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What Are the Benefits of Learning a Language Abroad

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How many times have you thought something like: “I wish I could learn foreign languages somewhere abroad?” And how many times have you actually acted on it? If you believe that learning a language abroad requires a ton of money or impossible adjustments, we’re here to change your mind.

People travel across the globe all the time, getting life experiences, and collecting unforgettable memories. Yes, you’ll have to save money for the plane ticket, but stop struggling with anxious thoughts once and for all. As soon as you reach your desired destination, there are several ways to cut your expenses. We’ve compiled a list of tips and key benefits you may find interesting and helpful if you plan to get international moving services and live and study across the borders.

Being fluent in foreign languages is achievable if you move across the ocean

Learning a Language Abroad Will Offer the Opportunity to Totally Immerse Yourself

What’s the most exciting part of being somewhere far away from home, surrounded by different people and foreign cultures? There’s no way to avoid the unfamiliar words you’ll be hearing all the time. Whatever you do or wherever you go, you’ll be in contact with locals, billboard advertising, TV shows. In other words, expect your mind to be flooded with unfamiliar words daily. A deeper understanding of foreign expressions and expanding your vocabulary are great perks of living overseas.

Go Abroad, Study a Language, and Gain International Experience in a Developing Country

What if your life wish is to study Spanish and be able to communicate with Spanish people? Will you pack your belongings and go straight to Madrid, for example, or Barcelona, where the living costs are a bit higher? Or should you consider other options and kill two birds with one stone?

Most often, a developing country is affordable to study and live in. You don’t have to cross the Atlantic and go to Spain to learn Spanish  – you just can visit Guatemala instead. You can stay with a local family and take conversation lessons every day. Being in touch with the culture, Spanish words, and perhaps specific ways of speaking can help you learn many more words than you could imagine. Knowing a dialect is a special benefit you can’t get in regular courses in the US.

If you wish to be able to communicate in tongues other than English, move to a foreign country

Teach English, Earn a Salary, and Enjoy the New Environment

Facing unfamiliar habits and adapting to a new environment is not for the faint-hearted. But, as soon as you realize that your opportunities are endless, you will weigh the pros and cons of your current situation and decide what to do. The best thing you can start with is teaching English. If you do some preliminary steps before your journey and find a job in advance, you can make some arrangements where your flights and housing will be paid for. So don’t just play for time, hoping that the situation will resolve itself. Make a little effort and enjoy the fruits of your actions.

“To Travel Is to Live”

If you agree with this quote of H.C. Anderson, then immersing yourself in an unfamiliar environment might have long-term benefits. New experiences, strange people, unusual food, and breathtaking scenic views are things that can expand your horizons and provide you with a unique perspective on the world around you. Speaking with the locals, becoming familiar with their traditions, trying unknown fruit or dishes, and swapping your coffee breaks for tea breaks, could have a significant impact on your mindset and future lifestyle.

Visit Spain and Try Spanish Specialties

Each of us has a list of the best places to live abroad. If your ultimate goal is to live and work in Europe or some other Mediterranean country, you should take into consideration Spain. Some of the best cities to live in Europe are right here. This beautiful country has a mild climate, friendly people, reasonable costs of living, gold-sand beaches, and above all, delicious food. If you have difficulties learning Spanish words, after trying tortilla Espanola, pisto, paella, or croquettes, we assure you, your vocabulary will be richer for countless words related to Spanish recipes and dishes.

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By Learning About Different Cultures, You Can Learn a Lot About Yourself

Traveling and moving somewhere abroad, where the environment is entirely different from your hometown, can provide you with lots of new opportunities. For instance, Greece has high scores for hiking and skydiving, rock climbing is very popular in Portugal, and if you want to partake in a country’s national sport – cycling, opt for Belgium. Traveling around the world means having the opportunity to try cool things and discover an activity that can become a lifelong hobby, such as mastering foreign languages. Also, you can find the friendliest countries in the world by chance.

Spain is one of the most welcoming countries in the world

Reading Articles and Being Involved in Daily Activities Is Inevitable

Many people say that reading foreign language books or newspapers has drastically improved their communication and writing skills. If you spend every day in an unfamiliar environment, read local magazines, order food in restaurants, or buy groceries in supermarkets – it is a beautiful way to upgrade your vocabulary and understanding of expressions.

Colloquialisms and Useful Phrases Will Become a Piece of Cake

As a newcomer, you can’t expect to surf your way through the adjustment period – you will venture into a strange area handling spur-of-the-moment situations. In other words, being up to date with slang and facing gobs of embarrassing moments is the “privilege” of an unfamiliar environment. Although it could be quite stressful in the beginning, if you accept this game of give and take, you’ll become an expert for phrases in no time.

Being in a foreign country will have a positive impact on your learning curve

Moving Abroad Encourages Cultural Exchange

There are plenty of online communities whose goal is to encourage cultural exchange and boost international understanding and respect. If you’re planning to visit an expensive country, like Japan or Norway, join online groups, such as CouchSurfing, and get in touch with people that offer a place where you could spend the night, and continue your adventure. The possibility to change different hosts every few nights gives you the chance to meet interesting people and communicate with them in your target language.

Meet Locals and Make Friends

Interacting with so many people will inevitably help you create strong friendships. You will probably find similar interests and conversation topics, but if nothing else, the adventure spirit is something that brings you together. These friendships usually last forever and can only deepen throughout life.

Everyday Challenges Make You Stronger

Although you have the opportunity to learn something new, you’ll have to face an entirely unknown culture and – survive in it. You should count on day-to-day challenges that are not exciting and inspiring all the time, but often demanding and strenuous. However, with a fast-paced lifestyle, you won’t have a minute for sadness or tears. Every day is a day jammed with wonderful events, friendly people, and the possibility to explore unknown cities.

Meeting people far away from your homeland can sometimes make long-lasting friendships

Find Good Programs and Volunteer in a Foreign Country

If you choose to volunteer beyond borders, that could be a great way not just to improve your foreign language, but to feel useful as a part of a bigger community doing something valuable. If you find a good program, you may get free accommodation and pay a symbolic price or nothing at all. Also, this experience could include spending your free time in public elementary schools with other people speaking English.

Cute teen is chatting with friends on her laptop at the floor in nice modern room. She is happy, wearing casual clothes
Volunteering is always an excellent chance to improve your knowledge of foreign languages and meet amazing people

Your Options Are Endless

Fortunately, there are thousands of languages you can learn if you choose to travel, study or work abroad. Today, the world is shrinking and turning into a global village – your only job is to take a pick in the sea of opportunities. Besides private conversation programs, taking online classes, or enrolling in a local university, you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture. Whatever you opt for, one thing is for sure – your life won’t be the same after that experience.

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