experience the spirit of the area, you shouldn’t miss a show at Cabaret Mado.

Also Known as Gay Village, It’s the Beating Heart of Montreal’s LGBT Population

The Village is also known as Gay Village and has represented the symbolic heart of Montreal’s LGBT community, but it could also make a lovely home for other demographic groups. It hosts the city’s yearly Pride festival as well as numerous other open-air fests. Besides, the majority of the city’s gay-owned and gay-orientate businesses are located right here.

colorful street
The Village – a neighborhood that embraces differences.

Griffintown, a Neighborhood of Culinary Art

Griffintown is located near St-Catherine Street, and for a long time, it has been associated with Montreal’s Irish community. When it comes to housing, the closer you go to the Lachine Canal, the easier it will be to find cheap accommodation in older buildings.

A Heaven For Foodies

For the past few years, Griffintown has become the number one area for foodies. The reason is that some of the internationally acclaimed chefs have opened restaurants in Notre-Dame Street.

World-class chefs are interested in Griffintown.

Little Italy

Little Italy is a small neighborhood with Italian charm, packed with culture, tastes, food, and music. The center of the area is Jean-Talon farmer’s market.

It Is Affordable to Rent an Apartment

If you want to rent an apartment, but you are not quite sure where, the best solution might be Little Italy. The rent in Little Italy is more affordable than in other areas; it is the right choice for those who want to live alone.

woman holding a flag
Little Italy is a vibrant, colorful, and affordable neighborhood.

Montreal Neighborhoods Are Waiting for You

Whether you plan to visit the most populous city of Quebec as a tourist or want to move here permanently and join one of the largest communities of Americans living outside of the US, there are so many hidden treasures within Montreal neighborhoods you should discover and experience.

However, if you plan to relocate up north, the best tips on how to move abroad and become an expat can be quite helpful. Also, if you are negotiating a job offer while making a list of the best Montreal neighborhoods, think about creating another list of the essential relocation questions to ask the employer, as well.

Moving abroad is a process in which you should not be alone. That’s why, besides having the support of your loved ones, make sure to contact professional movers and get reliable international moving services.

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