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Things to Know Before Moving to Another Country for Love

Are you thinking about moving to another country for love? About one in four people are ready to relocate to be together with their romantic partner, according to some surveys. If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to do that, keep in mind that the outcome of a “romantic relocation” can’t be compared with relocating for a job or a shorter commute.

Blake Shaw February 24, 2020
Moving Checklist

Best Tips on How to Move Abroad and Become an Expat

When thinking about how to move abroad, creating a proper plan of action is a necessity for such a complex undertaking. From making a checklist to calculating your budget – you will want to cover all the steps.

Eva Johnson February 14, 2020
Moving Checklist

Where to Find the Best Places to Live Abroad With Family

When looking for the best places to live abroad with family, what are the things you should take into consideration? Does the cost of living play a major role in your decision-making process? Perhaps you are looking for the most friendly country to relocate to or the safest one?

Eva Johnson February 4, 2020
Moving Checklist

5 Things to Expect When Moving to the Bahamas

Many people across the world share the same dream of living on some beautiful tropical island with clear turquoise water. Well, for those who are making those dreams come true and actually moving to the Bahamas, we’ve prepared a small guide for relocating to this paradise on earth.

Jane Davis January 28, 2020
Moving Checklist

10 Relocation Questions to Ask an Employer and Yourself Before Moving Abroad

Have you decided on moving abroad, and found a job in order to get a visa? Perhaps you’ve landed the job you’ve always dreamed of? Whatever the case might be, there are certain relocation questions to ask the employer before you make any final decisions about relocating your entire life to another country or a continent.

Eva Johnson January 22, 2020
Moving Checklist

A Complete Guide for Living Overseas – the Best Places to Settle Down Abroad

If you are up for an international adventure or the circumstances dictate it, you may be on the verge of deciding to start living overseas. What country will suit you the most will largely depend on how much you are ready to compromise and venture into the unknown.

Eva Johnson January 20, 2020
Moving Checklist

Best Tips for Moving With Cats to Another Country

Did you know that cats can pick up on your emotional states? If you are planning to relocate to a home abroad soon, you should arm yourself with patience since moving with cats may be a challenging process. Felines are known as very intelligent and sensitive creatures who prefer a predictable daily routine. Above all, they want to be in control of their environment.

Eva Johnson January 10, 2020
Moving Checklist

What to Pack When Moving Abroad – the Packing List for Expats

Your relocation date is getting closer, yet again, you still don’t know what to pack when moving abroad. You are getting ready to leave everything behind and go to another part of the world. But how do you prepare for such a significant step in your life?

Blake Shaw December 30, 2019
Moving Checklist

What Are the Friendliest Countries in the World

Whether you are searching for your next travel adventure, or you are moving abroad, it is always important to know something about the country you are going to. Besides local customs, food, and hotels, it is also useful to know what the friendliest countries in the world are.

Blake Shaw December 30, 2019
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