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What Is it Like to Work in Vancouver BC?

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When moving internationally, one of the key factors is employment – you are either moving because of work, or you need to find a job to sustain yourself abroad. If your destination is British Columbia and you want to know what it’s like to work in Vancouver – we’ve got you covered with tips on how to make your job search easier and what to expect once you’re hired.

If you are moving to Vancouver, chances are you already have a job lined up and you want to learn more about the labor market. And if you are moving to another country for love, you will probably still need to find a job, as Vancouver is a very expensive city. But it also offers ample employment opportunities if you know where to look, and we’re here to help you with that.

How to Find a Job in Vancouver?

One of the reasons why Canada is one of the best places to live abroad is because it has a plethora of jobs for foreign residents. So finding a job is easy, but landing the job of your dreams will require some time and effort. Besides, you’ll need a well-paying one to cover the cost of living in Vancouver. Ideally, you would like to have a job lined up before you relocate – that would even make the immigration process a whole lot easier. But, it’s possible to find employment after you’ve settled, too.

Canadianize Your Resume or CV

The standard Canadian resume slightly differs in form from an American resume, so tailor your new resume to fit the market you’re going for. The key here is to be concise – brief, but informative – so make it shorter than 2 pages and list only the relevant information. Remember, HR personnel usually glance at a resume for about 30 seconds before they decide whether to call the applicant for an interview. So in addition to keeping it neat and brief, choose a design that will make your resume stand out and capture the attention of the reader.

Don’t Forget About the Cover Letter

Here’s your chance to say a little bit more about yourself, why you are interested in the company you’re applying for, and how you think you can contribute. Cover letters are a big deal in Canada, so include one in your application. And don’t just bomb 20 companies with the same resume and cover letter and hope for the best – be strategic and customize each application.

Create a LinkedIn Profile and Use Online Sites

You can even do this from the comfort of your home in the States, while you are waiting for all those documents needed to travel abroad to be sorted. Upload a professional photo, include your skills, experience, and achievements, and sell yourself. It’s 2020, and LinkedIn has become the most popular way to offer and search for employment, and it’s a good way to make contacts with people in your chosen field. Some other sites you can check out are BCjobsWorkBC, and Monster.

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Don’t Lose Hope If You Don’t Get a Callback Right Away

Don’t lose hope if you find yourself without a callback after 2 weeks of trying. Canadian HR departments take some time to process applications, so don’t worry about that. You can follow up to let them know you are really interested in the position if you like. Keep in mind that it will take some time before you’re officially employed and factor that into your budget.

Make an effort to find the right kind of employment.

Get Networking Down to a T

If you haven’t already – learn to network. It will get you a long way in Vancouver, as the best jobs aren’t marketed, so delve into what’s commonly called the hidden job market. Hit those profession-related events, or invite some of your LinkedIn contacts for a cup of coffee and ask for advice on how to find employment in your new city and take a chance to introduce yourself. What’s more, networking is not just a good strategy for landing employment, but for furthering your career, as well.

Network While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

Canadians are big on networking-over-coffee informal interviews, so don’t shy away from inviting people out for a cup of coffee – no one is going to turn you down. It’s a good way to make contacts so that people can have you in mind if an opportunity pops up, plus – it’s a good way for you to meet new people if you are moving abroad alone.

Networking will get you a long way.

Labor Market and Biggest Industries

The labor market is fiercely competitive, fast-paced, and ever-growing, with film, tourism, technology, and hospitality as the biggest industries. The social economy and green economy are also thriving, as the environment is of extreme importance to the local government. Lululemon, Sage, EA Gamescorp, Stemcell Technologies, BC Hydro, and Fairmont Hotel are some of the best and largest employers in the area. Before you start your search – make sure that your qualifications are recognized in BC and in demand in 2020.

The labor market is flourishing in Van City even in 2020.

What About the Taxes?

As an American living overseas, the bad news is – you’ll end up paying taxes twice, to the States and Canada. As you probably already know, as an American citizen, you are to report your non-US financial assets no matter where you reside and work. When it comes to Canada, your records will be shared with the IRS under FATCA – Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. And the good news is that the taxes you pay to the Canadian government will also cover your health insurance. Many employers also offer extended healthcare coverage to their employees, so add that to the relocation questions to ask the employer.

Health care is covered by taxes in Canada.

Choose Your International Moving Company Wisely

Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world and the best places to live abroad with a family, so that is one choice wisely made already. All that is left now is to choose international moving services. If you are not sure what to pack when moving abroad or don’t want to be bothered with it, leave the packing to a reliable international moving company and direct your time and energy at finding the job of your dreams.

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