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All You Need to Know About Living in Toronto

Toronto is a perfect choice for individuals looking to start a new life in a foreign country. Everything you need to know about living in Toronto, like career opportunities, housing, utilities, and schools, is right here. If you plan to move abroad, analyzing all the aspects is very important in order to have a stable life in this multicultural city.

Is Toronto a Good Place to Live?

Toronto is a multicultural city, so food, culture, and art scenes are vibrant and diverse. While it’s a little crowded, this is the safest city in North America. There are a lot of job openings, and it’s easier to access the general advancement of professional life than in other American cities. Also, Canada is on the list of best places to live abroad.

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What Salary Do You Need to Live in Toronto?

The salary ranges from $23,800 to $456,600. The average salary per year is $93,700 and per hour is $49. On average, a person with a degree has a 17% higher salary than their colleagues. An individual needs to earn $40,583 annually to meet the cost of living in Canada.

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How Much Does It Cost to Live in Toronto Per Month?

When it comes to Toronto cost of living, it is an expensive city. When it comes to food, the average resident spends about $250 a month on groceries. An average cost for a meal is $20 per person if you have regular spending habits. Next, you shouldn’t forget about taxes. Canadian residents are taxed at the federal and provincial levels on their income. And what about housing, utilities, and transportation?

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Average Rent Per Month

Many great Toronto neighborhoods offer fantastic housing options. The average rent is $2,300 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. For houses, the average selling price is $880,000. Several landlords will ask you to pay tenant insurance, and it can be around $30 a month. While this is not mandatory when living in Toronto, many people who rent decide to invest in it because it is affordable. You can compare some tenant insurance quotes and find the best choice for you.

Basic Utilities

For water, sewage, and garbage disposal, annual costs may vary, but they should be about $600-$700 per year. The average gas bill per month is about $140. If you add electricity and other costs, it can be about $160 a month for essential utilities.

Transportation Costs

The public transportation system runs the subway, buses, and cars. For an adult, the ticket price is $156 a month. The taxi rate depends on the taxi types, and the initial fee is between $4.60 and $7.00. The price of gasoline is $0.90 per 1/4 gallon. You should consider shipping a car overseas if you already have one.

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Living in Toronto Pros and Cons

Like any major multicultural city, Toronto has its pros and cons. From traffic and weather conditions to health care and schooling, take a look at some of the most important ones we’ve singled out.

Nature is a Clear Pro

There are a lot of pros when considering moving to Canada and especially Toronto. You will find a job in banking, insurance, manufacturing, or the high tech industry as this city is a heat of economy. Still, Toronto is clean and green with plenty of parks that give a breath of fresh air and are also well linked to nature. There are numerous attractive tourist places and entertainment venues. This is a city where you can’t be alone, with about three million people living here.

We Hope You’ll Start Enjoying the Education System

One of the reasons why individuals move abroad alone is high-quality education. In the Canadian public school system, schooling is free for all students. Furthermore, this city has some of the world’s finest universities, such as the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, and Humber College. Take a look at the best college and university list in Toronto in the video below.

Maybe Life In a Big City Is a Lot for You – the Cons

Toronto is a big city, so the typical scenery includes traffic jams, packed public transit at rush hours, and overcrowded highways. You’ll find yourself in the center of a swarm when you walk out of the door. This city can be daunting if you’re used to living in a small town. While healthcare is entirely free, housing is not. Here, only wealthy people can buy a house. The others have to consider a mortgage or rent, and even that can be quite expensive.

Weather is Not the Best, and That’s Why Some People Leave

Winters here are going to be extremely cold for you if you’re not used to the snow. Quite frequently, the temperature drops well below 32°F.  Also, we can expect that winters are going to get much colder in the coming years because of climate change.

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Is Living in Toronto Expensive and Why Should You Move Here?

Toronto is not one of the cheapest cities to live in when it comes to the cost of living. However, in addition to the high quality of life, living here offers many advantages. In fields such as economics, finance, technology,  entertainment, and culture, the number of employment opportunities is increasing. It has also become one of the most multicultural cities worldwide since a large number of people are migrating and living overseas. If you plan on moving to Canada, one of the world’s friendliest countries, look for a reputable international moving company. An international moving company provides moving services, such as international moving by sea, as well as packingcustom crating, and storage services. You would definitely not regret the decision to move to Canada in 2021 if you choose the right overseas shipping company.

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