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What’s the Best Time of the Year to Move Across the Pond?

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Planning to move overseas can feel overwhelming for many reasons, and you’ll soon have to figure out what the best time of year to move is. There must be some specific season people choose for this step because it is more convenient than others. This is true, and you can find all the necessary information in the following article.

International Moving Is a Serious and Complex Process and Choosing When to Move Is a Crucial Part

Whether this is your first time relocating or you consider yourself a veteran, you are probably aware that this process can bring a lot of relocation stress – if not done correctly, of course. Rule number one: If you want to achieve success and move efficiently, stay organized and focused on your goals. This is why you’re supposed to begin your preparation by writing a comprehensive relocation to-do list and planning all the potential expenses and the relocation budget. You should also decide what to pack and plan what you want to buy for your new apartment once you start living overseas.

Another important thing to consider when planning everything is the period you’re going to choose for the upcoming move, especially if you’re hiring an international moving company. Usually, their prices will depend on the period when you hire them – some seasons and days are busier than others, so the prices get higher during them.

Why Is the Period for Moving Important When Hiring Professional Movers?

No matter how well prepared you think you are, if you need overseas shipping, there is no one that can help you in this better than a licensed and trustworthy relocation company with years of experience. When hiring a professional company, you’ll definitely notice a difference in prices. What causes these differences, you may wonder. Apart from the relocation services you choose and the company’s policy, the period you choose for relocating affects the final price the most.

As we already mentioned, companies have busier and less busy seasons, so logically, the more popular seasons can be more expensive. Almost everyone chooses to move during this period because of good weather conditions and many other reasons to move right during this period. Find out what time of year is the best time to move with our fantastic moving tips.

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When Is the Best Time of Year to Move Out? Every Season Brings Some Pros and Cons for Moving

What is the best time of the year to move? Moving internationally is much more complex than relocating within the same state or country. In most cases, the farther you go, the bigger changes you can expect, especially because of the different weather and time zones. You can leave your country midsummer only to move across the world where winter is at its highest peak.

This is why you should definitely consider weather conditions and find a period that will include the least extreme changes. Usually, these periods include autumn or spring. Even though summer months are most popular for relocation in general, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the most suitable option in your specific situation. This is why you need to find all the necessary weather and climate information about the place you’re relocating to and prepare yourself appropriately.

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Only you can know what timing fits you the most

Things That You Find Beneficial Might Not Be the Most Convenient Solution for Others

The final decision definitely depends on your personal needs, preferences, and relocation budget. For example, for people who plan relocation expenses deduction, the most convenient months are during late fall and winter or early spring. Those that are relocating on a lower budget typically choose a month that is not so popular and less busy – this is one of the top relocation hacks.

This period is more affordable, making it the best option for their specific situation. Those trying to relocate with children, in most cases, prefer to move when children have their summer break, meaning during July and August. If you want to make sure weather conditions don’t get extreme and move during pleasant temperatures (as possible), you want to choose the fall or spring months, as we already mentioned.

Learn more details about every period and decide when to move.


Spring is generally a convenient period, and for many reasons. First of all, weather conditions in most cases start getting better, as temperatures are much milder than during winter. The demand for professional movers is also lighter during March and April than during the following months.


Summer is the most convenient for those who are planning to sell their real estate. Usually, this is the most convenient period on the real estate market for sellers – prices tend to get higher, so you can achieve a better income if you plan to sell your home before relocating. Relocating during summer is also considered ideal for those relocating with school-aged children because this is their school holiday period. International relocation can be stressful for everyone, especially for a child.

You need to acknowledge that they are changing schools, making new friends, and possibly learning a new language, so there is much to adapt to. If your child doesn’t have to attend classes immediately, they will have a longer period to adjust to this transition slowly, step by step. The downside is that professionals are in high demand during this period, so maybe you won’t get lucky with choosing precise dates, plus the services might cost you more.


Fall has pleasant weather conditions in many cases, especially during its early stages. They are sometimes even better than summer because temperatures are lower. The other great benefit of relocating during fall is that you can find a more affordable deal when hiring professionals, as well as a cheaper home to move in.


Winter is definitely the cheapest period to relocate since the demand for professionals is at its lowest point. This is the main reason relocation companies have more flexible schedules, you can discuss different dates and experience some other benefits, but this period is not ideal for children. You will also have to check if your new home is winterized properly and take care of many downsides of relocating in winter and potentially dangerous situations. You may also have to waterproof relocation boxes and so on.

Which Month Is the Best Time to Move?

What is the most popular month to move? Peak moving season begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day weekend. Why is this the peak of the season? Because approximately 70% of moves take place during this spring-summer period. Many would say that this is also the most convenient period, but this will mostly depend on your personal needs and preferences. Families with children consider the July through August period more suitable than September, even though it can be much more expensive.

When it comes to specific month selection, September is, overall, probably a better choice. While it may not be the cheapest option, it is more affordable to move in September than in July and August. When it comes to hiring professionals, the period from mid-September through April is less busy, so most relocation companies usually have lower rates.

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Summertime is the most popular choice, which also makes it the most expensive one

Check if You’re Relocating to a City With Popular Universities and Attract Students – They Usually Have Specific Lease Dates

Since we already covered families, we should also talk about college students and potential renters – they prefer to move during early fall and late spring. This is usually a period when most leases begin and end, making these terms ideal for finding a suitable home. If you move to a big city with many university students relocating there, you may want to avoid relocation during the beginning of September.

You can easily understand why most leases begin in September, but as great as this might sound, it makes things much more complicated. If you take Boston as an example, you will find that the 1st of September is the busiest relocation day simply because most students choose it. If you want to avoid all the traffic jams and other complications, this is the day you probably want to avoid despite being the most popular date. Deal with house hunting earlier if possible – even though you might be able to move into your apartment after this date.

What Time of the Month Is It Cheapest to Move?

What is the cheapest time of year to move? First, you must understand that moving abroad is never cheap. But, there is a way to at least lower potential expenses if you’re ready for compromise.

Choose Mid-Month and Mid-Week and Experience Many Benefits

If you consider all the factors that might affect the price of your move depending on the period of the month and the season, this will usually be some mid-week mid-month day between October and April. Demand during this period is usually much lower, so many companies decide to lower their prices. This video will help you understand why some periods are more suitable than others.

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Which Week of the Month Is Best for Relocating?

It is strongly recommended that you choose a mid-month week for relocating instead of choosing the ones at the beginning or the end. With this choice, you’ll have more flexibility with planning your activities when it comes to precise details, and you’ll avoid busyness. You can also get a better deal and save on relocation costs which is a great benefit of relocating in this period. The first weeks of the month are usually the busiest because most of the leases begin and end during this period, so many people choose them for relocation.

Which Day of the Week Is the Best to Move?

When choosing a perfect date for your relocation, it is always better to choose a weekday than to move on weekends. Relocation anywhere from Monday to Thursday can be better because there is less demand, and you can get better deals. Relocating during weekends will usually increase your relocation costs because of the higher demands – people usually choose weekends because of their jobs and other responsibilities that take place on weekdays.

On the other hand, relocation during weekdays has benefits when you’re relocating internationally. After the relocation process is done, you’ll have a whole weekend to overcome the culture shock and slowly start unpacking your belongings while adapting to the changes of relocating abroad. You will also want to sleep a bit more and adapt to switching zones.

Pro Tip: Choose the Perfect Time of the Day for Relocation

Early AM is usually the most recommended period for moves that happen in the same zone, but choosing a perfect timing won’t be that simple when you’re moving overseas. First of all, you have to find available flights, and most of the flights over the pond happen at night. Maybe you’ll get to your destination during the early morning hours, which can be ideal if possible. If not, you’ll have to adjust the timing and adapt to the change. Switching zones can keep you jet-lagged for some period, so you should know when your shipment is arriving so that you can plan your activities and get some rest.

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Finding suitable timing can also depend on the place you're relocating to

Choose When to Move According to Your Preferences

Now that you understand the concept of choosing perfect timing, you can comfortably organize a move that will suit your standards and preferences. Booking professionals don’t have to be expensive, as you can lower potential expenses by choosing some months and days that are less busy than others. This will allow you to also get packing services or even car shipping. With professional movers, you can also get a free quote that will show you the approximate cost of your move. By switching dates, you’ll also notice that some days prices will be lower, so consider this when making a final decision.

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