Moving Checklist

Moving Checklist

Moving Abroad Alone – How to Survive and Thrive in a New Country

If anyone ever told you that moving could be hard, there is no scenario that supports this claim better than the one where you are moving abroad alone. Depending on where you want or need to move, everyday life can be very far from what you are used to so far.

Kate Holland April 13, 2020
Moving Checklist

Wondering What Is the Best European Country to Live In? We Have Some Suggestions

Have you been thinking about moving somewhere abroad? Maybe you should take into consideration the Old Continent with its blend of rich history and modern, highly-developed economies. But first, you have to find the best European country to live in.

Eva Johnson April 1, 2020
Moving Checklist

Breaking the Language Barrier – How to Do It and What Are the Benefits

The chances are you already speak the second most spoken language in the world  – English, but breaking the language barrier when it comes to any other tongue can take some time

Eva Johnson March 23, 2020
Moving Checklist

Moving to Bangkok – a Guide for American Expats

Are you looking for a place with vast job opportunities, affordable housing, and rich entertainment options? Then moving to Bangkok would be a smart decision. Krung Thep, or the City of Angels, as the locals call it, can be your new home if you are searching for an urban oasis that still has some unique traditional vibes to it.

Kate Holland March 16, 2020
Moving Checklist

Handy Tips for Moving With Dogs to Another Country

Every pet owner would agree that moving with dogs is the only way to go no matter how far away you’re planning to relocate. We’re sure that you can’t imagine your future home without your canine friend, either. Naturally, you also want to make your international move as stress-free as possible for your pup.

Eva Johnson March 12, 2020
Moving Checklist

What Are the Benefits of Learning a Language Abroad

How many times have you thought something like: “I wish I could learn foreign languages somewhere abroad?” And how many times have you actually acted on it? If you believe that learning a language abroad requires a ton of money or impossible adjustments, we’re here to change your mind.

Michael Vaughan March 4, 2020
Moving Checklist

How to Get a Job in Europe as an American – a Complete Guide

It wasn’t an easy decision, but you have made it – you want to relocate to Europe and begin a new life there. But then you’ve come to the question of how to get a job in Europe as an American. An excellent employment opportunity is one of the main factors when choosing your future home, so you should address this issue before you take any other steps.

Kate Holland March 1, 2020
Moving Checklist

Things to Know Before Moving to Another Country for Love

Are you thinking about moving to another country for love? About one in four people are ready to relocate to be together with their romantic partner, according to some surveys. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to do that, keep in mind that the outcome of a “romantic relocation” can’t be compared with relocating for a job or a shorter commute.

Michael Vaughan February 24, 2020
Moving Checklist

Best Tips on How to Move Abroad and Become an Expat

When thinking about how to move abroad, creating a proper plan of action is a necessity for such a complex undertaking. From making a checklist to calculating your budget – you will want to cover all the steps.

Eva Johnson February 14, 2020
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