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5 Most Effective Tips on How to Pack Shoes For Moving

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Whether you are quite comfortable barefooted or you don’t need a greater number of sneakers at your disposal, footwear is an essential part of your everyday life. Keeping your footgear intact and in good condition is incredibly important, and you simply must know how to pack shoes for moving. Although the best method to do it is still up to debate, we can still explore how you can do it easily and without unnecessary stress.

You Cannot Go Anywhere Without Your Footgear, so Treat Them Well

Whatever you do, wherever you go, the chances are that you need at least a couple of pairs for different purposes and activities, even on a daily basis. The shoe is your constant companion, so if you’re moving internationally, it deserves a high place on your to-do list. So, how do you pack shoes for moving in boxes? Let’s take a look at some excellent tips that will help you prepare them properly when relocating abroad.

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#1 Make a Proper Plan and Stick to It

If you’re planning to move across the world, you should know a thing or two about how to pack shoes for a move. Like every other step in the relocation process, you need some kind of order during the procedure. It will be reasonable to:

  • Declutter your collection – Get rid of old and spent footgear, as you can’t take all of them with you.
  • Clean every pair – Ensure your footwear is clean and dry, especially if you plan to keep it in a storage locker. Pay special attention to heels. They are kinda vulnerable.
  • Separate a few essential pairs – The majority of your footwear is not required immediately. Some comfy sneakers and slippers are the only things you’ll need right after the move.
  • Prepare for packing – Make a final decision about your approach and prepare boxes, bags, paper, and a few necessary things for packing shoes for moving.

#2 Start Packing, Think Out of the Box, or Maybe in the Box

As you might have guessed by the title of this chapter, it’s best to put your footgear in high-quality boxes. The whole idea is to bring them to your new home in their original shape. Using a lower-quality box for transportation purposes is one of the common relocation mistakes you should definitely avoid.

The Best Way to Pack Shoes for Moving Is to Put Them Inside Their Original Boxes

If possible, you should find the original boxes for your footwear, as they are the best solution when transporting these types of belongings. And it’s simply due to the fact the items will fit perfectly in it. This can also be beneficial to the footwear you will store in storage, so it is a fairly good idea to keep the originals somewhere, just in case.

A pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers in a box
You've probably kept at least some of the original packaging around your home

How Do You Pack Shoes Without a Box?

If you do not have cardboard in sufficient quantity, you can use plastic crates with lids. If you are wondering, “How do I pack my heels for moving?” know that crates may be an excellent solution. They are solid, so it makes perfect sense to use them in this case. One other potential solution is the use of ordinary suitcases. Most houses have at least one, and since they have wheels and a handle, they can be quite handy (no pun intended).

#3 Do Not Love Your Shoes Just on Paper, Use the Paper to Secure Your Footwear

We would all prefer that our footwear be kept in its original form. Boxes on their own are good preconditions, but they alone are not enough. They are more like shells, the armor you wrap them with. We need something to fill the footwear with. And sure, there are plenty of materials suitable for stuffing footwear, but paper has several significant advantages.

First, it can be found everywhere. Secondly, almost any paper will do the job, and it is a low-cost solution. Additionally, it might be used to wrap your footwear into it if your plan demands such an option. And basically, you can find it for free in your attic (if you tend to keep old newspapers) or on Freecycle. If you plan on moving abroad alone, keeping the costs in check is an absolute priority, especially when relocating without a job. Less money spent means less relocation stress.

#4 Keep the Footwear in Pairs

One shoe without the other is more of a nuisance than anything else. If they aren’t in pairs, the footwear is more or less useless. They will eat up the space in your new home so much that you will probably require additional storage, and that isn’t exactly what you want at the moment. Just remember to keep them together, and you’ll be fine.

Learn How to Take Good Care of Your Footwear Before Packing It

While knowing how to box up your favorite shoe pair will keep it safe when moving overseas, it’s also important to take care of your footwear regularly by waxing it or shining them with cream. If you’re not sure what to do, the following video may help you determine which of these products you should use.

YouTube video

#5 Let the Professionals Do It, as They Know How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Let’s face it – we all want a stress-free move. For that purpose, we often use seasoned professionals, as they are efficient and reliable. To be able to provide you with the best packing services demands great commitment from an international moving company. Although you may know how to pack dishes and other fragile items, sometimes it’s just better to let someone else do the work for you.

Schmidt International Relocations
Professionals can handle this difficult task for you in no time

Don’t Let the Relocation Become a Shoe You Cannot Fill

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know every relocation hack in the book, as the choice of footwear is personal on many levels, depending on your taste and needs. If you feel like our relocation tips are not enough to allow you to move efficiently, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to assist you with this endeavor. After all, you’ll have plenty to look forward to, so it’s better to focus on the bright future and leave the worries behind.

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