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7 Things You Forget to Do When You Move Internationally

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You might think it is impossible to leave something behind when relocating if you have written a checklist. However, when movers arrive and start loading the boxes into the truck, one can quickly lose track of some belongings. Our list of things you forget to do when you move will help you move successfully to the new destination.

As the date of the move is slowly approaching, more and more tasks need to be accomplished. It might slip your mind to prepare an essentials box or hire a babysitter. Having a to-do list of all the most common things people forget to pack and do before moving abroad is crucial for an effortless relocation. Read our checklist and prepare adequately for living in another country.

#1 Compare Free Quotes From Several International Moving Companies

Many people don’t believe it’s necessary to reach out to different relocation companies and compare their estimates. They usually opt to request international moving services from the first firm they are recommended to hire. However, this essential step will determine whether your move will be efficient or a complete nightmare.

Make sure to contact at least three different companies and request free quotes. Prepare an inventory list of all the items you want to transport. Ask the movers to provide you with more information about their full or partial packing services, storage units, and overseas vehicle shipping services.

Making a decision will be easier if you have a better understanding of what each international moving company has to offer. When comparing the estimates, avoid companies that have the lowest prices. It’s most likely a relocation scam, and you might end up deprived of your beloved belongings. The best firm to invest in is the one with good ratings, the best services, and positive reviews and testimonials.

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After Picking a Relocation Company, Run a Background Check

When selecting a firm, the most important part is running a final background check and ensuring you will be leaving your valuable items in reliable and capable hands. Start by researching the company’s licensing credentials. Licensed and registered companies have a US DOT number one can search for on the FMCSA website. With this number, you will get access to the mover’s profile, where it is specified if they are authorized to transport household goods internationally.

Another vital relocation tip is to use the US DOT number to check the firm’s complaint history. Getting an opportunity to see how many complaints have been filed against the movers in the past three years and how they have been resolved will provide you with additional information. Don’t forget this part of the selection process if you want the move to be a success.

Two international movers carrying stuff for their customer moving overseas
Do not fall victim to rogue movers; run a background check

#2 Organize Important Documents and Put Them in One Place

When moving internationally, remembering to pack all of the travel documents is your number one priority. No one wants to experience unpleasant situations with customs officials in case the passport gets misplaced or forgotten at home. So, you should collect and organize all the necessary paperwork. Designate a place in the home where everything will be kept until the relocation day. Here is a list of documents you need:

  • Visa,
  • Passport,
  • Driver’s license,
  • Social security cards,
  • Birth certificates,
  • Medical records,
  • Marriage or divorce certificates,
  • Work permit.

Choose an accordion folder, a shelf in your home, or a desk drawer where the paperwork can be stored. Getting all the documents neatly organized in the beginning stages of preparing for the relocation will allow you to avoid any potential relocation mistakes.

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What About Your Furry Friend? Don’t Leave Travel Documents for Your Pet Behind

Are you planning on relocating with your dog or cat? Then bear in mind that there is vital paperwork that you need to have for the pets to be allowed into any foreign country. The best thing to do before gathering all the documents is to check what vaccinations and import permits the foreign country and the airline demand. Here is a list of basic traveling paperwork you’re going to need before relocating across the world:

  • Customs forms,
  • Proof of microchip,
  • General vaccination certificates,
  • Import permits,
  • Rabies certificates,
  • Flight reservations for your pet.

Start gathering paperwork as soon as you decide to move. Leaving it for later might cause you to forget, or there won’t be enough time for the pet to receive the required vaccinations. It will only complicate your organization and slow down the process.

#3 Remember to Notify Certain People and Companies

Serious problems could arise if you don’t remember to notify certain individuals and companies of your relocation. It could even impact your finances if bills and mail keep arriving at your old address. Before you begin packing fragile items and storing valuable belongings, take some time and contact everyone who needs to know that you’ll soon be living in another location. Here is a list of who to notify:

  • Employer – Among the first who have to be informed are your employer and the HR Department. They have to be aware that you’ll be leaving your position. They might discuss with you the possibility of working in one of their branches if they have an office in the foreign country you’re relocating to.
  • Utility providers – Reach out to the utility company and request a termination of services. For the cancellation, you will be required to provide them with the address of the final bill, social security number, full name, date of relocation, and account number.
  • US Post Office – The mail will be sent to your American address if you don’t change it. Unfortunately, when moving internationally, one cannot simply fill out an online form. It’s necessary to go to the nearest post office and fill out PS Form 3575.
  • Insurance providers – Insurance agencies that provide you with life, dental, and car insurance should be contacted and informed about the move. Ask them what needs to be done in order to be insured in another country.
  • Friends and relatives – Your loved ones should be aware of your move. Throw a farewell party and say goodbye to important people in your life. They might even help you pack and prepare.

Cancel Subscriptions and Memberships Before Relocating to the New Home

In the midst of a stressful move, no one pays attention to subscriptions and memberships. However, it is crucial to cancel the gym membership. It’s pointless to still be a member of the same gym you won’t be going to anymore. The same applies to newspaper and magazine subscriptions. If you don’t make an effort and cancel your monthly subscription, the magazines and newspapers will keep arriving at the same address. Do not let this simple task cause you to pay for something you won’t be using. Include it on your checklist, and you’ll definitely remember to do it before relocating to a new city.

a mailbox
It's time to move! Cancel all memberships and subscriptions

#4 Pack Items From Storage Areas

Storage areas like the basement and attic are usually neglected by people. Things that are stored here are rarely used, and they can easily be forgotten. By the time it dawns on you that there are items in the storage areas that need to be packed, too, you might run out of packing materials and supplies.

It would be best to categorize belongings in the attic and basement. Decide what you want to keep and donate or throw away the rest. While sorting, you might come across photographs, family memorabilia, antique pieces, and valuables. Leaving these belongings behind would be a terrible mistake.

In case there is not enough time to go through all the stuff in the storage areas, invest in storage services and have the crew transfer everything to a safe storage unit. Belongings will be kept in a temperature-controlled space until you decide what you want to move.

#5 Pack an Essentials Box

Some things have to be easily accessible throughout the move. Having everything you require for the last day in the old home and the first day in the new home is crucial. You can choose to prepare an essentials box for each family member or have just one bag for the entire family. Here is a list of everything that should place inside:

  • Travel documents,
  • Toiletries,
  • Small first aid kit,
  • Keys,
  • Chargers,
  • Plastic cups,
  • Plastic utensils and paper plates,
  • Change of clothes,
  • Diapers,
  • Formula for the baby,
  • Easy-to-carry meals,
  • A small tool kit,
  • Garbage bags,
  • Chargers,
  • Kids’ favorite books, games, and toys.

#6 Among the Things You Forget to Do When You Move Is to Hire a Babysitter for Relocation Day

It will be impossible to supervise the movers and watch your children at the same time on relocation day. Children require constant care and attention. Not forgetting to hire a babysitter is of utmost importance. Perhaps relatives and friends will be available and could watch the children while you make sure that at home everything goes according to plan. However, if no one is free on that day, contact a babysitter. Your kids could spend the entire day playing and having fun while you concentrate on urgent matters. This will help you avoid relocation stress.

A pensive child sitting on a box
What should you not forget when moving house? Remember to hire a babysitter

#7 Prepare Your Vehicle For Overseas Vehicle Shipping

Make sure your vehicle gets serviced before the move. Even though it seems like a tedious task, checking whether the vehicle functions properly should be on your relocation checklist. Remember to wash the car inside and out. It will be easier to spot any scratches and damage if it’s polished thoroughly. Also, take pictures of the vehicle so that you document any pre-existing damage to the exterior. Remove personal items and documents. Finally, disable the alarm and make sure that your gas tank is just a quarter full.

A blue car
Among things to remember to do when moving is washing your car


What Should You Move First When Moving?

The first belongings that should be moved are the least used ones. Start packing the storage area and the most difficult rooms. Pack out-of-season clothing, books, decor, kid’s toys, and kitchenware you’re not going to use before the relocation. Then proceed to disassemble furniture and remaining household items. Make sure that nothing gets damaged in the process.

What Should You Not Do When Moving?

You should ensure that you don’t place something that the movers won’t move in cardboard boxes. This mistake could potentially put movers in a dangerous situation and slow down the move. Don’t pack car batteries, relocation documents, jewelry, perishables, fertilizer, or household cleaning products.

Should You Remember to Tip Movers?

Tips are not necessary, but customers who want to show appreciation and gratitude to the crew should remember to pay them at the end of the day. It would be ideal to prepare money for the tips in advance. The workers are commonly paid from 4 to 5 dollars per hour. The crew consists of a foreman, a driver, and a couple of workers. Each person should be tipped individually. Avoid giving the crew tips if they appear to be careless, late, or unprofessional.

What Are The Most Common Things You Forget to Pack?

People tend to leave behind belongings that they use on a daily basis. Some of these are glasses, wallets, keys, medicine, clothes left at the dry cleaners, phone chargers, laptop chargers, disposable cutlery, paper plates, valuables, personal documents, household plants, and gardening tools. It often happens that they do not even pack or include patio furniture on their inventory list. Knowing that these are some of the most commonly forgotten belongings will help you organize the packing process better.

Now You Know Everything That Needs to Be Done Before Moving Overseas?

Our in-depth list of what to remember to do when you move will help throughout this challenging process. Every task that usually gets neglected is included, so you do not have to worry that you won’t do something important. The most crucial tasks are finding the most reputable relocation company, packing an essentials bag, giving tips to the crew, hiring a babysitter, and organizing travel documents. Start planning the move on time so there won’t be any place for mistakes.

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